FPL GW34 tips : GW34 Captain picks, Differentials, wildcard drafts and transfer targets

In this blog post we’d be providing you with the ultimate guide as well some GW34 tips to help you navigate this double gameweek. We’d be providing you with chip strategies, captain picks, differential picks wildcard drafts as well as transfer targets.

So feel free to click the links so that you can access these contents.

GW34 tips: when should you play your remaining chips

We have about four gameweeks left this season and if somehow you have all your chips left or one or two chips left and you’re wondering when to play them, feel free to check this blog post out.

You can also check out ALLABOUTFPL chip strategy guide

GW34 tips: who should you captain in gameweek 34

If you’re looking to move up the ranks, your captain picks are very important, it’s something you have to get right. This week we decided to take a look at the best single gameweek captains and the best double gameweek captains.

Here’s a look at our single gameweek captain picks

And here’s a look at some Chelsea and United captain choices

GW34 tips: what differentials should you add to your wildcard and free hit drafts

If you’re looking to play your wildcard or free hit in gameweek 34 this blog post is for you. We take a look at some of the best differential assets you can add to your various wildcard drafts.

Wildcard draft to consider in gameweek 34

Feel free to check our gameweek 34 wildcard draft:

In this wildcard draft we take a look at some of the best FPL assets to have from now until the end of the season, we also made sure that the draft had enough doublers for gameweek 36 and 37