FPL GW34 Free Hit Teams: the best free hit teams for gameweek 34

The upcoming Gameweek 34 is the last big double gameweek of the season, with several top teams playing twice. Teams such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Brighton, Manchester United, West Ham, and Fulham all have double fixtures.

As a result, using the free hit chip in GW34 can be an excellent strategy to gain an advantage over your mini-league rivals. In this article, we’ll provide some inspiration for your GW34 free hit team, and offer some ideas on selecting the right players to maximize your points haul.

Should you Free Hit in Gameweek 34?

Yes, free hitting in GW34 is a good strategy. If you’re struggling to put out a team of at least nine doublers, then you should use the free hit chip. However, if you can field a team of at least ten doublers this gameweek without the free hit chip, then you should hold onto the chip and use it in another gameweek.

Pros of an FPL GW34 Free Hit

Here are some of the advantages of free hitting in GW34:

  1. Free hitting in gameweek 34, allows you to field a team of 11 players that double without having to take a hit(-4 or -8).
  2. Free hitting in gameweek 34 allows you to bring in players from Man City, Man United, Liverpool and Brighton as these teams double in gameweek 34.
  3. Free hitting now, would also help boost and protect your rank, as the majority of FPL managers used their free hit in GW32.

Cons of an FPL GW34 Free Hit

  1. Creating a team of at least ten doublers in GW34 isn’t difficult. Thich means that a lot of FPL managers would be able to field a team similar to those who are free hitting, so the free hit might not have the sort of impact you’d be hoping for.

GW34 Free Hit Alternatives – what other gameweeks can you play your free hit in?

If you do not want to play your free hit in gameweek 34, then free hitting in GW38 is a pretty good alternative and it might be a much better time to do so as well. That’s because, with a GW38 free hit, you’d be able to end your team and target players that are playing in teams that still have something to play for.

GW34 Free Hit Team Planning – Players and Teams To Target

Now that we’ve seen the pros and cons of a gameweek 34 free hit, we now want to discuss and identify the best players and teams to target from each team. To begin, let’s take a look at this week’s round of fixtures:

GW34 fixtures

There’s no doubt that the fixtures we’d all be paying attention to are that of the teams that play twice. In this gameweek, Man City face Fulham and West Ham, Man United face Aston Villa and Brighton, Liverpool face Spurs and Fulham, Brighton face Wolves and Man United, West Ham face Crystal Palace and Man City and Fulham face Man City and Liverpool. Those are the fixtures of the teams doubling this week.

Newcastle and Arsenal although they don’t double this week, they still have pretty decent fixtures that we would want to keep an eye on – They face Southampton in GW34.

Players to Target For Your GW34 Free Hit Team

Here are some of the players you should be looking to target as you free hit this gameweek.

  • Man City: Stones, De Brunye, Haaland
  • Man United: Shaw, Dalot, Bruno Fernandes and Rashford
  • West Ham: Paqueta, Antonio, Bowen
  • Liverpool: Arnold, Jota, Salah
  • Newcastle: Isak, Trippier
  • Brighton: Mitoma, March and Steele
  • Arsenal: Saka. Martinelli

GW34 Free Hit Teams – Draft 1

GW34 Free Hit Teams

This is our first free hit team and in this one, we’ve gone with a team of eleven doublers. We’ve targeted players that play for Man City, Liverpool, West Ham, Man United and Brighton as we think these are the players with good fixtures. In this free-hit team, we’ve had to make a couple of decisions – we’ve left Salah for De Brunye, Robertson instead of Arnold and Antonio is our third striker.

It is a pretty solid draft and it has the potential to get 100+ points. We’ve gone with Roberston over Trent because of lack of funds and we’ve gone with De Brunye over Salah because of his form and the position Brunye is currently playing in. Brunye seems to be playing a lot closer to goal and that increases his chance of getting some kind of goal involvement.

Anotnio is the cheapest forward with a double this gameweek and so we’ve added him to our team. He’s also got a pretty good record against City so you won’t put it past him to get a goal against them.

Find out what other players you can target for your free hit team in our: FPL GW34 tips: the best FPL players to own in gameweek 34.

GW34 Free Hit Teams – Draft 2

GW34 Free Hit Teams - Draft 2

This is our second free-hit team and in this one, we’ve gone for a different set of players but the same formation. We’ve brought in Salah, Arnold, March and Isak and this is just to show you that there are so many good options and we can’t pick them all. We’re going to have to make sacrifices and not pick certain players.

At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide which ones you want to go with and which ones you’d drop. Another good strategy could be to go with two forwards and then add an extra midfielder. Here’s what we are talking about

GW34 Free Hit Teams - Draft 3

Here we’ve reduced Jota and we’ve gone for a cheap forward in Greenwood and we’ve upgraded Andreas to a Fernandes. You can also have a draft that consists of Salah and De Brunye those are also possibilities. To do that you could reduce Stones or Arnold to a cheaper player and upgrade Fernandes to De Brunye.

Find out this week’s top captain pick in our article: GW34 Captains: Haaland, Rashford, Salah, or De Brunye – Our Top Picks.


In conclusion, Gameweek 34 is a crucial double gameweek that could significantly impact your fantasy football season. Using the free hit chip in GW34 can help you take advantage of the double fixtures that some of the top teams have. We hope our suggested free hit teams provide you with some inspiration as you prepare for the big Gameweek.

To further enhance your chances of success, it’s essential to keep an eye on predicted lineups, transfer strategies, and captain picks. Our website has several articles on these topics that can help you make informed decisions.

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