FPL GW33 wildcard team: the best gameweek 33 wildcard FPL teams

For FPL managers with a wildcard still available, Gameweek 33 is a good time to use it. This article discusses the pros and cons of using the wildcard chip, alternative times to use it, key considerations to keep in mind, and the best teams to target. We will also create our own Gameweek 33 wildcard for FPL managers to use as a guide.

Pros and Cons of Wildcarding In FPL GW32

Well, before we go into creating our gameweek 33 wildcard, we want to see some of the benefits of wildcarding this gameweek. Here are the pros of a GW33 wildcard

Pros of a GW33 wildcard

  • Using your FPL wildcard chip in GW33 would allow you to target players who are on form now and have great upcoming fixtures.
  • Wildcarding in gameweek 33, would allow you to target differentials and Liverpool assets who have now found their form.
  • A well-optimized GW33 wildcard would allow you to plan for the long term and help you get past the upcoming double gameweeks(34,36 and 37).

Cons of a GW33 wildcard

Well, for everything that has pros, there are cons and a GW33 wildcard is no different. Here are some of the disadvantages of wildcarding in gameweek 33.

  • Wildcarding now might mean that you let go of your Arsenal assets and that’s because we’re looking to target players from teams that have many games to play. Arsenal don’t have many games, so their assets won’t feature in our wildcard team.

Our Advice: Well, in our opinion wildcarding this gameweek is a pretty good strategy. A wildcard now would allow you to set up a team that’d be optimized from now until the end of the season. We believe this is the best time to use the chip if you still have it.

Alternative times to wildcard in FPL this season

If after weighing the pros and cons of a GW33 wildcard, you’ve decided to hold onto your wildcard, you might be wondering what other time could I activate it. Well, there are two other ideal times.

  1. Double gameweek 34 is a good time to use your wildcard if you aren’t wildcarding in GW33. This would great for those who want to attack the double gameweek and field a team field with doublers.
  2. GW38 is another good time to use the wildcard chip. A wildcard in GW38, would be like a free hit and that’s because in that gameweek we’d be targeting players from teams that have a lot to play for.

Some important things to keep in mind as you play your FPL wildcard in gameweek 33

As you create your GW33 wildcard team, here are a couple of things you should keep in mind:

  • First, you want to try as much as possible to select players guaranteed a place in the first eleven of their teams.
  • You want to keep the long-term in mind when selecting players for your GW33 wildcard team.
  • You want to try to have a solid bench, in case of rotations, injuries, and upcoming double gameweeks.
  • You want to keep in mind that GW34 is a double gameweek for Brighton, Man United, Man City, West Ham, Fulham and Liverpool.

The best teams to target for your GW33 FPL wildcard team

Since we’re looking to create a wildcard team that’d take us from GW33-38, we must target the right teams. We’d be looking to target teams that play this week and double in GW34. To help you identify such teams, we’d be sharing a fixture ticker done by fpltips__

From the fixture ticker, here are some of the teams that you should be looking to select players from for your GW33 wildcard. These teams have great fixtures and upcoming double gameweeks, from now until GW38.

  1. Brighton
  2. Manchester United
  3. Manchester City
  4. Liverpool
  5. Newcastle

GW33 Wildcard Team

GW33 Wildcard Team
GW33 Wildcard Team

Here’s our GW33 wildcard team and it’s a team that we think would be great this gameweek and in future gameweeks as well. You can see from our player picks that we are trying to target the teams that double in GW34 now. Doing that means that we’d be well prepared for that double gameweek because we’d be able to field a team with at least ten doublers in GW34.

Our GW33 Wildcard Team Player Picks

  1. Johnstone and Steele are budget keepers with great fixtures from now until the season ends. A combined price of 8.3 million for two starting keepers is ideal for a wildcard team
  2. Trippier has been essential all season and could come good in GW33 and even GW34, as his next two games are against Everton and Southampton respectively. In terms of long-term, he’s good – Newcastle is expected to double in GW36.
  3. Dalot is another great pick for GW33 and GW34. He has good fixtures, he’s a great long-term pick and he carries an attacking threat which is always good for us FPL managers.
  4. Arnold seems to be in pretty good form and so we’re looking to keep him in our team until GW34. He could be sold after then depending on how frequently Liverpool keep clean sheets.
  5. Rashford is a great pick. he’s fit, he has the potential to be explosive so we’ve got him in our team.
  6. Brighton is the only team that has three double gameweeks left, so for that reason we’re targeting their assets that’s why we’ve got Mitoma and March.
  7. Salah is key going into the business end of the season, he’s on form and doubles in GW34.
  8. Haaland is essential, he’s highly owned and would get you FPL points it only makes to own him.
  9. Jota is our second striker because it gives our team a nice balance. We have a Liverpool defender, midfielder, and attacker. Doing this allows us to get a midfielder from another team.
  10. Isak is another great pick he’s on form, he’s playing for an attacking side and he’s scoring goals so he’s got a place in our team.
  11. Find out this week’s top captain pick in our: Who to Captain in GW33? Haaland, Rashford, Salah – Our Top Picks article.

Here’s what this team would look like in GW34:

GW34 Wildcard Team
GW34 Wildcard Team

Wildcarding in GW33 means that you can set up a team that’d take you from now up until GW34 and even further. To help you with long-term planning and transfer tips, we always publish a weekly transfer article that helps FPL managers identify the best transfers to make each gameweek. Here’s one for GW33: FPL GW33 tips: the best FPL players to own in gameweek 33. You can also check out our predicted line ups article: GW33 Premier League Predicted Lineups, Team News, and Injury Updates

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