FPL GW32 Tips and Team Selection: the best FPL players to own in gameweek 32

GW32, the blank gameweek that we’ve been talking about for quite some time is around the corner. It is only a couple of days away. It is a blank gameweek, so we need to be extra careful as we select players for our team. It is also a gameweek that allows us to use our wildcard and free hit, chips as it is a blank gameweek for the popular sides in FPL this season.

A blank gameweek this big requires a lot of preparation. That’s why we’re putting together this article. In this article, we’d be looking at the best players to buy in GW32 we’d be suggesting players for all positions that is, from goalkeepers to attackers.

We’d not just be recommending players great for GW32, rather we’d be looking at the best long-term FPL transfer picks and the best players to target if you’re on a free hit as well. We hope you article enjoy and find this article helpful.

FPL Gameweek 32 Tips: The best players to buy in FPL GW32

Before we get into our GW32 FPL transfer tips and strategy, let’s take a look at some of the most popular transfers FPL managers are making this week:

FPL Gameweek 32 Tips: The best players to buy in FPL GW32

We can see what FPL managers are trying to do with the players they are buying this gameweek. We can see that they’re trying to buy players who performed well in GW31 and players who have good fixtures and feature in GW32. It’s a pretty good strategy but does this strategy have the long-term in mind? Well, you’d find out later on in this article.

1. FPL GW32 tips and transfer strategy: the best goalkeeper to buy gameweek 32

Well, from the list of transfers shared earlier on, we can see that there are no goalkeepers amongst the top ten GW32 transfers. That’s pretty normal because FPL managers rarely use their free transfers on goalkeepers.

However, if you’re on a wildcard or free hit, you might be on the lookout for a goalie. Here are some of the best goalkeepers to own in GW32 and the long run:

  1. Johnstone – £4.4m – 0.8% – GKP / CRY
  2. Martínez – £5m – 7% – GKP / AVL
  3. Steele – £3.9m – 3% – GKP / BHA

These are the three goalkeepers that we’d be recommending for GW32 and future gameweeks. The reason why we’ve got these goalkeepers on our list of great buys is because of their fixtures. Most of them have good fixtures with great FDR and also don’t have any blank gameweek coming up.

1. Sam Johnstone

He’s a goalkeeper that would be great for those who are free hitting in GW32. He has a great fixture this gameweek, as he plays Everton. He also is a cheap differential(owned by 0.8%) FPL asset, which means if you go for him, you can spend a lot more in other areas of the pitch. He also isn’t a bad long-term pick as you can see from his upcoming fixtures. The only issue though is that he isn’t Palace’s first choice and if Guaita returns, Johnstone’s minutes could be reduced.

Sam Johnstone's upcoming fixtures with fixture difficulty ratings(FDR)

2. Emi Martinez

Martinez is another goalkeeper that’d be great for those free hitting this gameweek. He is a keeper in good form, so it makes sense to target him. Martinez has kept four clean sheets in his last five games, in that period he has returned 36 points and he has made 17 saves as well which is great from an FPL perspective. His next games though makes him a lot less appealing in terms of long-term picks.

Emi Martinez's upcoming fixtures with fixture difficulty ratings(FDR)

3. Steele

In terms of long-term goalkeeper picks, then Steele is the best pick. He is cheap and plays for a team that is in pretty good form and a team that concedes few goals. That being said, it is important to note that Steele and Brighton blank this gameweek. It’d be better to go for a goalie that starts this week. However, if you’re using your wildcard, then it’d be a nice strategy to pair Steele up with one of Martinez or Johnstone. The reason why we’ve got Steele as a good long-term pick, is because of his price and his double gameweek in GW34.

Our Advice: We’re huge fans of using budget goalies. Our recommendation would be to pair Steele with Kepa or Johnstone or Martinez. Doing this would allow us to use your funds in other areas of the pitch.

For more long term planning and strategy, check out our: FPL GW32 wildcard team: the best gameweek 32 wildcard FPL teams.

2. FPL Gameweek 32 tips and transfer strategy: the best defenders to buy GW32

In terms of defenders, it’d be nice to target defenders from the following teams:

  1. Arsenal
  2. Liverpool
  3. West Ham
  4. Fulham

There’s no doubt that defenders from Arsenal and Liverpool are going to be top of the list of defenders to target in gameweek 32. Arsenal and Liverpool are top of this week’s clean sheet odds rankings, so if you’re on the lookout for clean sheet points, then targeting their defenders is the way to go.

Not only do their defenders have high clean sheet probabilities, they also carry high attacking threats. Most especially Trent Alexander Arnold of Liverpool. His new hybrid right-back role seems to be working pretty well for him and Liverpool. He’s now occupying dangerous spaces and also giving those incisive passes that lead to goals.

He should on top of your list of defenders to get this gameweek as he faces Nott’m Forest at home in GW32. Other defenders that would be great picks are:

  • Ben White of Arsenal: seems to be performing well, particularly in his last few matches. He has scored a total of 45 points in 8 appearances, with 3 clean sheets, 2 goals and 2 assists.
  • Andy Robertson of Liverpool: Robertson of Liverpool might not have the numbers, but the fixture he has this gameweek is just one that you’d expect Liverpool to do well in and get a couple of goals in as well. If they do that, then probably Robertson’s would be on the end of a goal or assist.
  • Alex Moreno of Aston Villa: In the last 6 games, he has earned a total of 42 points, which is an average of 7 points per game. In his last game against Newcastle, Moreno kept a clean sheet and got an assist, earning him 10 points.
  • Zouma of West Ham: Zouma is a player that carries a lot of threat from set-pieces and we’d be hoping he can do get some points this gameweek either from scoring or keeping a clean sheet against Bournemouth.

Our Advice: Target defenders that play twice in GW32 and double in GW34. The likes of Arnold, Robertson and Zouma are great long-term picks as they play in this blank gameweek and double in GW34.

If you want to see the FPL calendar for the rest of the season, then feel free to check out our: FPL GW29-38: Navigating Upcoming Blank and Double Gameweeks. In the article, we share when the next blank and double gameweeks would be.

3. FPL GW32 tips and transfer strategy: the best midfielders to buy gameweek 32

In terms of the best FPL midfielders to own in GW32, there are a lot of essential picks and they are:

  1. Salah, who is a decent shout for captaincy in GW32.
  2. Martinelli
  3. Saka
  4. Gakpo
  5. Bowen

The strategy here is the same as with defenders. When buying midfielders for this gameweek, it’d be nice for you to target midfielders that feature in this blank gameweek and also double in GW34. Doing this puts you in a great position now and in the long-term.

If you decide to focus solely on midfielders with great fixtures now and ignore the long-term, you’d be panicking when GW34 arrives. This is a strategy that would be great for those who are wildcarding and are using their free transfers.

It won’t also be a bad strategy to hold onto your Arsenal midfielders this gameweek. However, if you’re on a free transfer and are looking to transfer out your United, City and Brighton midfielders, then it’d be better to target the likes of Salah, Gakpo and Bowen since they double as well in GW34,

You can also see this week’s predicted line-ups in our article, GW32 Premier League Predicted Lineups, Team News, and Injury Updates

Our Advice: Keep the long-term in mind when picking midfielders. Don’t allow the blank gameweek to cause your team to lose shape or structure in future gameweeks. Target midfielders from Liverpool and don’t sell all your City, Brighton and United midfielders make sure to strike a balance.

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4. FPL Gameweek 32 tips and transfer strategy: the best forwards to buy GW32

The best FPL forwards to have now and in the long term are:

  1. Watkins
  2. Kane
  3. Gabby Jesus
  4. Toney
  5. Solanke

Anyone of these five forwards would be great buys now and in subsequent gameweeks. A front three of Watkins, Kane and Jesus would be great this gameweek. If you’re on a free transfer and are considering selling Haaland, then you could but remember to transfer him back into your team in GW33.

If you’re using your free hit not owning Haaland won’t be too bad. You can take him out and select one of the five forwards that we’ve recommended.

If you aren’t using any of these chips, then another alternative would be to hold Haaland and look to strengthen other areas of your team. Haaland is in pretty good form and he’s a player you’d want in your team next gameweek.

With the emergence of so many in-form players this week it is hard to decide on who to captain. Find out this weeik’s standout captain pick in our article, FPL GW32 Captain Picks: Salah, Saka, Trent, or Kane who is the Standout Choice?

6. FPL GW32 team selection: 11 of the best FPL players to own gameweek 32

Well, it is now time for us to share with you our ideal 11 FPL player picks for GW32. These are the players that we think would be great additions to your FPL team.

  1. Johnstone – £4.4m – 0.8% – GKP / CRY
  2. Alexander-Arnold – £7.3m – 20.1% – DEF / LIV
  3. White – £4.9m – 15.8% – DEF / ARS
  4. Álex Moreno – £4.5m – 2% – DEF / AVL
  5. Gakpo – £7.6m – 4% – MID / LIV
  6. Salah – £12.8m – 29.1% – MID / LIV
  7. J.Ayew – £5.2m – 0.4% – MID / CRY
  8. Martinelli – £6.9m – 44.4% – MID / ARS
  9. Kane – £11.7m – 38.9% – FWD / TOT
  10. Watkins – £7.7m – 21.7% – FWD / AVL
  11. Jesus – £8.1m – 29.4% – FWD / ARS
FPL GW32 team selection: 11 of the best FPL players to own gameweek 32

Note that this team has been selected for this gameweek and this gameweek alone. We did not consider future gameweeks. If you want to see our team that has future gameweeks in mind, then you should check out our wildcard article.

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