September 23, 2023


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FPL GW32 tips: 6 teams and FPL assets you should target for your Wildcard draft

FPL gw32 tips: teams to target for wildcard draft

The Premier League has just released an updated fixture list – this means we have an idea of what to expect from now till the end of the season and we can now put a solid plan in place.

The new fixture list has given us an idea of when the next blank and double gameweeks would be – we should be expecting double gameweeks in gameweek 33, 36 and 37 and couple of blanks in gameweek 33 for the likes of  Leeds, Aston Villa, and Wolves. 

With all of this in mind, we’d be providing some FPL GW32 tips on which teams you should target and what FPL assets you should be looking to bring into your gameweek 32 wildcard draft.

What Premier League teams have the best set of fixtures

Before we get into the teams we should target for the remainder of the season, we want to first have an idea of what their fixtures look like from GW32-38 after that we can then decide on which clubs to target.

These are the fixtures from now till the end of the season:

FPL gw32 tips: looking at premier leeague teams fixtures

From this fixture list there are a couple of stand-out teams that have good fixtures and multiple double gameweeks and these are the teams we want to target :


Chelsea have really decent fixtures from gameweek 32 – 38. From the image above, we can see that just two of their nine fixtures have an FDR of 4, while 4 have an FDR of 2 and the rest have fixture difficulty ratings of 3.

Another good thing about targeting Chelsea FPL assets is that they have nine games left to play which is good. They also have back-to-back double gameweeks in gameweek 36 and 37.

This means that if you do decide to bring in Chelsea assets you’d be in a really good place when they double later in the season.

Let’s take a look at some Chelsea FPL assets you should consider if you’re on a wildcard :

Recce James

FPL GW32 tips : Chelsea target reece james

We all know that Chelsea are strong defensively and they do concede so many goals as FPL managers we would want to take advantage of that by bringing Chelsea defenders into our team.

James is the best pick and that’s because of the amount of attacking threat he carries. He’s a player who can get a goal, an assist, clean sheet points and bonus points in a single game – he’s one you’d want in your team in double gameweek 36 and 37.

Well, if you do not want to go for Recce James because of the fear of him being rotated, Antonio Rudiger is the next best pick amongst Chelsea’s defenders.

Rudiger is a nailed on starter for Chelsea – no player has played more games for Chelsea this season than Rudiger. He is also one who carries decent amount of attacking threat – he has scored three goals already this season.

You can also consider these Chelsea assets if you’re on a wildcard draft :

  • Kai Havertz
  • Edouard Mendy and
  • Thiago Silva


Burnley would be the second team we’d be looking to target from now till the end of the season. Just like Chelsea, Burnley also have nine fixtures left the only difference is they don’t have back-to-back double gameweeks – they double in gameweek 33 and gameweek 37.

Their fixtures are actually much better than that of Chelsea – just one of their next nine games have an FDR of four, six games have an FDR of 2 and the remaining have a fixture difficulty rating of 3.

We really want to start bringing in Burnley assets since they play Norwich in gameweek 32 and double in gameweek 33. The stand-out FPL assets for Burnley would be :

Nick Pope

Burnley asset Nick Pope

The Burnley’s shot-stopper has to be your goalie from now till the end of the season and if you’re on a wildcard draft then you should get him into your team.

Burnley have a ton of fixtures left to play and these fixtures aren’t all that difficult they’re fixtures you’d expect Burnley to keep a couple of clean sheets in.

Pope is also an excellent shot-stopper – he’s one who tends to make lots of saves in games and these saves earns him a couple of extra points. He’s one player you should get into your team before the start of gameweek 32.

Some other Burnley asset to consider:

  • Wout Werghorst
  • Roberts

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Leicester’s fixtures are really good – they have ten games left from now till the season ends and they double in gameweek 33, 36 and 37 – no other team has ten games left and double three times from GW32-38.

This makes Leicester assets even more appealing and hard to overlook. They’re fixtures are also really good on paper – in fact, just two of their next ten have an FDR of 4, a whopping seven of their next 10 have a fixture difficulty rating of 2 and just one has an FDR of 3.

Leicester has the best set of fixtures and the most games left to play. Let’s now take a look at which Leicester asset we should bring into our wildcard draft.

James Maddison
FPL GW32 tips: target Leicester asset James Maddison

James Maddison is the one player who stands out in this Leicester side. He has scored eight goals and registered seven assist so far this season for Leicester – no player has more goal involvement than Maddison this season in Leicester.

He also is the player who has picked up the most FPL points – his 124 points has him in first. At just 6.8 million James Maddison will be a good addition to any team whether you are on a wildcard or not.

Some other Leicester asset to consider:

  • Kasper Schmeichel
  • Harvey Barnes


Spurs have just eight games to go and one double in gameweek 36, where they play Liverpool and Arsenal. Apart from those two fixtures, the remainder of Spurs games have an FDR of 2 – it’s all green from gw32-35 and 37-38.

Spurs have been in good goal scoring form since the turn of the year – no team in the premier league has scored more goals than Spurs in 2022.

Their incredible form has given us FPL managers more options to pick from. As the likes of Doherty and Kulusevski have been really good during this period.

The form, the fixtures, and the goals make Spurs assets hard to overlook during this period. The likes of Harry Kane, Matt Doherty, Son heung-min and Dejan Kulusevski are good players that you could select whether you’re on a wildcard or not.

If you had to pick three Spurs assets then you should go for Doherty, Kulusevski and Kane.

Honourable mentions: Watford

Watford is another team with really good fixtures. On paper they have winnable games from now till the end of the season – only two of their next eight games have an FDR of 4 or more.

The likes of Cucho or Dennis could be really good bench players for your wildcard draft.

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One thing to note is that we didn’t add Liverpool and Man city to this list and the reason is that these are quite obvious and most teams already have players from these teams.

Gameweek 32 and 33 wildcard draft and transfers

GW32 wildcard draft template

This is how we’d be lining up in gameweek 32. This wildcard draft puts us in a good place come double gameweek 33 – we have seven players in this GW32 wildcard draft that double in gameweek 33.

Gameweek 33 wildcard draft

With our one free transfer, we can go ahead and bring another player who has a double gameweek. We’ve brought in Ryan Fraser in this sample – this transfer could change later as gameweek 33 is still far ahead.

After we get past gameweek 33, we can then start to bring in some of our transfer targets before double gameweek 36 and 37.

Transfers you could possibly make after gameweek 33

Ronaldo for Kane

Aiit Nouri for Reece James

Ryan Fraser for Kulusevski

After that you’d still have about 0.5 million in the bank and you’d be ready for the next few gameweeks.