FPL GW32 Free Hit Teams: the best free hit teams for gameweek 32

Finally, one of the most talked about blank gameweek is here. A gameweek where some of the most popular teams in FPL blank because of their involvement in the FA Cup. The likes of Man City, Man United, Brighton and Chelsea won’t feature in GW32.

And if majority of the players in your FPL team play for these clubs, then your gameweek 32 team would look like this:

If your FPL team looks like this, then free hitting in gameweek 32 is the best option for you.

Should you Free Hit in Gameweek 32?

Should you use your Free hit in GW32? Here are some of the pros and cons of a gameweek 32 Free hit.

Pros of an FPL GW32 Free Hit

  1. Free hitting in gameweek 32, allows you to field a team of 11 players without having to take a hit(-4 or -8).
  2. Free hitting in GW32, is a long-term strategy, that’d benefit you not just in GW32, but also in gameweek 34.
  3. Free hitting in gameweek 32 also allows you to keep hold of your Man City, Man United and Brighton assets as these teams also double in gameweek 34.
  4. Free hitting now, would also help boost and protect your rank, as the majority of FPL managers are looking to free hit this gameweek. In fact, out of all the top 10,000 managers, only 28.43% have used their “free hit chip”. However, among all managers, 42.8% have used it. as per – Livefpl.net

Cons of an FPL GW32 Free Hit

  1. A gameweek 32 free hit, would mean that you won’t be able to free hit in GW34 when 6 teams double. This could be a disadvantage if you don’t have enough doublers in your FPL team in GW34.
  2. A lot of managers will be on a Bench Boost in GW34 or would have wildcarded in GW33 and be in a better position for GW34 which means going with just your normal team would mean a heavier chance for a red arrow if your team doesn’t match the Free hitters/GW33 Wildcard + GW34 Bench boosters/GW33 Wildcarders. – as per ALLABOUTFPL.

GW32 Free Hit Alternatives – what other gameweeks can you play your free hit in?

If you do not want to play your free hit in gameweek 32, here are some other gameweeks where the free hit chip could be activated.

GW32 Free Hit Team Planning – Players and Teams To Target

Now that we’ve seen the pros and cons of a gameweek 32 free hit, we now want to discuss and identify the best players and teams to target as you free hit this gameweek. To begin, let’s take a look at this week’s round of fixtures:

Here are some of the teams that you could target this gameweek, as you create your FPL GW32 free hit team.

1. GW32 fixtures to target: Arsenal vs Southampton and Liverpool vs Nott’m Forest

Based on the GW32 clean sheet odds table, Arsenal and Liverpool have the highest chance of keeping a clean sheet in their respective fixtures against Southampton and Nott’m Forest. Therefore, we FPL managers would want to consider investing in defenders or goalkeepers from these two teams. Here are some of the best defenders to target from Arsenal and Liverpool this gameweek:

  1. White – £4.9m – 15.8% – DEF / ARS
  2. Alexander-Arnold – £7.3m – 20.1% – DEF / LIV
  3. Gabriel – £5.3m – 16.2% – DEF / ARS
  4. Robertson – £6.8m – 6.4% – DEF / LIV

These defenders have a high chance of keeping clean sheets and also carry attacking threats as well. So if you’re free hitting in gameweek 32, then they should be on your radar.

In terms of goal scorers, Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) is the standout pick with an eGoals/90 of 0.80 and an anytime goal-scoring probability of 55%. Arsenal’s Gabriel Jesus and Bukayo Saka also have high goal-scoring probabilities in their fixture against Southampton, so as FPL managers, we’d want to consider adding them to gameweek 32 free hit teams. Here are some of the best attackers to target from Arsenal and Liverpool this gameweek:

  1. Jesus – £8.1m – 29.4% – FWD / ARS
  2. Martinelli – £6.9m – 44.4% – MID / ARS
  3. Saka – £8.6m – 40.6% – MID / ARS
  4. Gakpo – £7.6m – 4% – MID / LIV
  5. Diogo Jota – £8.7m – 0.7% – FWD / LIV

With such high goal scoring probabilities and odds, it is really hard to ignore these Arsenal and Liverpool forwards and defenders this gameweek.

2. GW32 fixtures to target: Brentford vs Aston Villa and Bournemouth vs West Ham

Matches like Brentford vs Aston Villa and Bournemouth vs West Ham are also great games where FPL points could be gotten from. The likes of Watkins, Bowen, Billing, Toney and Moreno are all solid options that should be on the radar of FPL managers.

3. GW32 fixtures to target: Crystal Palace vs Everton

Everton have struggled in recent weeks and Crystal Palace have a decent chance of keeping a clean sheet against them. players like:

  1. Eze – £5.5m – 5.1% – MID / CRY
  2. J.Ayew – £5.2m – 0.4% – MID / CRY
  3. Olise – £5.5m – 3.5% – MID / CRY
  4. Johnstone – £4.4m – 0.8% – GKP / CRY

Are all great picks and could feature in your GW32 free hit team.

Overall, Arsenal and Liverpool assets are going to form the core or the base of majority of the free hit teams we’d be creating this gameweek. Here are some free hit drafts you can consider.

Don’t have your free hit chip, then our FPL GW32 Tips and Team Selection: the best FPL players to own in gameweek 32 article, would help you identify the best FPL assets to target in GW32.

GW32 Free hit teams – Free Hit Draft 1

FPL GW32 Free Hit Teams

Here’s our first GW32 free hit team and you can see what our strategy is in this one. We’ve got triple Arsenal and Liverpool as their games, are the ones we’re looking to target. They have players with good clean sheet odds, and attackers with high goal-scoring probability so it only makes sense to target their assets.

Other players being targeted in this gameweek 32 free hit team are:

  • Jordan Ayew – Since Hodgson took charge, Ayew has: The same number of penalty area touches (19) as Olise (7) & Eze (12) combined, The same number of shots in the box (6) as Olise (3) & Eze (3) combined and is only 0.4% owned. He’s the differential we’ve got in this team. However, if you aren’t comfortable going with differentials, then Eze is a solid pick as well.
  • Alex Moreno – Moreno is a player that has been really impressive in recent weeks. In fact, Villa have been solid at the back lately – they’ve kept four clean sheets in their last five games. Moreno got himself an assist last time out against Newcastle and also had an xA of 0.71.
  • Sam Johnstone – Johnstone is in the team because of his price and his guaranteed place in the Palace eleven considering the fact that Guaita is injured.

This is a solid team and it is one we’d be expecting to do well this gameweek. We’ve got some of the most in-form players in this team, so the expectations are high. Find out this week’s standout captain pick in our article, FPL GW32 Captain Picks: Salah, Saka, Trent, or Kane who is the Standout Choice?

Players being targeted in our GW32 Free hit draft:

  • Johnstone – £4.4m – 0.8% – GKP / CRY
  • Alexander-Arnold – £7.3m – 20.1% – DEF / LIV
  • White – £4.9m – 15.8% – DEF / ARS
  • Álex Moreno – £4.5m – 2% – DEF / AVL
  • Gakpo – £7.6m – 4% – MID / LIV
  • Salah – £12.8m – 29.1% – MID / LIV
  • J.Ayew – £5.2m – 0.4% – MID / CRY
  • Martinelli – £6.9m – 44.4% – MID / ARS
  • Kane – £11.7m – 38.9% – FWD / TOT
  • Watkins – £7.7m – 21.7% – FWD / AVL
  • Jesus – £8.1m – 29.4% – FWD / ARS

Considering wildcarding in GW32? Then check out our article, FPL GW32 wildcard team: the best gameweek 32 wildcard FPL teams.

Gameweek 32 Free Hit team – Draft 2

Gameweek 32 Free Hit team

Here’s our second GW32 free hit team and it is a little different from what we had before. We’ve made a few tweaks and we’ve brought in the following players:

  • Solanke for Kane
  • Toney for Jesus
  • Bowen for Gakpo
  • Robertson for Alex Moreno

See this week’s predicted line-ups in our article, GW32 Premier League Predicted Lineups, Team News, and Injury Updates

This team is currently predicted to return 6 more points than GW32 free hit team we created first. probably it could be because we added:

  • Solanke who performed well last gameweek against Spurs. He got himself two assists, a goal, three bonus points and 15 points. His underlying number looked pretty decent as he had an xGI of 0.42.
  • Bowen who was also solid last gameweek against Arsenal. He is player who is always a threat from direct play and from set-pieces.
  • And Robertson whose clean sheet odds this week are way higher than that of Alex Moreno. Robertson is up against Nott’m Forest this gameweek. A Nott’m Forest side that averages 0.8 goals per game and concedes 1.8 per match.

11 Players to target in your GW32 Free hit draft:

  • Johnstone – £4.4m – 0.8% – GKP / CRY
  • Alexander-Arnold – £7.3m – 20.1% – DEF / LIV
  • White – £4.9m – 15.8% – DEF / ARS
  • Robertson – £6.8m – 6.4% – DEF / LIV
  • Bowen – £8m – 3.5% – MID / WHU
  • Salah – £12.8m – 29.1% – MID / LIV
  • Saka – £8.6m – 40.6% – MID / ARS
  • Martinelli – £6.9m – 44.4% – MID / ARS
  • Toney – £7.7m – 35.7% – FWD / BRE
  • Watkins – £7.7m – 21.7% – FWD / AVL
  • Solanke – £5.5m – 2.7% – FWD / BOU


In conclusion, free hitting in GW32 is a really good strategy, one that would be great short-term and long-term. However, before you free hit this gameweek try and weigh the pros and cons, after doing that you can use the various free hit teams we’ve created as inspiration for yourself as you create your GW32 free hit team. For more gameweek 32 free hit drafts, you can check out ALLABOUTFPL’S: Best FPL GW32 Free Hit Drafts to Consider | Free Hit Guide

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