September 23, 2023


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FPL GW32 Captain Picks: Salah, Saka, Trent, or Kane who is the Standout Choice?

FPL GW32 captain: Salah, Saka, Trent or Kane the best gameweek 32 captain

GW32 is almost here, it is just two days away – at the time of writing. With the deadline of the gameweek approaching, we need to start considering our GW32 captain.

Since gameweek 32 is a blank for four teams, the options we have to pick from are fewer. We have the likes of Salah, Saka, Trent, Martinelli, Watkins and Kane just to name a few – who on paper are all great captain picks for gameweek 32.

With this many options available, we need to narrow it down. In this article, we’d take a look at a GW32 captain picks poll conducted by ALLABOUTFPL to find out who FPL managers are looking to captain and then we’d share our own top five captains for gameweek 32.

FPL GW32 captain poll: Who is the standout GW32 captain?

FPL GW32 captain poll: Who to captain GW32?
  1. According to the result of the GW32 captain picks poll conducted by ALLABOUTFPL, Mo Salah of Liverpool, is the standout choice for this gameweek. The Liverpool winger has the most vote, with 68% of managers voting him as their preferred GW32 captain.
  2. In second place in the GW32 captain picks poll, we’ve got Martinelli of Arsenal. The Arsenal man is being backed by just 8% of FPL managers.
  3. In third place, we have Gabby Jesus has been backed by 7% of FPL managers
  4. In fourth, we have Watkins one of last week’s top performers being backed by just 6% of FPL managers
  5. And finally, in fifth place, we’ve got Bukayo Saka who has a total of 36 votes.

Here’s the result of another GW32 captain picks poll conducted on Twitter by Andy @LetsTalk_FPL – a Fantasy Premier League content creator and YouTuber.

The result of Andy‘s GW32 captaincy poll conducted on Twitter has Mo Salah as the most popular choice for captaincy in GW32 again, with 64.7% of FPL managers backing the Egyptian winger.

Who is the best GW32 captain?

The best captain for GW32 according to the captain picks poll conducted by ALLABOUTFPL and Andy @LetsTalk_FPL is Mo Salah of Liverpool. He is the overwhelming favorite with more than 60% of FPL managers voting for him as their preferred captain for gameweek 32. This is due to his excellent performance in the previous game against Leeds where he scored two goals and returned 14 FPL points.

FPL GW32 Captaincy Options: Exploring Beyond the Top Pick Mo Salah

While Mo Salah is the popular GW32 captain pick, there are some other FPL assets out there that could rival him this gameweek. We want to find out some of those exciting Mo Salah alternatives and see whether they are worth captaining in GW32.

5. FPL GW32 Captain: Bukayo Saka

Bukayo Saka is a player who could be a worthy alternative to Mo Salah as a captaincy option for gameweek 32. He will be facing a struggling Southampton team that currently sits at the bottom of the Premier League table, and Arsenal will be eager to secure a victory after drawing their last two games.

Saka has been one of Arsenal’s key players this season, having scored 12 goals and provided 11 assists so far. However, his recent form has been somewhat inconsistent, with two goals, a missed penalty, and four blanks in his last five games. This may raise some concerns for FPL managers considering him as a captaincy option.

FPL GW32 Captain: Bukayo Saka stats
FPL GW32 Captain: Bukayo Saka’s stats

Nevertheless, the match against Southampton could be a turning point for Saka. His hunger for redemption and the favorable fixture could work in his favor, potentially resulting in a double-digit haul for FPL managers who choose to captain him in gameweek 32.

Our Advice: If you’re looking for a differential GW32 captain, Saka is one of the best options out there. He could also not play the entire ninety minutes this week as Arsenal face City during the midweek in GW33.

4. FPL GW32 Captain: Trent Alexander-Arnold

Alexander Arnold is an FPL asset who has emerged as a strong contender for the captaincy in gameweek 32, and he could be an excellent alternative to Mo Salah. The Liverpool full-back has been in impressive form in recent matches, and his new role as an inverted full-back is a key factor behind his resurgence.

As an inverted full-back, Alexander Arnold has been given the freedom to push forward and occupy dangerous spaces in midfield. This role allows him to utilize his impressive range of passing and provides him with ample opportunities to contribute to Liverpool’s attack. FPL managers looking for attacking returns from their full-backs will be pleased with Alexander Arnold’s role in the team.

In his last two games, Alexander Arnold has shown his ability to contribute to Liverpool’s attack, providing three assists. This highlights his potential to score well in gameweek 32. Moreover, his contributions to Liverpool’s defense cannot be overlooked. FPL managers can also look forward to a potential clean sheet from Alexander Arnold this gameweek – Liverpool have a 51% chance of keeping a clean sheet against Nott’m Forest

FPL GW32 Captain: Trent Alexander-Arnold stats
FPL GW32 Captain: Trent Alexander-Arnold’s stats

Our Advice: Arnold is the best defender that you could possibly captain this gameweek. His game against Nott’m Forest at Anfield, is one that could end up 4-0 or 5-0. Defenders have a high ceiling. If they get a goal, an assist and a clean sheet you’re looking at a potential 15+ points haul. If you want to captain a defender, Arnold is the best pick.

3. FPL GW32 Captain: Harry Kane

Despite not being a popular FPL pick this season due to his high price tag and the rise of Erling Haaland, Harry Kane could be a strong alternative to Mo Salah in GW32, especially in the absence of Haaland. Spurs are up against Newcastle this gameweek, a team that Kane has a good track record against, having scored eight goals and provided three assists in 15 Premier League games against them, according to transfermarkt.

Additionally, Kane has been one of the most consistent FPL performers this season, accumulating 200 FPL points so far, second only to Haaland’s 227.

FPL GW32 Captain: Harry Kane stats
FPL GW32 Captain: Harry Kane’s stats

However, the main concern with Kane is that he doesn’t frequently return double-digit hauls, making him less appealing as a captain pick. Nonetheless, the statistics suggest that Kane has a 37% chance of scoring against Newcastle this week. While it is unlikely that he will outscore Salah, Kane could still be a viable captain option for GW32.

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2. FPL GW32 Captain: Ollie Watkins

Looking for a captaincy alternative to Mo Salah in GW32? Ollie Watkins may be the perfect pick. With 11 goals in his last 12 games, Watkins has been one of the most in-form players in the league. He’s shown his ability to score against top sides like Manchester City, Arsenal and Newcastle. The only player in better form than Watkins is Manchester midfielder, Jack Grealish.

FPL GW32 Captain: Ollie Watkins stats
FPL GW32 Captain: Ollie Watkins’ stats

This week, Watkins faces Brentford, a side that has struggled in recent weeks and conceded seven goals in their last four games. Given Watkins’ impressive form, he could take advantage of Brentford’s shaky defense and add to his impressive goal-scoring record. While it remains to be seen whether he can outscore Salah, Watkins certainly has the potential to make a strong case for the captaincy in GW32.

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1. FPL GW32 Captain: Mo Salah

those considering captain options besides Mo Salah. However, we believe that despite the competition, the Egyptian forward remains the best choice for this gameweek.

There are a few factors that make Salah a particularly attractive captain option. Firstly, his upcoming fixtures look promising, and with Liverpool’s current form, they are likely to score a significant number of goals in their next game.

Nottingham Forest, their upcoming opponent, has conceded an average of 1.8 goals per game this season, while Liverpool has scored an average of 1.9 goals per game. This matchup presents an opportunity for a high-scoring game, which could result in significant point returns for Salah and other Liverpool players.

FPL GW32 Captain: Mo Salah stats
FPL GW32 Captain: Mo Salah’s stats

Taking all these factors into account, we believe that Mo Salah is an ideal captain choice for GW32, particularly for those who have or are on a free hit and are looking to bring him into their team. While there may be other players who could potentially outscore Salah this gameweek, his fixtures, current form, and Liverpool’s goal-scoring ability make him a top captain option for FPL managers.

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