FPL GW31 Transfer Plans and Team Selection – the best players to own

GW31 is a single gameweek and it promises to be an entertaining one because it is the gameweek before a medium-sized blank in GW32. Since gameweek 32 is a blank for Man City, Brighton, Man United and Chelsea it is important for us FPL managers to get our transfers right this week.

In this article, we’d looking at the best players to transfer into your FPL team in GW31 after which we’d then share our GW31 team selection.

Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 31 Top Transfers

In FPL this gameweek, here are the players that FPL managers are targeting and transferring into their various FPL teams.

De Bruyne12.125.9%7.715142934

From the top transfers table, we can see that FPL managers are looking to target Man City, Man United, Arsenal, Brighton and Aston Villa assets. They’re targeting players that are on form and have been delivering FPL points consistently over the last couple of weeks which isn’t a bad strategy.

The only problem with this, is that they’re targeting FPL assets that would be blanking in GW32. If you go all in on Man City, Brighton, Man United and Chelsea assets in gameweek 31, it’d be hard for you to get past the blank gameweek in GW32. This means that caution and long-term planning is required when buying players in GW31.

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GW31 transfer tips

Before buying players this gameweek, it is important for you to know what the fixture schedule is like for majority of teams. Right now, there are teams that have more games to go than others. This means that the teams with more games have double gameweeks coming up, so in the long term buying players from these teams would be a nice strategy.

Here are the numbers of games each team has to go:

Number of games leftTeams
9West Ham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Man United, Man City and Fulham
8Bournemouth, Leicester, Nott’m Forest, Leeds, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Brentford, Southampton, Everton, Wolves, Crystal Palace, Arsenal and Spurs

From the table above, we can see that Brighton have the most games left to go this season with 10 games, while the likes of West Ham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Man United, Man City and Fulham all have nine games left. So when buying players now and in future gameweeks, it is important to look to players from these teams.

Our GW31 transfer tip: Aim for players with 10 or 9 games left. Be aware that BHA, CHE, MUN and MCI all blank in GW32. Do not sell BHA assets, even though they blank in 32. They still offer great value and can easily be benched that week + have 3 DGWs left!. This advice is applicable to those that have a free hit to use in GW32.

If you don’t have the free hit chip available in GW32, here’s a good transfer strategy you can deploy: If you don’t have your free hit to use in blank gameweek 32, you’d want players with a game in BGW32 and a double in DGW34. Here are some examples of interesting players: LIV: Salah (12.8), TAA (7.3) WHA: Bowen (8.0), Zouma (4.4) FUL: Andreas (4.3), Vinicius* (5.4) *will play the next 6 games.

Teams and players to Transfer in FPL GW31

TeamsPlayers to buy in GW31
Man CityJack Grealsih, Erling Haaland, Kevin De Brunye, Ederson
LiverpoolTrent Alexander-Arnold, Mo Salah, Cody Gakpo
Man UnitedLisandro Martinez, Diogo Dalot, Anthony Martial, Bruno Fernandes.
ArsenalGabriel Martinelli, Gabby Jesus, Ben White or Saka
NewcastleIsak, Trippier, Wilson
Aston VillaWatkins, Emi Martinez, Alex Moreno
BrightonMitoma, Alexis Mac Allister, March
West HamBowen, Mings

These are the top player picks from each of the teams we’ve suggested. They’re players that are on form, have good fixtures and also are guaranteed a place in their respective teams.

If you have Rashford in your team and are looking for a replacement, you can consider Jack Grealish, Martinelli or Bowen. That being said, we do believe that it’d better for you to wait and gear what Ten Hag says in his press conference.

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Gameweek 31 Team Selection

Here’s our GW31 team we’ve tried to select in-form players that have great fixtures this gameweek.

Gameweek 31 Team Selection

It’s important to note that this team doesn’t have the long-term in mind. It is meant to see you through gameweek 31 only.

Are you interested in long term planning? Then our FPL GW31 wildcard team: the best gameweek 31 wildcard FPL teams is just for you. Our GW31 wildcard article, helps you plan for the upcoming blank and double gameweeks. We’ve got two wildcard drafts that’d be helpful for managers with a free hit and managers without a free hit chip.

Players to include in your GW31 team


  1. Trippier – £6.1m – 67.8% – DEF / NEW
  2. White – £4.8m – 14.4% – DEF / ARS
  3. Dalot – £4.7m – 4.3% – DEF / MUN
  4. Bueno – £3.8m – 2.8% – DEF / WOL
  5. N.Williams – £3.8m – 14.6% – DEF / NFO


  1. Grealish – £7m – 6.5% – MID / MCI
  2. Gakpo – £7.6m – 3.3% – MID / LIV
  3. Martinelli – £6.6m – 38.4% – MID / ARS
  4. Saka – £8.6m – 40.9% – MID / ARS
  5. Olise – £5.4m – 0.6% – MID / CRY


  1. Watkins – £7.6m – 19.6% – FWD / AVL
  2. Haaland – £12.2m – 77.3% – FWD / MCI
  3. Kane – £11.7m – 39.8% – FWD / TOT

There you have it folks our GW31 transfer tips article, hope you found it helpful we wish all the best in this gameweek.

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