FPL GW31: Tips, Captains, Differentials and Transfer Targets

FPL GW31 Ultimate guide and tips

This is our general FPL GW31 tips article. In this article, we’d be sharing transfer tips, wildcard teams, differential picks, matchups or fixtures to target, captain picks and odds(clean sheet, goal scorer and point predictions).

We’d also be providing links to articles that cover each tip in more detail so feel free to check or click each link – they’d take you to its own specific blog post.

1. Fantasy Premier League GW31 tips

Here are some really helpful tips that would help you as you pick your FPL team for this gameweek.

  • When buying or transferring players in this week, you want to have it at the back of your mind that Man City, Man United, Brighton and Chelsea blank in GW32. So if you don’t have a free hit for that blank gameweek, then you might not want to go all in on players that play for teams that blank in GW32.
  • It’d also be a good strategy to hold your free transfer this gameweek. This would be perfect for FPL managers who don’t have a free hit in GW32.
  • When making transfers in GW31, it’d be good to wait until press conferences are done. This would give you more insight as to which players are fit and which ones are injured.
  • As you set up and pick players for your team, it’s good for you to know that there’s still a double gameweek coming up in GW34. Here’s an article that would help you know what teams blank and double.

2. GW30 FPL Preview: The top performers in gameweek 30

For FPL managers that love to target in-form players, here are last week’s best performers in FPL:

GW30 FPL Preview: The top performers in gameweek 30

From the GW30 team of the week, we can see a couple of familiar faces like Harry Kane, Erling Haaland and Gabriel Martinelli. We also have some less popular picks(differentials) like Jack Grealish(one of the most transferred in players last week), Michael Olise, Jordan Ayew and Philip Billing.

The player of the week last gameweek, was Jordan Ayew – he returned 14 points, scoring two goals against Leeds. It was a pretty mixed gameweek in GW30, both popular picks and differentials really turned up.

That being said, it wasn’t all smooth going as there was an injury scare for Marcus Rashford in GW30. The United winger was taken off after his assist against Everton in what looks to be a groin injury. Here’s what his manager had to say concerning that:

Ten Hag on Rashford injury: “We have to wait, it doesn’t look well. Once again, it is due to the schedule… we’ve to protect our players”, tells BT. Another reason why it’d be a good strategy to not make transfers early on this gameweek.

3. Who are the most in-form players in FPL at the moment

Here are ten of the most in-form players in FPL at the moment. Each of these players have delivered FPL points consistently in their last five games and would be great options for GW31.

the most in-form players in FPL at the moment

4. GW31 fixtures: what matchups should you be targeting this gameweek

GW31 fixtures

There are a lot of really great matchups this week. Amongst the games this week, we have games that we could target to get clean sheet points from and games that we would be expecting to see goals in. Here are the three games that we think FPL managers should be looking to target.

The Premier League games between Man City vs Leicester, Nott’m Forest vs Man United, and Leeds vs Liverpool all present great opportunities for FPL managers to target players for their teams in GW31.

  1. Man City vs Leicester is particularly appealing for FPL managers due to Leicester’s defensive vulnerabilities and Man City’s strong attacking record. FPL managers should consider investing in Man City attackers such as Kevin De Bruyne or Ilkay Gundogan, who could potentially score multiple goals against Leicester’s leaky defense.
  2. Similarly, the Nott’m Forest vs Man United matchup is an excellent opportunity for FPL managers to target both United defenders and attackers. With Nott’m Forest’s struggles at both ends of the pitch, there is a high probability of both clean sheets and goals for United players in this game.
  3. Finally, the Liverpool vs Leeds game presents a chance for FPL managers to target Liverpool attackers such as Mohamed Salah, Gakpo or Darwin Nunez, players that can capitalize on Leeds’ defensive weaknesses. However, FPL managers should also be aware of Leeds’ attacking potential, which could lead to a high-scoring game.

Overall, these matchups offer great opportunities for FPL managers to target players for their teams in GW31 and potentially maximize their points haul.

5. GW31 clean sheet and goal scorer odds

Based on the GW31 Clean Sheet Data table, the teams with the best clean sheet odds are:

  1. Man City (51%) – playing at home against Leicester
  2. Spurs (44%) – playing at home against Bournemouth
  3. Man Utd (38%) – playing away against Newcastle
  4. Liverpool (36%) – playing away against Leeds
  5. Arsenal (35%) – playing away against West Ham

On the other hand, the teams with the worst clean sheet odds are:

  1. Leicester (5%) – playing away against Man City
  2. Bournemouth (11%) – playing away against Spurs
  3. Nott’m Forest (15%) – playing at home against Man Utd
  4. West Ham (15%) – playing at home against Arsenal
  5. Leeds (16%) – playing at home against Liverpool

You can check out more odds and predictions such as goalscorer odds, assist odds and FPL point predictions in this article:

6. GW31 wildcard team and tips

As you create your GW31 wildcard team, here are a couple of things you should keep in mind:

  • First, you want to try as much as possible to select players guaranteed a place in the first eleven of their teams.
  • You want to keep the long-term in mind when selecting players for your GW31 wildcard team.
  • You want to try to have a solid bench, in case of rotations, injuries, and upcoming double and blank gameweeks.
  • You want to keep in mind that GW32 is a blank gameweek for Brighton, Man United, Man City, and Chelsea.
  • And GW34 is a double for Brighton, Fulham, Liverpool, Man City, Man United and West Ham.

In terms of teams to target for your wildcard, here are some of the best teams:

  1. Liverpool
  2. Crystal Palace
  3. Fulham
  4. Manchester United
  5. Manchester City

Want to see our gameweek 31 wildcard article? In that article, we share two wildcard drafts for two different types of managers – managers with their free hit and managers without a free hit. The GW31 wildcard teams created are meant to help you get past the double gameweek and also prepare you for the double gameweek coming up in GW34.

Link to article:

7. GW31 Transfer Targets

In terms of players to target this gameweek, here are some of the top transfers in this Gameweek


In terms of transfer out here are the players FPL managers are shipping out

Top Transfers out this Gameweek

  PosPlayerClubNumber of managers selling 
50% chance of playing MIDRashfordMUN238247
Unlikely to playDEFShawMUN223255
Unlikely to playDEFSalibaARS101598

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8. GW31 captain picks

Here are our five captain picks for GW31:

  1. Erling Haaland
  2. Mo Salah
  3. Marcus Rashford(if fit)
  4. Harry Kane
  5. Gabriel Jesus

More details about these players in our GW31 captain picks article that’d be coming out on thursday.

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