FPL GW30 tips: the best FPL players to own in gameweek 30

FPL GW30 transfer tips

After an interesting GW29, gameweek 30 is here and we’re excited about it. It is a single gameweek which means there’s no need to panic or stress too much as we can just focus on picking the best players for this gameweek – GW30.

Even though it is a single gameweek, it is still important for us to pick and transfer in the right FPL assets. In this article, we’d be looking at the best players to buy in GW30 we’d be suggesting players for all positions that is, from goalkeepers to attackers.

We’d not just be recommending players great for GW30, rather we’d be looking at the best long-term FPL transfer picks. We hope you article enjoy and find this article helpful.

1. FPL GW30 tips: The best players to buy in FPL GW30

Before we get into our GW30 FPL transfer tips and strategy, let’s take a look at some of the most popular transfers FPL managers are making this week:

FPL GW30 tips: The best players to buy in FPL GW30

From this week’s list of top transfers, we can see the strategy FPL managers are deploying. FPL managers are trying to transfer in players that performed well in GW29, that’s why players like:

  1. Gabby Jesus
  2. Ben White and
  3. Grealish

are topping the list of popular transfers in GW30. There’s no doubt that it is a good strategy to target in-form players, however, it is also good to keep the long-term in mind when buying players. In the remaining parts of this article, we’d be looking at some of the best long-term transfers you can make in GW30.

2. FPL GW30 tips and transfer strategy: the best goalkeeper to buy gameweek 30

Well, from the list of transfers shared earlier on, we can see that there are no goalkeepers amongst the top ten GW30 transfers. That’s pretty normal because FPL managers rarely use their free transfers on goalkeepers.

However, if you’re looking to buy a goalkeeper for your FPL team this gameweek, here are some of the best options out there:

  1. Martínez – £4.9m – 5.4% – GKP / AVL
  2. Guaita – £4.4m – 1.8% – GKP / CRY
  3. Steele – £3.9m – 2.7% – GKP / BHA
  4. Arrizabalaga – £4.7m – 9.9% – GKP / CHE

These four goalies are pretty good options to have in your FPL team from now up until GW36. Out of the four goalkeepers we have in there, Guaita of Crystal Palace is the one with the best set of fixtures. He has games against the following teams coming up: Leeds, Southampton, Everton, Wolves and West Ham. The chances of him getting a couple of clean sheets is high.

Martinez of Aston Villa is another great goalkeeper pick for your FPL team. He has great fixtures coming up and no blanks as well which is very nice because the likes of Steele and Kepa blank. Martinez is also a goalkeeper who can get you bonus points and save points because of how great he is at shot-stopping.

Our GW30 goalkeeper transfer strategy: A good strategy would be to go for one of Martinez or Guaita and pair him up with Steele who doubles in GW34.

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3. FPL GW30 tips and transfer strategy: the best defenders to buy gameweek 30

Defenders this season almost pick themselves, The likes of Trippier, Shaw, Chilwell, Estupinan and White are great picks and should be in majority of FPL teams. However, in this segment, we just want to give a few recommendations and the first one would be John Stones of Man City.

John Stones

In recent weeks, Man City players have gone under the radar a little bit, however, if you take a look at the fixture schedule you’d find out that they’d be hot property. That’s why we’ve got John Stones as a player you should be looking to add to your FPL team in GW30.

The Man City defender played extremely well, found himself high up the pitch and in really good attacking positions. That’s exactly want you from your FPL defender. You want a defender that is nailed on, has attacking threat and gets you clean sheet points that’s exactly what you’d be getting with John Stones.

With all of this being said, it is important to note that some of the top defender picks like Chilwell, Shaw, Estupian and Stones all blank in GW32. This means that you’d struggle if you own all four of these players in GW32. To help you with that, here are some nice defender bench fodders that you can target for your FPL team as well:

  1. Botman – £4.5m – 6% – DEF / NEW
  2. Álex Moreno – £4.4m – 0.5% – DEF / AVL
  3. Aguerd – £4.8m – 0.3% – DEF / WHU

These players have great fixtures and don’t blank in GW32.

Our GW30 defender transfer strategy: A good strategy would be to own Trippier, White, Stones, one bench fodder, and Estupinan. You can also find out which one of these defenders have high clean sheet odds in this article: FPL GW30 Fixtures, PL Clean Sheet Odds, and Point Predictions

4. FPL GW30 tips and transfer strategy: the best midfielders to buy gameweek 30

Just like it is with defenders, the top FPL midfielder picks blank in GW32. That’s something to keep in mind as you select your midfielders. The good thing though, is that you can start strategizing from now. You need to have alternatives for your top midfielders when they blank, we’d be suggesting some alternatives in this segment.

  1. Harvey Barnes
  2. Jarrod Bowen
  3. Almiron(if fit)
  4. Zaha
  5. Gakpo
  6. Mo Salah
  7. Bukayo Saka
  8. Martinelli

The players mentioned above are all great FPL assets who don’t blank anytime soon, if you have these players in your midfield then you don’t have to worry about blank GW32.

However, if you have your free hit and you’re looking to activate it in GW32, here are some midfielders that you should be targeting this gameweek:

  1. Mitoma
  2. Rashford
  3. Grealish
  4. De Brunye
  5. Mahrez

Again, just like with defenders, now is the time to start targeting Man City assets once again. The Man City asset you want to get would depend on your budget and your strategy. If you’re considering Grealish, here’s a really helpful article that can help you: GW30 FPL Player In Focus – Jack Grealish.

Our GW30 midfielders transfer strategy: This one is a little bit tricky, so balance is required. If you don’t have a free hit for GW32, here’s our recommendation: Mitoma, Rashford, one Man City midfielder, one of Saka or Martinelli and Bowen.

5. FPL GW29 tips and transfer strategy: the best forwards to buy gameweek 29

The best FPL forwards to have now and in the long term are:

  1. Toney
  2. Gabby Jesus
  3. Watkins
  4. Haaland
  5. Kane

Anyone of these five forwards would be great buys now and in subsequent gameweeks. As for Haaland, we’d have to wait for Pep’s presser to know whether he’s fit enough to start against Southampton this weekend.

Our GW30 midfielders transfer strategy: It’s very difficult to pick just three forwards considering how good these forwards have all been. But if we had to pick three from this list, we’d go with Jesus, Watkins and Kane.

No Toney, because he plays against Newcastle a side that just doesn’t concede so many goals. And Watkins is on here because of his form and his fixture against Nott’m Forest this gameweek. Kane is only here if Haaland isn’t fit enough to feature for Man City in GW30.

Find out the best GW30 captain in this article: FPL GW30 captain picks: Haaland, Watkins and Rashford – the best gameweek 30 captain

Do you want to find out which of these players have a high chance of returning FPL points this gameweek? then check out our: FPL GW30 Fixtures, PL Clean Sheet Odds, and Point Predictions.

6. FPL GW30 tips: 11 of the best FPL players to own gameweek 30

Well, it is now time for us to share with you our ideal 11 FPL player picks for GW30. These are the best players that we think would be great additions to your FPL team.

  1. Arrizabalaga – £4.7m – 9.6% – GKP / CHE
  2. Chilwell – £6m – 11.1% – DEF / CHE
  3. Trippier – £6.1m – 66.4% – DEF / NEW
  4. Stones – £5.4m – 1.6% – DEF / MCI
  5. Rashford – £7.3m – 52.4% – MID / MUN
  6. De Bruyne – £12m – 24.4% – MID / MCI
  7. Mitoma – £5.5m – 23.1% – MID / BHA
  8. Martinelli – £6.6m – 37.5% – MID / ARS
  9. Watkins – £7.5m – 16.6% – FWD / AVL
  10. Jesus – £8m – 25.9% – FWD / ARS
  11. Kane – £11.7m – 40.1% – FWD / TOT
GW30 team selection

Note that this team has been selected for this gameweek and this gameweek alone. We did not consider future gameweeks. If you want to see our team that has future gameweeks in mind, then you should check out our wildcard article.

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