FPL GW30 captain picks: Haaland, Watkins and Rashford – the best gameweek 30 captain

FPL GW30 captain picks

GW30 is finally here and it’s a single gameweek! As FPL managers, we know how important it is to choose the right captain every gameweek, and this week is no exception. With so many great FPL assets to choose from, it can be tough to decide –Haaland, Watkins, Rashford, Kane, and Mitoma are all fantastic options to consider for captaincy this gameweek.

With these many options, the question is, who should you captain in GW30? In this article, we’d be providing an answer to that question. we’re going to take a closer look at the players mentioned and try to determine which one to captain in GW30.

FPL GW30 captain poll: Who to captain GW30?

FPL GW30 captain poll: Who to captain GW30?
GW30 Captain picks poll results
  1. According to the result of this week’s GW30 captain picks poll conducted by ALLABOUTFPL, Erling Haaland of Man City is the player that most FPL managers are looking to captain in gameweek 30, the Man City forward has the most vote, with 27% of managers voting him as their preferred GW30 captain.
  2. In second place, we’ve got Ollie Watkins of Aston Villa. The Villa man is being backed by 27% of FPL managers as well – it is a close one this gameweek.
  3. In third place, we have Marcus Rashford of Man United and he is being backed by 21% of FPL managers
  4. In fourth, we have Kane who has been voted by 6% of FPL managers
  5. And finally, in fifth place, we’ve got Mitoma who has a total of 16 votes.

Here’s the result of another GW30 captain picks poll conducted on Twitter and the results of this one is quite interesting. The result from this poll has Watkins in first place – 47.9% of FPL managers are looking to captain the Aston Villa forward in GW30.

From both gameweek 30 captain pick polls it is very clear that the most popular captain this gameweek is one of Watkins or Haaland. A lot of FPL managers are torn between these two forwards this gameweek, which is really interesting.

Now that we’ve heard from FPL managers, it is time for us to share our thoughts on who we think you should be looking to captain this gameweek.

The best gameweek 30 captains

We have a list of five players, and we think that these five players would perform well in GW30 and that they’d be worth the captain’s armband as well.

5. FPL GW30 Captain: Kaoru Mitoma

A player that we had in second place last gameweek, now finds himself in fifth place this week. The reason for that is that the players we have above him have much better fixtures and seem to be in much better form this gameweek. That being said, Mitoma is still a pretty great GW30 captain pick.

Just last week, Mitoma performed really well getting himself a goal an assist and 14 points which is actually quite impressive. In fact, the Brighton man has returned FPL points in his last five games. In that period, he has scored twice, assisted four times and returned a total of 39 points.

 FPL GW30 Captain: Kaoru Mitoma

Mitoma has everything you want from your FPL captain. He has the form and explosiveness, he plays for an attacking side that’s in good form and he’s a nailed-on-player. The thing that puts us off him this week, is his fixture against Spurs and the fact that he’s not on penalties.

Because of that, It might be hard for him to outperform the players that we have above him on this list. Apart from that, we believe he’d be a great differential captain.

4. FPL GW30 Captain: Harry Kane

Another player that would be worth captaining this gameweek, is Harry Kane. Kane and Spurs go up against Brighton this gameweek and in all honesty, it is a game that could be high scoring – it could end 3-2 or 3-3 or even 2-2. And if that happens, we’re confident that Harry Kane would haul and reward his captainers.

If you have Kane, you could consider captaining him. However, the reason why we have such a lethal finisher in fourth this gameweek, is because of Kane’s lack of explosiveness.

FPL GW30 Captain: Harry Kane

Kane is a very consistent performer in FPL and he’d consistently give you points, but the issue is that he rarely has double-digit hauls – throughout this season, Kane has only had five double-digit hauls. And these hauls don’t happen regularly which can be frustrating at times. We do hope that this gameweek is different and that he rewards his captainers with a mega haul. If you have Kane, he isn’t a bad GW30 captain pick.

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3. FPL GW30 Captain: Marcus Rashford

The player that we’ve got in third place this gameweek, is Marcus Rashford, the player on top of this gameweek’s FPL points predictions chart. Rashford plays Everton at home this gameweek and that’s perfect for those looking to captain Rashford in GW30. It’s great because most Rashford’s mega hauls this season, have come when playing at Old Trafford.

FPL GW30 Captain: Marcus Rashford

There’s no doubt that Marcus Rashford has been one of the most consistent performers in the PL this season. He’s scoring, he’s assisting and he’s always heavily involved in United attacking play and that’s exactly what you want from your captain. Last gameweek Rashford turned up and rewarded the millions of FPL managers that captained him.

We’d be hoping he can replicate last week’s performance this week as well.

2. FPL GW30 Captain: Ollie Watkins

Ollie Watkins is a player that has caught the eyes of so many FPL managers and rightfully so. Watkins in GW29, returned 17 points and in previous weeks, Watkins has returned FPL points in nine of his ten outings. This week he’s up against Nott’m Forest. A Forest side that isn’t the best defensively.

FPL GW30 Captain: Ollie Watkins

Nott’m Forest is ranked 17th for chances conceded down the center and 18th for shots conceded in the box. Watkins is being fed by a hungry Villa side that is aiming to play in Europe next season. He’s really improved under Unai Emery and we’re hoping he’d carry on doing his thing this gameweek.

The question though is whether to captain him ahead of Haaland. Yes, you could go for a Watkins captain if Haaland isn’t declared fit to start against Southampton this gameweek. However, if Haaland is fit enough to start this gameweek, then you should captain him instead.

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1. FPL GW30 Captain: Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland is our GW30 captain if declared fit to play this weekend. Haaland and Man City have been in ridiculous goal-scoring form in recent gameweeks and that’s something we’re looking to capitalize on in GW30.

FPL GW30 Captain: Erling Haaland

Before, the international break and his groin injury, Haaland was bagging hattricks left, right and center and we expect him to do something along those lines when City faces Southampton this weekend.

Man City are trying to win the Premier League once again this season, so we expect to play the majority of their key players this gameweek and if that happens, the chances of Haaland getting a decent amount of FPL points increase. It is a no-brainer for us – a fit Haaland gets the captain’s armband.

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