September 23, 2023


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FPL GW3 team selection: transfer targets, differential picks and scout picks

GW3 team reveal and team selection

With GW3 only a few days away, it is time for us to get our GW3 team selection in. In this article, we’d be selecting players that we think are going to perform well in gameweek 3, we’d be doing this based on fixtures, form and stats.

We’d also be looking at some GW3 team dilemmas and we’d be providing answers to some of the questions that FPL managers have asking ahead of GW3.

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FPL gameweek 3 team selection

Before we dive right into our GW3 team selection, let’s first take a look at the GW3 fixtures, so we can have an idea of which teams have good fixtures.

Gameweek 3 fixtures

Gameweek 3 fixtures

Now that we have the list of GW3 fixtures, let’s now see which teams have a fixture, with an FDR (fixture difficulty rating) of 2 in gameweek 3.

  • Man City vs Newcastle
  • Arsenal vs Bournemouth
  • Chelsea vs Leeds
  • Leicester vs Southampton
  • Spurs vs Wolves
  • West Ham vs Brighton

Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester, Spurs and West Ham all have games with really good FDR(fixture difficulty rating) and these are the teams we’d be looking to target in our GW3 team selection.

GW3 team dilemmas: questions answered

Who is the best 5M defender for your FPL team

There are three players who standout in this price bracket. We have the likes of Walker, Zinchenko and Marc Cucurella and out of these three, Zinchenko currently is the one with better underlying stats.

Zinchenko and Cucurella both have looked really impressive and against Leicester, Zinchenko was essentially playing as a midfielder.

Zinchenko created two chances against Leicester, he took 3 shots and two of those were in the box, he had four touches in the penalty area and he had an xGi of 0.5.

His stats are really impressive and with Arsenal’s nice set of fixtures from now until gameweek 9, Zinchenko is the best 5M defender to get into your FPL team.

What to do with Kierian Trippier

There’s no doubt that at 5M, Trippier has been of great value if you had him in your team. However now might be the time to start looking elsewhere as Newcastle fixtures have taken a swing – in two of their next three games, they play Man City and Liverpool.

If you’re looking to sell the Newcastle full-back, then Zinchenko, Marc Cucurella and Kyle Walker are all really good options. Should you sell Trippier this gameweek? Well, it depends on how your team is. If you don’t have other fires to put out then yeah go for it.

Is it time to sell Andy Robertson

Well, yes it is time to sell Robertson. Liverpool’s defense has been looking a little shaky since the start of the season and that means Andy Robertson isn’t getting any cleansheets, which isn’t good because now you need him to get a goal or an assist to make up for it.

It’d be much better to reduce him to a cheaper defender(4.5m) and then upgrade one of your budget midfielders to an 8.0m(Luis Diaz) midfielder.

Luis Diaz could be a nice 8.0m midfielder option, with Nunez suspended we’d expect Diaz to be more direct and to take up a more central role.

What to do with Ivan Perisic

Perisic is still one you can hold onto if you have him in your team. Ivan Perisic has no doubt looked really good each time he’s come on for Spurs and the potential for him to be a top FPL assets is really high.

That being said, it’d be better to wait for his managers press conference before going for the full-back. If Antonio Conte, in his presser says Perisic is going to start, then you should play him if you own him.

However, let’s not forget that there are still some really good 5M defenders out there, that could replace Perisic.

Best Leon Bailey replacement

Pascal Groß (Brighton), Pedro Neto(Wolves), Jensen(Brentford) and Rodrigo(Leeds) are all decent Bailey replacements. The players mentioned have all looked really good this season and they’re all within the 5-6 million price range.

If we had to pick one to replace Bailey right now, then we’d go for Pascal Groß. The Brighton midfielder has been really impressive this season and his underlying stats look good as well. Pascal Groß also has really nice fixtures, that he could get a couple of points in.

If you do have extra funds, then Rodrigo of Leeds is another viable option.

GW3 team selection and reveal