FPL GW29 wildcard team: the best gameweek 29 wildcard FPL teams

GW29 wildcard team

Wildcarding in GW29 is a good strategy as it would allow you to prepare for the double gameweek this week and the upcoming double and blank gameweeks in subsequent weeks.

In this article, we will be creating a wildcard team that is meant to take you from now until GW34. We’d provide you with different transfer strategies and great long-term picks for your GW29 wildcard team.

This is our ultimate GW29 wildcard article we hope you find it helpful.

Some important things to keep in mind as you play your FPL wildcard in gameweek 29

As you create your GW29 wildcard team, here are a couple of things you should keep in mind:

  • First, you want to try as much as possible to select players guaranteed a place in the first eleven of their teams.
  • You want to keep the long-term in mind when selecting players for your GW29 wildcard team.
  • You want to try to have a solid bench, in case of rotations, injuries, and upcoming double and blank gameweeks.
  • You want to keep in mind that GW32 is a blank gameweek for Brighton, Man United, Man City, and Chelsea.

The best teams to target for your GW29 FPL wildcard team

Since we’re looking to create a wildcard team that’d take us from GW29-34, we must target the right teams. We’d be looking to target teams that double and don’t blank anytime soon.

To help you identify such teams, we’d be sharing a fixture ticker done by fpltips__

From the fixture ticker, here are some of the teams that you should be looking to target as you select players for your GW29 wildcard:

  1. Liverpool
  2. Leicester
  3. Fulham
  4. Manchester United
  5. Newcastle

These are some of the teams with great fixtures, upcoming doubles, and minimum blanks from now until GW34.

GW29 wildcard team

GW29 wildcard team

This is our GW29 wildcard team and it looks good. In this team, we’ve got a team of 10 doublers in GW29; these aren’t just any doublers, these are players that have the best fixtures this gameweek.

You can see what we’re trying to do with this team with the players we’ve selected. We’re going for mid-priced assets that are on form. Us doing this enables us to pick a team that is solid from defense to attack.

We’re not saying that the players we’ve selected are the absolute best. No, we know that some really good players that we’ve left out of this wildcard team. Players like:

  1. Bruno Fernandes
  2. Ben Chilwell
  3. Mo Salah
  4. Solly March

All four players are great. However, the reason why we aren’t going for all of these players is because of the blank gameweek coming in GW32. If you don’t have your free hit going into that gameweek and you select so many players from Man United, Brighton, Chelsea, and Man City you’d struggle. So for us to avoid that, we’ve decided to pick a pretty balanced team.

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Here’s what this team would look like in blank gameweek 32:

Blank gameweek 32 team

If you use our template as a guide, then in GW32, you’d have a team that looks like this. A team of nine players that would feature in a blank gameweek if there are no injuries. That’s not bad.

To help you have a stronger team, you could consider transferring Haaland out for a Darwin and upgrading Mitoma to a Salah that’s a transfer strategy that could work for GW32. To be able to make such a move, you’d need to save your free transfers in GW30 and 31.

The downside to this move is that you’d be losing Haaland and Mitoma two players that are going to be crucial in subsequent gameweeks, especially in GW34.

Another option would be to bring in Gakpo straight in for Mitoma and go with just 10 players in blank GW32. Doing this still keeps you in a strong position in GW32 and the other gameweeks that are coming up.

Not sure who to captain? Salah, Mitoma and Rashford are all great picks, but who do you give the captain armband? Find out in our article: FPL GW29 captain picks: Rashford, Havertz, Salah the best gameweek 29 captain.

In GW34, you’d have a team that looks like this:

double gameweek 34 team

Before GW34, we’ve made one transfer and that’s Martinelli out for Mitoma. Doing this leaves us with a strong team in double gameweek 34. In here we’ve got eight doublers which is pretty solid. You’d still have one free transfer available to you, so you can decide to use it to bring in an extra Man City player probably a defender.

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And we know that the wildcard team we’ve just created has the long-term in mind and that could be a little overwhelming. To help you plan better, we’d be publishing weekly transfer strategy articles that would give you insight into the best players to buy each gameweek.

Here’s one for this gameweek: FPL GW29 tips: the best FPL players to own in gameweek 29. Yes, you can count on us to provide you with FPL tips every gameweek. We wish you the best in this gameweek.

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Coming next on our blog is GW29 odds and predictions, GW29 predicted line-ups and GW29 captain picks. All these articles would be out before gameweek 29’s deadline.

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