FPL GW29 captain picks: Rashford, Havertz, Salah the best gameweek 29 captain

FPL GW29 captain picks

GW29 is almost here, it is just two days away – at the time of writing. With the deadline of the gameweek approaching, we need to start considering our GW29 captain.

Since gameweek 29 is a double for twelve teams, the options we have to pick from are numerous. We have the likes of Salah, Rashford, Mitoma, March, Mac Allister, Bruno and Havertz just to name a few – who on paper are all great captain picks for gameweek 29.

With this many options available, we need to narrow it down. In this article, we’d take a look at a GW29 captain poll conducted by ALLABOUTFPL to find out who FPL managers are looking to captain and then we’d share our own top five captains for gameweek 29.

FPL GW29 captain poll: Who to captain GW29?

FPL GW29 captain poll: Who to captain GW29?
  1. According to the result of a GW29 captain picks poll conducted by ALLABOUTFPL, Marcus Rashford of Man United is the player that most FPL managers are looking to captain in gameweek 29, the United winger has the most vote, with 35% of managers voting him as their preferred GW29 captain.
  2. In second place, we’ve got Mitoma of Brighton. The Brighton man is being backed by 25% of FPL managers.
  3. In third place, we have March of Brighton and he has been backed by 9% of FPL managers
  4. In fourth, we have Maddison who is being backed by 6% of FPL managers
  5. And finally, in fifth place, we’ve got Bruno Fernandes who has a total of 15 votes.

Here’s the result of another GW29 captain picks poll conducted on Twitter:

FPL GW29 captain poll: Who to captain GW29?

From both gameweek 29 captain pick polls it is very clear that the most popular captain this gameweek is Marcus Rashford. A lot of FPL managers are looking to captain the United winger. Another really popular option in GW29, is Mitoma of Brighton who has come second in the two gameweek 29 captain picks poll.

Now that we’ve heard from FPL managers, it is time for us to share our thoughts on who we think you should be looking to captain this gameweek.

The best gameweek 29 captains

We have a list of five players, and we think that these five players would perform well in GW29 and that they’d be worth the captain’s armband as well.

5. FPL GW29 Captain: Kai Havertz

The player we’ve got in fifth place on our list of gameweek 29 captains, is Kai Havertz of Chelsea. One of the main reasons why we’ve got him on our list of great captain picks for GW29, is because he has a double gameweek. In GW29 Chelsea and Havertz play Aston Villa and Liverpool at home.

Not only does Havertz have good fixtures, he is also in decent form. In his last two games, Havertz has got himself two goals, seventeen points and five bonus points which is really impressive.

FPL GW29 Captain: Kai Havertz

In gameweek 29, Chelsea face Aston Villa and Liverpool two sides that can concede goals. We’ve seen both Liverpool and Aston Villa concede a lot of goals this season and if that happens this gameweek, we believe that Havertz would benefit.

Havertz has also been heavily involved in most of Chelsea’s attacks in recent gameweeks and because of that, he is ranked second on this week’s anytime scorers odds.

He’d be a great differential captain and if you’re using your free hit or are amongst the 5.9% of managers that own him, then you should consider captaining Havertz this week.

4. FPL GW29 Captain: Mo Salah

Another great captain pick for gameweek 29, is no other person but Mo Salah of Liverpool. We all know how good Mo Salah is and how dangerous he can be during double gameweeks. In double gameweek 25, Mo Salah had a decent return with the Liverpool winger delivering a total of 11 points.

This gameweek however, Liverpool have tough fixtures as they play Man City and Chelsea. The game against City is one where Liverpool could score goals and if they do score, Mo Salah is one you’d be expecting to get a goal.

Salah does indeed love playing against Man City. The Liverpool man has been directly involved in 14 goals against Manchester City in all competitions for Liverpool (nine goals, five assists), his most against any opponent for the Reds – as per skysports.

Not only is Salah fixture-proof, he’s also in decent form. In his last five gameweeks in FPL, he has returned 38 points.

FPL GW29 Captain: Mo Salah

Salah does tick all the boxes, he’s got a double gameweek, he’s a guaranteed starter and he’s on form. So if you have him he’s a great option.

3. FPL GW29 Captain: Solly March

Another player that would be a great differential captain, is Solly March of Brighton. This gameweek, Brighton is one of the teams with pretty good fixtures as they play Brentford and Bournemouth.

When a team has such good fixtures, we FPL managers need to capitalize on it and the best way to do that is to captain such FPL assets. This gameweek the Brighton players fall into this category and that’s why their players are great captain picks.

Not only does March have great fixtures, he’s also one who is in pretty good form. In his last five gameweeks, March has picked up 26 FPL points with two of those hauls being double-digit hauls.

FPL GW29 Captain: Solly March

His underlying numbers are also really good that’s why he’s ranked third on the list of midfielders expected to deliver the most FPL points this gameweek. Not only is March a great captain pick, he’s also a great player to own this gameweek.

2. FPL GW29 Captain: Kaoru Mitoma

In second place, we’ve got one of the most in-form FPL assets, Kaoru Mitoma. Mitoma has been in such good form, that he has only blanked twice in his last ten premier league outings.

A lot of FPL experts, always seem to downplay how good and impressive Mitoma has been because he doesn’t top the charts for stats like xG, xA and xGi. If we’re being fair, that’s true. In terms of underlying stats and numbers Mac Allister and March are better.

But football is played on grass and when it comes to stats that matter(goals, assists and FPL points), Mitoma is by far the better pick.

FPL GW29 Captain: Kaoru Mitoma

This gameweek, he has one of the best set of fixtures and in terms of captaincy, we think that it is a close call between him and the player that we’ve got in first. You could get away with captaining Mitoma because of how good he has been.

If you’re a manager looking to captain an in-form player with great fixtures, then Mitoma is one of the best picks out there.

1. FPL GW29 Captain: Marcus Rashford

In first place, we’ve got the man himself, Marcus Rashford. We agree with all the various FPL managers out there who are backing Rashford this gameweek.

There’s no doubt that Rashford has been great throughout this season and his previous performances in past games, have convinced us that he’s the one to captain in GW29.

FPL GW29 Captain: Marcus Rashford

The last time there was a double gameweek for United, we triple-captained Marcus Rashford and he returned 60 points. That is still playing on our minds, so we believe that he could still have a decent return this gameweek. This gameweek, United play Newcastle and Brentford, two games that we believe Rashford could turn up in and return a decent amount of FPL points.

He’s an injury doubt this week so it would be nice to keep an eye on Ten Hag’s press conference. Related Read: GW29 Premier League Predicted Lineups and Injury updates – Rashford and Haaland.

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  2. […] FPL GW29 captain picks: Rashford, Havertz, Salah the best gameweek 29 captain […]

  3. […] FPL GW29 captain picks: Rashford, Havertz, Salah the best gameweek 29 captain […]

  4. […] FPL GW29 captain picks: Rashford, Havertz, Salah the best gameweek 29 captain […]

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