September 23, 2023


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FPL GW28 wildcard team: the best gameweek 28 wildcard FPL teams

GW28 wildcard team

With blank gameweeks and double gameweeks coming up, we need to start planning and getting our FPL teams together. One way that we FPL managers can do this is by making use of the wildcard chip.

In this article, we’d be creating two GW28 wildcard teams, we’d also be using different strategies as we create our teams. In our first GW28 wildcard team, we’d be going big at the back, and in the second team, we’d be investing in midfielders.

Some important things to keep in mind as you play your FPL wildcard in gameweek 28

As you create your GW28 wildcard team, here are a couple of things you should keep in mind:

  • First, you want to try as much as possible to select players that are guaranteed a place in the first eleven of their teams.
  • You want to keep the long-term in mind when selecting players for your GW28 team.
  • You want to try to have a solid bench, in case of rotations, injuries, upcoming double gameweks, and a possible bench boost in GW29
  • You want to keep in mind that GW28 is a blank gameweek for Brighton, Man United, Man City, West Ham, Fulham, and Liverpool.

The best teams to target for your GW28 FPL wildcard team

Here are the best teams to target for your GW28 FPL wildcard team:

  • Newcastle
  • Leicester
  • Aston Villa
  • Chelsea
  • Crystal Palace

Since it is a wildcard team, it is also important to keep the long-term in mind. This means that when selecting players for your GW28 team, you also want to plan for double gameweek 29 and future gameweeks.

It’d also be a great strategy to include players that double in GW29 in your GW28 wildcard team even though they blank in gameweek 28.

Here’s a fixture difficulty rating ticker, that can help you identify teams with good fixtures and upcoming double gameweeks.

You can find out more about these blank and double gameweeks, in this article: FPL tips: preparing for FPL 22/23 blank and double gameweeks GW22-28.

1. GW28 wildcard team: Going big at the back

GW28 wildcard team: Going big at the back

This is the first wildcard team and you can see what we’re trying to do here with this team. We’re going big at the back, targeting defenders that have good fixtures now and in double gameweek 29.

These defenders have a high chance of keeping clean sheets and getting a form of attacking return.

You can check out our odds and predictions article to find out which teams are expected to keep clean sheets in GW28: FPL GW28 Premier League Clean Sheet Odds, Goal Scorer Odds, and FPL Point Predictions

You can see that this strategy involves going in on players that play in GW28 and then benching players that don’t play in gameweek 28 but have a double in gameweek 29. We believe that doing it this way makes the team a lot more balanced.

The only issue with this team is that we don’t have Liverpool and Man City cover. That might not be an issue this gameweek, but in GW29 and future gameweeks, you might want to bring in Salah(GW29) or Haaland(after GW29).

We’d recommend bringing in Salah in GW29 because of his double and then you can get Haaland in after gameweek 29 – Man City doesn’t double so we think you can get away with not having their assets.

GW29 team

Here’s what this team would look like in GW29 if you take Kane out for Ings or Iheanacho and then bring Salah in for Martinelli. That’s the move we’ve made, if you go down this route, then you’d have to take a -4 hit.

This team is also perfect for those looking to bench boost in GW29. You can see that the bench is really solid – we’ve got four doublers in there and if you’re not comfortable going with Steele from Brighton, you can upgrade him to a Raya, or Pope with the 1.6 million in the bank.

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2. GW28 wildcard team: Investing in midfielders

GW28 wildcard team: Investing in midfielders

This is our second GW28 wildcard and in this one, we’re investing in midfielders. This team is a little bit similar to the one we had before, there are a few tweaks though.

The only difference is that we’ve taken out Harry Kane for Ihenacho, we’ve removed Martinelli for Mo Salah, Mitoma for Almiron and we’ve got Raya as our second-choice goalie.

Doing this means that you might not have to take a minus 4 hit in GW29 and that’s because, with this team, you’re well set up with enough doublers.

The only move you might want to make is to bring back Mitoma for Almiron or Mitoma for Odegaard.

GW29 team

Here’s what this team would like in GW29. The move we made was Mitoma back in for Odegaard. Remember that in future gameweeks, you’d need Arsenal and Man City cover so remember to keep that in mind as you pick players for your GW28 wildcard.

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Players being targeted in our GW28 wildcard team

The best defender player picks for your GW28 wildcard team

Here are the best defender player picks for a GW28 wildcard team:

  • Trippier – £6m – 64.9% – DEF / NEW
  • White – £4.7m – 11.8% – DEF / ARS
  • Chilwell – £5.9m – 4.4% – DEF / CHE
  • Botman – £4.5m – 5.7% – DEF / NEW
  • Shaw – £5.2m – 20.4% – DEF / MUN

The best midfielder player picks for your GW28 wildcard team

Here are the best midfielder player picks for a GW28 wildcard team:

  • Ødegaard – £6.9m – 33.1% – MID / ARS
  • Maddison – £8.1m – 6% – MID / LEI
  • Almirón – £5.4m – 22.9% – MID / NEW
  • Rashford – £7.4m – 53.7% – MID / MUN
  • Salah – £12.8m – 27.9% – MID / LIV

The best forward player picks for your GW28 wildcard team

Here are the best forward player picks for a GW28 wildcard team:

  • Toney – £7.8m – 39.7% – FWD / BRE
  • Watkins – £7.3m – 9.8% – FWD / AVL
  • Iheanacho – £6.1m – 1.7% – FWD / LEI
  • Kane – £11.7m – 38.7% – FWD / TOT
  • Ings – £6.4m – 1.7% – FWD / WHU

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Wildcard teams present an exciting opportunity to gain an edge over your rivals.

The teams we have highlighted in this blog post have been carefully selected based on several factors, including fixtures, form, and budget, and we believe they have the potential to deliver strong returns in the upcoming gameweek.

Of course, selecting a wildcard team is just one aspect ofFPL’s strategy, and there are many other factors to consider when building your squad.

That’s why we’ll be sharing more tips and insights on our blog in the coming days, to help you make the best possible decisions for your team ahead of GW28.

You wouldn’t want to miss our GW28 transfer strategy article, GW28 differential picks article, GW28 free hit team, captain picks, predictions and odds artic,le and our final piece for GW28, predicted line-ups. So keep an eye out for more FPL content from us, and good luck with your wildcard picks!