September 23, 2023


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FPL GW27 transfer tips: 11 of the best FPL players to own gameweek 27

FPL GW27 transfer tips: 11 of the best FPL players to own gameweek 27

After an exciting Gameweek 26, we’re pumped for what GW27 has in store. With decisions to be made on who to buy, sell, or hold onto, FPL managers are faced with the weekly challenge of strategizing their squad.

Fear not, because this week, we’ve got your back! Welcome to raensports‘ GW27 transfer tips article where we’ll be sharing our ideas on which players to bring in for the upcoming week. So sit tight, relax, and enjoy.

The best players to buy in FPL GW27

Before we get into our GW27 FPL transfer tips and strategy, let’s take a look at some of the most popular transfers FPL managers are making this week:

The best players to buy in FPL GW27

We can see what FPL managers are trying to do with the players they are buying this gameweek. We can see that they’re trying to buy players who play twice in GW27. That’s why we have Brentford and Brighton players top of the list of popular transfers in GW27.

1. FPL GW27 transfer tips and strategy: the best goalkeeper to buy gameweek 27

Well, we know that very few FPL managers use their free transfer to buy a goalkeeper. However, this week you might want to reconsider.

The reason for this is that there are a couple of solid goalkeeper picks out there that you might want to get into your FPL team. We have the likes of:

  1. Raya – £4.8m – 13.7% – GKP / BRE
  2. Steele – £3.9m – 0.7% – GKP / BHA
  3. Arrizabalaga – £4.7m – 8.8% – GKP / CHE

These goalies are not just great GW27 FPL goalkeeper picks, they are also great long-term picks. The Brentford goalkeeper David Raya, doubles in GW27, plays in blank gameweek 28 and doubles once more in GW29.

This means that if you go for him(Raya) you won’t have to worry about your goalkeeper spot for a pretty long time.

With Steele of Brighton, it is a little different. Brighton have a double this gameweek, but they blank in GW28. If you don’t have a backup goalie like Kepa who plays in GW28, then you won’t have a goalkeeper when blank gameweek 28 comes around.

The ideal transfer strategy for goalkeepers would be:

  1. to have Raya as your first choice and then Steele as your backup,
  2. or you have Steele as your goalkeeper in GW27 and then use Kepa or Forster of Spurs as your backup. This would be good because Forster features in blank GW28.

It is important to note that this strategy would be perfect for those who are on a wildcard.

2. FPL GW27 transfer tips and strategy: the best defenders to buy gameweek 27

In terms of defenders, there are four teams that you should be looking to target in GW27 and they are:

  1. Brentford
  2. Newcastle
  3. Chelsea
  4. Brighton

Defenders from these four teams would be great FPL picks in GW27 and in the long-term. FPL defenders from Chelsea, Newcastle, Brighton and Brentford are great FPL picks because they do not blank in GW28.

The best FPL defenders to get from these teams are:

Best Brighton defenders to buy in FPL GW27

  1. Dunk – £4.7m – 5% – DEF / BHA
  2. Estupiñán – £4.8m – 8.6% – DEF / BHA

Best Chelsea defenders to buy in FPL GW27

  1. James – £5.8m – 12.5% – DEF / CHE
  2. Chilwell – £5.8m – 2.2% – DEF / CHE

Best Brentford defenders to buy in FPL GW27

  1. Mee – £5.1m – 16.8% – DEF / BRE
  2. Pinnock – £4.4m – 0.7% – DEF / BRE
  3. Henry – £4.5m – 3.2% – DEF / BRE

Best Newcastle defenders to buy in FPL GW27

  1. Trippier – £6m – 64.1% – DEF / NEW
  2. Botman – £4.5m – 5.4% – DEF / NEW

Remember that when buying defenders for your FPL team you want to buy defenders that have nice fixtures with good FDR and defenders that play for teams that have high clean sheet odds.

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3. FPL GW27 transfer tips and strategy: the best midfielders to buy gameweek 27

In terms of the best FPL midfielders, here are the best picks out there for your GW27 team:

  1. Mitoma – £5.4m – 17.3% – MID / BHA
  2. Mac Allister – £5.4m – 3.9% – MID / BHA
  3. Maddison – £8.1m – 4.9% – MID / LEI
  4. Ødegaard – £7m – 37.5% – MID / ARS
  5. Salah – £12.7m – 27.2% – MID / LIV
  6. Gakpo – £7.7m – 4.5% – MID / LIV

To be honest, the midfield position is a little tricky and that’s because the top FPL midfielder picks for GW27, are not great long-term picks.

A midfield five of Mitoma, Mac Allister, Salah, Gakpo and Saka would be great in GW27, but disastrous in GW28. That’s because you’d be left with only Saka when blank gameweek 28 comes around.

With midfielders this gameweek, it should be about finding the right balance and not going in on the most in-form players right now.

A good balance would be having one of Mitoma or Mac Allister(a doubler), a Liverpool player and then Saka, Maddison and Odegaard.

Your main priority, however, should be to get a doubler in your team.

3. FPL GW27 transfer tips and strategy: the best forwards to buy gameweek 27

The best FPL forwards to have now and in the long-term are:

  1. Iheanacho – £6.2m – 1.9% – FWD / LEI
  2. Toney – £7.7m – 33.1% – FWD / BRE
  3. Kane – £11.7m – 38% – FWD / TOT

If you’re looking for forwards to get into your team, then we believe that the players we listed above are the best forwards to have right now in FPL.

We’ve got Iheanacho of Leicester and Toney of Brentford. These are two players that have great fixtures in GW27, they play in GW28 and then they double in GW29.

There are not many forwards out there with nice set of fixtures coming up that’s why we’ve got these two on top of our list of great long-term forward picks.

We also believe that Haaland isn’t an essential pick for now. You can assemble a pretty solid team without him and that team would be good from now until GW29. After GW29, you could then look to target Haaland and City players.

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5. 10 of the most transferred out FPL players in GW27

10 of the most transferred out FPL players in GW27

In terms of players to sell, we can see which ones FPL managers are looking to ship out. We can see that FPL managers are looking to sell their Man City and Newcastle assets and if we’re being honest, this isn’t the best move.

It’s alright to transfer out your Man City assets especially if it’s Mahrez or De Brunye.

What you shouldn’t do now is sell your Newcastle and Arsenal assets. It’s a bad move because you’re selling players that feature in blank gameweek 28 when few teams play.

The best transfer strategy, for now, would be to hold onto your Arsenal and Newcastle assets.

6. 11 of the best FPL players to own gameweek 27

Well, it is now time for us to share with you our ideal 11 FPL player picks for GW27. These are the best eleven layers that we think would be great additions to your FPL team.

  1. Raya – £4.8m – 13.7% – GKP / BRE
  2. Estupiñán – £4.8m – 8.6% – DEF / BHA
  3. Trippier – £6m – 64.1% – DEF / NEW
  4. Mee – £5.1m – 16.8% – DEF / BRE
  5. James – £5.8m – 12.5% – DEF / CHE
  6. Mitoma – £5.4m – 17.3% – MID / BHA
  7. Maddison – £8.1m – 4.9% – MID / LEI
  8. Ødegaard – £7m – 37.5% – MID / ARS
  9. Iheanacho – £6.2m – 1.9% – FWD / LEI
  10. Toney – £7.7m – 33.1% – FWD / BRE
  11. Kane – £11.7m – 38% – FWD / TOT

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