October 4, 2023


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FPL GW27 strategy and planning: free hit and bench boost

GW27 FREE HIT & bench boost TEAMS

Using your free hit and bench boost chip whenever there’s a double gameweek is a pretty good FPL chip strategy that FPL managers always seem to deploy.

GW27 is a double gameweek that affords us the opportunity to use either our free hit or bench boost chip. We know that every manager has their own strategy, so if your strategy involves free hitting or bench boosting in GW27, then this article is for you.

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Without further ado let’s get into this one.

GW27 free hit team

GW27 free hit team - predicted points: 96 - team value: 99.7million - money in bank: 0.3million
GW27 free hit team – predicted points: 96 – team value: 99.7million – money in the bank: 0.3million

This is our GW27 free hit team. You can see what we’re trying to do in this gameweek 27 free hit team. We’re trying to have a pretty balanced team – a team that has a good mix of single and double gameweek players.

Here, you can see that we’re targeting players from just two teams out of the four that double this gameweek.

The reason why we’re not going all in on the teams that double, is because the other two teams just aren’t on form, which makes it hard to pick players from them.

In this GW27 free hit team, you can see that we’ve made good use of our budget. We’ve been able to select a pretty solid team that has three premium FPL assets. We’ve got the likes of Haaland, Salah and Harry Kane.

Having these many options means that you now have a huge amount of players to select your GW27 captain from. Sometimes that could mean extra headaches, but we believe it’s a good headache to have.

Overall, it is a pretty solid GW27 free hit team and it’s one that we’d be expecting to do well in gameweek 27.

FPL GW27 bench boost team

FPL GW27 bench boost team

This is our bench boost team for GW27 and we think it’s a decent-looking team and bench. For us to have a solid bench, we’ve had to make a few tweaks to our starting eleven.

One of those tweaks was to remove Mo Salah for Gakpo. Doing that freed up a lot of funds, and we used the extra cash to strengthen our bench.

On our bench, you can see that we have three defenders that play for teams that have high clean sheet odds in GW27 and we’ve got Sally March. It’s a pretty solid bench, but there’s something you have to be wary of when picking players for your GW27 bench.

First, you need to know that gameweek 28 is a blank for so many, so if you have players that blank in GW28 on your bench and in your first team, you’d struggle to field a complete side in BGW28.

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Blank gameweek 28 team

Here’s what this template team would look like in GW28. You can see that in GW28, we’d only be able to have a maximum of seven-eight players.

In order to avoid that, we think that you should hold onto your bench boost chip for now and then play it in one of GW29 or GW34. It’d be a lot easier to create a solid bench boost team in those gameweeks and that’s because a lot of good teams would be doubling then.

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However, if you have your wildcard still available, then playing it this gameweek is a pretty good move.

Using your wildcard this gameweek is great because with it you can set up a team perfect for GW27, a team that’d still have a decent amount of players for blank GW28 and then you’d also have a team that’d be great for a GW29 bench boost.

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