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FPL GW25 fixtures, clean sheet odds, point predictions and likely goal scorers

GW25 point predictions and odds

In this article, we’d be looking at fixtures in GW25, clean sheet odds, point predictions and GW25 likely goal scorers. This article would help you identify the best FPL assets that you could add to your team ahead of double gameweek 25.

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Gameweek 25 fixtures

Before we get into the our odds predictions, we want to first look at this week’s round of fixtures to see what teams have nice set of fixtures.

Gameweek 25 fixtures

FPL GW25 fixture analysis: teams with good fixture difficult rating(FDR) in GW25

FPL GW24 fixture analysis: teams with good fixture difficult rating(FDR) in GW24

From the fixture difficulty we can see that the following teams have pretty nice fixtures from GW25-31:

  1. Arsenal
  2. Spurs
  3. Wolves
  4. Everton
  5. Southampton
  6. Crystal Palace
  7. Liverpool
  8. Chelsea
  9. Aston Villa
  10. Man City

So when selecting players for your team this gameweek, it would be a nice strategy to buy players from the teams listed above, since these teams have great upcoming fixtures.

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FPL GW25 odds and Predictions

1. FPL GW25 clean sheet odds: what teams have good clean sheet odds in GW25

FPL GW25 clean sheet odds

According to FPLreview’s odds predictions we can see that the top five premier league sides likely to keep clean sheets in GW25 are: 

1. Man City who have a 47% chance

2. Arsenal who have a 47% chance against Everton and a 31% chance against Leicester

3. Liverpool who have a 46% chance against Wolves and 35% chance against Crystal Palace.

4. West Ham who have a 37% chance

5. Leeds who have a 34% chance

So, when you select defenders for your FPL team, try to include players from the teams that have high clean sheet odds. Other Premier League teams that have a great chance of keeping a clean sheet this gameweek are:

6. Fulham who have a 32% of keeping a clean sheet

7. Spurs who have a 30% of keeping a clean sheet

8. Everton who have a 27% of keeping a clean sheet against Aston Villa and an 8% chance against Arsenal

9. Aston Villa who have a 26% of keeping a clean sheet

10. Wolves who have a 20% of keeping clean sheet against Fulham and an 8% chance against Liverpool

Now that we know the Premier League teams that have a high chance of keeping clean sheets this gameweek, we now want to take a look at the teams that are not likely to keep clean sheets in GW25.

In 20th, we have Bournemouth who have been given a 8% chance of keeping a clean sheet this gameweek, in 19th we have Wolves against Liverpool they also have a 8% chance of getting a clean sheet and in 18th, we have Everton against Arsenal, they also have an 8% chance of getting a clean sheet.

Those are the bottom three sides with the least chance of getting a clean sheet in GW25. Other Premier League sides with low clean sheet odds are:

  • Crystal Palace who have a 15% of keeping a clean sheet
  • Nott’m Forest who have a 17% of keeping a clean sheet
  • Leicester who have a 19% of keeping a clean sheet

2. FPL GW25 Anytime Scorer: the player most likely to score in GW25

 FPL GW25 Anytime Scorer

In terms of players likely to score a goal in GW25, we’ve got the following:

  1. Darwin is top of the list of anytime goal scorer charts with the Liverpool man having a 69% chance
  2. Nketiah who has a 69% chance of scoring a goal as well
  3. Salah has a 67% chance of scoring this gameweek
  4. Saka has a 59% chance of scoring
  5. Haaland has a 58% chance of scoring
  6. Firmino has a 58% chance of scoring
  7. Trossard has a 53% chance of scoring
  8. Gakpo has a 52% chance of scoring
  9. Diogo Jota has a 48% chance of scoring
  10. Maupay has a 47% chance of scoring.

3. GW25 FPL point predictions: players likely to give the most FPL points

The final prediction we’d be looking at in this article, is this week’s FPL point predictions.

We want to see what FPL assets would pick up the most points in gameweek 25 and for this one, we’d be turning to fpl_consult who uses drafthound’s point predictions. Do make sure to check them out.

GW25 FPL point predictions

According to drafthound’s point predictions, the following FPL assets are expected to deliver the most FPL points in GW25:

  1. Salah 12.5 points
  2. Saka 12.2 points
  3. Odegaard 11.9 points
  4. Trent 11.4 points
  5. Martinelli 10.4 points
  6. Zinchenko 10.1 points
  7. Gakpo 10.0 points
  8. Robertson 9.7 points
  9. Nketiah 9.4 points
  10. White 9.2 points

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This is our gameweek 25 odds predictions article and we hope that some of the FPL tips we shared in this article can help you as you go on to make transfers and pick your team this gameweek.

We’d be sharing more FPL tips that would help you this gameweek, so make sure to stay tuned and check back for more helpful gameweek 23 articles.

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