September 23, 2023


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FPL GW25 captain picks: Salah, Saka, Odegaard, Arnold the best double gameweek 25 captain

the best gw25 fpl captain

GW25 is finally here and it’s another double gameweek! As FPL managers, we know how important it is to choose the right captain every gameweek, and this week is no exception.

With so many great FPL assets to choose from, it can be tough to make a decision – Salah, Saka, Odegaard, Haaland and Trent are all fantastic options to consider for captaincy this gameweek.

With this many options, the question now is, who should you captain in GW25? well, that’s the question we’d be looking to answer in this article.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the players mentioned and try to determine which one to captain in GW25. Let’s get started and find the perfect captain pick for our FPL teams!

FPL GW25 captain poll: Who to captain GW25?

  1. According to the result of a GW25 captain picks poll conducted by ALLABOUTFPL, Bukayo Saka is the player that most FPL managers are looking to captain in GW25, the Arsenal winger has the most vote, with 42.48% of managers voting him as their preferred GW25 captain.

2. The player who has come in second in the GW25 captain picks poll, is Mo Salah. The Liverpool winger is being backed by 30.28% of FPL managers.

3. In third, we have Odegaard, who is being backed by 10.98% of FPL managers

4. In fourth, we have Haaland who is being backed by 6.71% of FPL managers

5. In fifth place, we have Alexander-Arnold, who has picked up 15 votes so far.

Based on the GW25 captain picks poll, it is clear that Bukayo Saka of Arsenal is the most popular FPL GW25 captain pick. With majority of players looking to captain the winger this gameweek.

Five of the best gameweek 25 captain

Now that we’ve heard from FPL managers, we think it is now time for us to share our thoughts on who we think you should be looking to captain this gameweek.

We have a list of five players, and we think that these five players would perform well in GW25 and that they’d be worth the captain’s armband as well.

5. FPL GW25 Captain: Trent Alexander-Arnold

Our fifth choice this gameweek, is Arnold of Liverpool. To be honest, this is one captaincy that could go really well and at the same time, it could end up pretty bad.

We think it could go well, if Liverpool manage to keep clean sheets in both games that they play in GW25. If they can do that, then Arnold would be a very solid GW25 captain.

However, based on Liverpool’s current form and defensive frailties, it is very unlikely that they keep a clean sheet in both games that they play in GW25.

If you look at this week’s clean sheet odds, you’d find out that they have a decent chance of getting a clean sheet most especially against Wolves.

However, their performances on the pitch isn’t quite encouraging. So, for that reason we think it’d be much better to look elsewhere in terms of captaincy.

FPL GW25 Captain: Trent Alexander-Arnold
Trent Alexander-Arnold’s stats

You can also see from his fixtures this season, that Liverpool always seem to have a high xGC. Even in the game where they kept a clean sheet against Newcastle, their xGC was 2.05 – they were expected to concede two goals.

Arnold is no doubt a great player to have in your FPL team in GW25, but in terms of captaincy it’d be better to consider other FPL assets.

4. FPL GW25 Captain: Darwin Nunez

In fourth place, we’ve got Darwin Nunez. He’s another great option in terms of captaincy this gameweek. If you want to captain a forward then he’s one that you should be looking to captain.

Darwin Nunez, is also a player in good form, he scored a goal against Newcastle and one against Real Madrid as well. There’s no doubt that if Liverpool play well, Darwin would score goals.

FPL GW25 Captain: Darwin Nunez
Darwin Nunez’s stats

We all know that Liverpool are a great team when it comes to attacking and creating chances and so we’re confident that they would create chances and Darwin Nunez would get a couple of goals this gameweek.

However, the one thing that is putting us off him, is the fact that he could be rotated as players like Firmino and Jota look to be fit again.

And that’s exactly want we don’t want from our GW25 captain. We want to captain a player that’s guaranteed to play both games and we don’t think Nunez is guaranteed that, so for that reason we’d be looking elsewhere.

3. FPL GW25 Captain: Martin Odegaard

In third place, we’ve got Martin Odegaard. He’s definitely one of the best GW25 captain pick out there. He’s guaranteed minutes, he’d would start, he has great fixtures, he’s on form and he’s integral to the way Arsenal play.

We know he has not been in the best of forms, in fact, in his last three matches he has only got himself one assist. But we’re confident that this gameweek, he would do a lot better.

Arsenal play Leicester and Everton in GW25, and we think that those fixtures are pretty decent ones, where Arsenal could run riot. We saw them do really well against Villa and so we’d be hoping for more of the same.

FPL GW25 Captain: Martin Odegaard
Martin Odegaard’s stats

Odegaard was so influential in the game against Villa, that he picked up three bonus points despite getting just one assist. He is a player that passes the eye test and his performances and stats are also great.

Odegaard is also pretty cheap in the game when compared to the likes of Saka and Salah, which means it’d be easier to get him into your team and so, he’s someone everyone can afford to captain.

2. FPL GW25 Captain: Mo Salah

In second place, we’ve got the Liverpool winger, Mo Salah. There’s no doubt that he’s one that a lot of FPL managers would be looking to captain.

If you’re on a free hit or you’re using your wildcard, then you can easily get him into your team. And if you have him in your team, then you would most definitely want to captain him this gameweek.

Salah looks to have found his form at just the right time – just before a double gameweek. We all know that Salah is a player that can perform to the highest of standards.

FPL GW25 Captain: Mo Salah
Mo Salah’s stats

He got himself a goal and an assist against Real Madrid on Tuesday, he also got himself an assist against Newcastle on Saturday and in GW24, he got a goal and an assist against Everton. He is a pretty solid option, but he’s not our ideal GW25 captain.

The reason being that Liverpool are just quite unstable, they aren’t consistent and so you never know what version of Liverpool you’d be getting in GW25.

The same way Mo Salah can get double digit hauls this gameweek, is the same way he could return just four points.

1. FPL GW25 Captain: Bukayo Saka

Saka is our ideal GW25 captain. First off, he is way cheaper than Salah, he’s in much better form, he has great fixtures, he is a guaranteed starter and he has been scoring goals in recent gameweeks.

Saka is also on penalty duty which is always great. He passes the eye test and his numbers are great as well. The last double gameweek he played in, he also did quite well – returning 15 FPL points.

FPL GW25 Captain: Bukayo Saka
Bukayo Saka’s stats

Saka is also a direct winger, his style of play is just perfect for FPL. He’s a player that is always looking to make things happen. He is ready to take a shot and he also puts balls in the box, which increases his chances of getting goals and assists.

He is also cheap, that means it’d be a lot easier to get him into your team. We think he’s the perfect GW25 captain and so we’d be giving him the captains armband this gameweek.

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