September 23, 2023


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FPL GW24 transfer tips: who should you buy in gameweek 24

GW24 tips: who should you buy in gameweek 24

Every gameweek we FPL managers have to make a decision. We have to decide on who to buy, who to sell or on whether to hold onto our free transfer or not.

These are decisions we have to make on a weekly basis and so this week, we’ve decided to help and share our ideas on what players you should buy in GW24.

This is raensports GW24 transfer tips article, we hope you enjoy it and stick around to the end.

Before, we get into it, let’s take a look at some of the most popular transfers FPL managers are making this week:

10 most popular transfers in GW24

We can see that FPL managers are making moves and they’re making moves early on, we can also see that they’re trying to get in some of the most in-form players, players who with double gameweeks and players with pretty good fixtures.

The question now is, who are the best FPL assets to transfer into your team in GW24? Well, we’re about to find out.

1. FPL GW24 transfer tips: the best goalkeeper to buy gameweek 24

Here are three of the best FPL goalkeepers that you should bring into your FPL team:

  1. Ramsdale
  2. Jose Sa
  3. Raya

Well, based on current form and fixtures, we think that the FPL goal keepers listed above are pretty good buys this gameweek and long-term as well.

If you take a look at the upcoming fixtures for teams now:

you’d find out that Arsenal, Wolves, Everton, Spurs and Brighton all have pretty good fixtures with great FDR(fixture difficulty ratings).

The goalies we’ve got on our list of great transfers, play during blank gameweek 25 which is an added bonus – GW25 is a blank gameweek for some teams, so it is important to put that in mind when picking your goalkeeper or any FPL asset.

It is also important to note that if you have Kepa, you can still hold onto him and if Pope is your goalie you could consider transferring Pickford as your second choice, since he plays twice in GW25 when Pope would be blanking.

2. FPL GW24 transfer tips: the best defenders to buy gameweek 24

If you’re looking to get any defender in this gameweek, we think it’d be best to prioritize the cheaper defenders that double in GW25. You should be looking to get in the likes of Kilman and Tarkowski, these are cheap defenders that double in GW25.

Kilman and Tarkowski don’t only double in GW25, they also have good fixtures in GW24. In gameweek 24, Everton face Leeds, while Wolves play Bounremouth so with them, you’re getting good defenders with high clean sheet odds in GW24 and a double gameweek in GW25.

You also don’t want to look past Liverpool defenders as well, you could look to get in Trent or Robertson this gameweek. They did well against Everton, and we’d be hoping they can replicate it over the course of the next two gameweeks.

These are the players we think would make great transfers in GW24.

3. FPL GW24 transfer tips: the best midfielders to buy gameweek 24

As for midfielders, we’d be suggesting yet another long term pick and that’s Mo Salah of Liverpool. Again, instead of focusing on just GW24, we’d rather use our transfers this week to set us up well for double gameweek 25.

This means that we’d be looking to target players that play and double in GW25, we think that’s a more effective strategy.

You also need to note that the teams that double in GW25, also have great fixtures in GW24 as well. It’s a win-win situation as far as we’re concerned.

However, if you’re looking for great short-term picks for just GW24, then players like: Mitoma and Maddison aren’t bad transfers.

Another player that’d be a great transfer this week, is Riyad Mahrez. Man City have great fixtures in GW24 and GW25 as well, so if you’re looking for a one week Rashford replacement in GW25, then Mahrez is a great option.

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Top midfielder transfers that you could make in GW24

Here’s our list of top midfielder transfers this gameweek:

  1. Mo Salah
  2. Riyad Mahrez
  3. Gakpo
  4. Mitoma
  5. Maddison

Our number priority would be Mo Salah and that’s because with him you’d have a great captain pick for GW25.

Riyad Mahrez is second because of his form and his favorable fixture in GW24 and GW25, his price also makes him a great one week Marcus Rashford replacement.

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3. FPL GW24 transfer tips: the best forwards to buy gameweek 24

Well, well, well forwards. We’ve really not had any luck when it comes to recommending forwards this season. But last gameweek, we did manage to get something right – our forward picks Iheanacho and Ollie Watkins did return FPL points.

This week we’d be sticking with them as well, they are in pretty good form and seem to be playing well so yeah they’d make great transfers.

Ivan Toney is another one that’d be a great transfer in GW24, but the thing with him is his blank in GW25. In GW24 he plays Palace and he could actually do well in that game.

He’d be a great transfer if he won’t affect or reduce the number of players you’d have in your team in GW25. So if you have a solid bench, then going for Toney isn’t bad. If you look beyond his blank, then you’d see that he’s going to be hot property soon.

Brentford have pretty easy games coming up after GW24 and then they double in GW27. So, if you have Toney you can hold onto him and if you want to get him in early, you can go for it as well.

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5. 10 of the most transferred out FPL players in GW24

As for out going transfers, we can see the players FPL managers are taking out of their teams. They are taking out players who are out of form and players with blank gameweeks.

Honestly, the players being sold this gameweek aren’t bad and we can’t see anyone that we’d suggest that you hold onto in this list.

If you have De Brunye and Bruno taking them out for Salah isn’t a bad move, Almiron for Mitoma isn’t bad, Nketiah or Mitrovic for Ivan Toney also isn’t bad this gameweek.

You can also check out this week’s predicted line-ups to see what players are likely to start for their clubs in GW24: PL GW24 predicted lineups: how every PL team could line-up in gameweek 24

Who are the most in-form players in FPL

If your transfer strategy involves you buying the most in-form players, then this is for you. Here are some of the most in-form FPL assets coming into GW24:

  1. Iheanacho
  2. Watkins
  3. Arrizabalaga
  4. Raya
  5. Mitoma
  6. Bowen
  7. Rashford
  8. Estupinan
  9. Mahrez
  10. Ben Mee


That’s it, this is our GW24 transfer tips article. We hope we’ve been able to share some helpful tips that would help you as you navigate through GW24 and GW25.

You also need to remember that sometimes the best move, might be to not make a move at all and we think that if your team is well setup, it would be better to roll your free transfer, so that when DGW25 comes you’d be able to do a lot more with more information.

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