FPL GW23 transfer tips: who should you buy in gameweek 23

Every gameweek we FPL managers have to make a decision. We have to decide on who to buy, who to sell or on whether to hold onto our free transfer or not.

These are decisions we have to make on a weekly basis and so this week, we’ve decided to help and share our ideas on what players you should buy in GW23.

This is raensports GW23 transfer tips article, we hope you enjoy it and stick around to the end.

10 most popular transfers in GW23

Before, we get into it, let’s take a look at some of the most popular transfers FPL managers are making this week:

10 most popular transfers in GW23

We can see that FPL managers are making moves and they’re making moves early on, we can also see that they’re trying to get in some of the most in-form players, players who with double gameweeks and players with pretty good fixtures.

The question now is, who are the best FPL assets to transfer into your team in GW23? Well, we’re about to find out.

GW23 transfer tips: the best goal keeper to buy gameweek 23

Here are three of the best FPL goalkeepers that you should bring into your FPL team:

  • Ederson
  • Ramsdale
  • Kepa Arrizabalaga

Well, based on current form and fixtures, we think that the FPL goal keepers listed above are pretty good buys this gameweek and long-term as well.

If you take a look at the upcoming fixtures for teams now, you’d find out that Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal and Spurs all have pretty good fixtures with great FDR(fixture difficulty ratings).

The goalies we’ve got on our list of great transfers, play during blank gameweek 25 which is an added bonus – GW25 is a blank gameweek for some teams, so it is important to put that in mind when picking your goalkeeper or any FPL asset.


We’ve also got Ederson at the top, because we think he’s a pretty nailed on player in that Man City team – he rarely gets rotated, which means if you go with him, you can get a couple clean sheet points and you also won’t have to worry if he’d start or not.

An Ederson and Kepa pair up would be great, but having two starting goalies in your FPL team is not a great strategy to be fair.


Ramsdale is also an excellent option but the thing with him, is that there are better Arsenal options and players that you’d rather have in your team, going for him instead of an Odegaard, Saka and Nketiah pair up might not be ideal.

Kepa Arrizabalaga

If you’re looking for the best budget goalie that would get you clean sheets, save points and bonus points, then look no further than Kepa Arrizabalaga. He’s currently the most in-form goalie in the game.

He makes saves in games, picks up bonus points, keeps clean sheets and also has great set of fixtures with good FDR(fixture difficulty rating). If you don’t want to spend so much on your FPL goalkeeper, then you should absolutely go for Kepa.

GW23 transfer tips: the best defenders to buy gameweek 23

Well, for now there really are no standout defender picks that we’d be recommending. However, there are a couple of FPL defenders that we’d say you should keep an eye on.

We’ve got Chelsea on our radar and we think that in the next gameweeks their defenders could be great defender picks. Which means the likes of Recce James, Ben Chilwell and Badiashile would eventually become great options.

Chelsea’s fixtures take major turn, starting from GW23 and so we expect them to keep more clean sheets and we also expect their defenders to get more attacking returns.

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For now, we think it’s still a good strategy to hold on to your Arsenal, Man City, Man united and Newcastle defenders. Spurs assets and defenders are also ones to keep an eye on, as their fixtures look to have improved.

Again, we’d say we wait and see with Spurs defenders. Pedro Porro is one we’d love to have in our team as well, but for now no, we still want to wait and see how he’d be used by Conte and Spurs.

GW23 fixture difficulty rating

GW23 transfer tips: the best midfielders to buy gameweek 23

These are some of the best FPL midfielders you can transfer into your FPL team in GW23:

  1. Mahrez
  2. De Brunye
  3. Saka
  4. Odegaard
  5. Mitoma

Yeah, if you’re looking for great long term and short-term midfielder picks for your GW23 team, then the players listed above are pretty good options and picks.

Four of the five players listed, play for Arsenal and Man City and that’s what makes them good long-term transfers, because they don’t blank in GW25.

Mitoma on the other hand, blanks in GW25 and so if you’re buying him then you should have a solid alternative that’d replace him when that gameweek comes around.

To find out more about the blank gameweeks, check out: FPL tips: preparing for FPL 22/23 blank and double gameweeks GW22-28.

The question now that a lot of FPL managers are asking is, is it a good strategy to triple up on Man City assets this gameweek?

Well, it isn’t a bad idea to triple up on Man City assets in GW23. We do think that if you’ve already got two Man City FPL assets, then bringing a third isn’t a bad strategy.

However, if you’ve got one we won’t recommend you take a hit and get in a third one – two Man City assets would suffice this gameweek.

Again you need to know that Man City players could be a trap this double gameweek and that’s because they’re all rotation risks. Pep looks like he’s still looking to find his best eleven and so you really can’t predict who and when a Man City player would start.

It would be a better strategy to target Arsenal FPL assets who are nailed on and would start both games in GW23. And that’s exactly why we’ve got Odegaard and Saka up there on our list of great FPL midfielders to transfer into your team in GW23.

So yeah for this gameweek, triple Arsenal would be a smarter choice than triple Man City.

Arsenal triple up pair-ups

Here are some great Arsenal triple up pair-ups you can go with this gameweek:

  1. Saka – Odegaard – Nketiah
  2. Saka – Odegaard – Ben White
  3. Saka – OdeGaard – Ramsdale

We’d recommend the first one because the chances of Arsenal getting a clean sheet in both games in GW23, is pretty low and so we think going in on their forward players would be the better strategy.

Man City triple up pair-ups

Here are some great Man City triple up pair-ups you can go with this gameweek:

  1. Kevin De Brunye – Mahrez – Haaland
  2. Mahrez – Haaland – Ake
  3. Haaland – KDB – Ederson

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In the article we talk about the best transfer strategy and players to target from Wolves, Everton and Liverpool – it’s a similar article to this, the only difference is that we have the long-term in mind with that one.

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GW23 transfer tips: What midfielder should you sell

As for midfielders to sell this gameweek, we think Almiron, Martinelli and March are the midfielders you should be looking to move out of your FPL team.


Almiron for one has just not been as prolific as he was before and so we think it’s time to move him on. There are also great options that could easily replace him so yeah it is time to let him go.

You could get Mitoma, Rashford, Mahrez, Odegaard or Saka.


Martinelli is a huge risk at this point. His form has dropped and with Trossard now in Arsenal, we think Martinelli’s minutes are going to be reduced. Saka and Odegaard are better picks as they are more nailed on.

Here are some other players that FPL managers are transferring out this gameweek:

GW23 transfer tips: the best forwards to buy gameweek 23

Other than Kane and Haaland strikers are really hard to recommend in FPL. Ivan Toney looked like a good buy, but since we’ve been recommending him as a great transfer, he really hasn’t performed.

For this gameweek we do think that Nketiah is a great 3rd striker pick. He has a double and he’s also guaranteed to start both games, so yeah he’s one that you should be looking to buy.

As for great one week punts, we think Iheanacho of Leicester and Ollie Watkins of Aston Villa are pretty good players that you could consider going for this gameweek as well.

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Who are the most in-form players in FPL

If your transfer strategy involves you buying the most in-form players, then this is for you. Here are some of the most in-form FPL assets coming into GW23:

  1. Mitoma
  2. Navas
  3. Ben Mee
  4. Johnson
  5. March
Most in-form FPL assets GW23


GW23 is a double gameweek and it’s great, but we don’t want to be carried away by the double gameweek; rather, we want to think far ahead and we hope that this article has helped you do just that.

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