FPL GW22 triple captain picks: what player should you triple captain

GW22 captain picks

It’s no longer news that GW22 is a double gameweek and we all know that when double gameweek’s come around using the FPL triple captain chip, becomes a pretty good idea and chip strategy.

Double gameweek 22 is no different as there are a lot of pretty good FPL GW22 triple captain player picks out there. The popular FPL GW22 triple captain player picks that a lot of FPL managers and experts are backing this gameweek are:

  • Marcus Rashford
  • Bruno Fernandes
  • Rodrigo

These players are on form, have nice fixtures and also play twice in GW22. In this article, we want to see whether GW22 is a good time to use the FPL triple captain chip and what player is the best one to triple captain this gameweek.

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When is the best time to use the FPL triple captain chip

The best time to use the FPL triple captain chip depends on various factors such as fixtures, form, and injuries of the players.

A general strategy is to use it in a Gameweek where your captain has a favorable fixture, or when several premium players have double gameweeks.

It’s always a good idea to carefully consider the fixture schedule and player form before using the chip. Ultimately, the decision of when to use the chip is up to the individual manager and their specific team and strategy.

Is GW22 a good time to play the FPL triple captain chip?

Yes, GW22 is a good time to use the FPL triple captain chip. It’s a double gameweek, which means that if you use your triple captain chip on a player who plays twice, you have the chance of getting double the amount of points you’d get if you used it on a single gameweek player.

Who to captain FPL GW22?

The result of a poll conducted by @OfficialFPL on twitter, shows that Marcus Rashford of Man United is the player that most FPL managers are backing this gameweek – the Man United midfielder is being backed by 65% of FPL managers who voted in the poll.

Erling Haaland of Man City is the next best gameweek 22 captain alternative, with 21.2% of FPL managers voting him as their preferred GW22 captain pick.

ALLABOUTFPL ran another poll and asked FPL managers to vote for their GW22 captain of choice, and here’s how FPL managers voted:

ALLABOUTFPL GW22 captain picks poll

From the GW22 captain picks poll result, we can see that:

  1. Rashford of Man United is first, with 60.42% of managers voting for him
  2. Bruno Fernandes is second, with 22.92% of managers voting for him
  3. Haaland is third, with 8.33% of managers voting for him.

What about the experts, who are they looking to captain or triple captain in gameweek 22? Well, here’s who they are backing this gameweek:

Who to captain for Gameweek 22: FPL experts decide

1. @BigManBakar

Rashford v Bruno (Post restart) Big chances: 6 v 1 Big chances created: 0 v 6 xGi: 3.93 v 3.20 Prefer Rashford for captaincy this week due to his goal threat but I don’t mind going for Bruno if chasing big. Especially when the penalty taker is not clear cut

Here’s @BigManBakar’s take regarding the Bruno Fernandes vs Marcus Rashford captaincy debate


 I do like Haaland in DGW23 as the best option, given his explosiveness and track record all season. Then, a close second would be using the TC chip with Rashford, as he has the form and fixture you look for in a triple captain. Lastly, I would put Bruno Fernandes as his ceiling is not as high as the other two options.

In his Comparison Of Best FPL Triple Captain Options In FPL DGW22/23 article, for ALLABOUTFPL

We can clearly see that a lot of FPL managers and some FPL experts are backing Marcus Rashford as the best player to captain in GW22 captain.

Why captain Marcus Rashford in double gameweek 22

The question now is, why is everyone backing Rashford as the best GW22 captain? Here’s our take. There are a lot of reasons why Marcus Rashford is being backed by experts and FPL managers.

Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Rashford has two homes games in double gameweek 22, which is pretty good.
  • His GW22 fixtures are also quite good on paper, as Man United face Leeds and Crystal Palace.
  • He has also scored more points per start since GW17.
  • As a midfielder in FPL he has the potential to get clean sheet points, which adds to his overall point and appeal.
  • He has a slight chance of being on pens over Bruno
  • He is in great goal scoring form. In fact, the Man United man has blanked just once in his last six games in the premier league, picking up 46 FPL points in that period.
  • Lastly, he is guaranteed gametime.

Rashford really ticks all the boxes. He has everything you’d be looking for in a player that you want to triple captain.

His form is great, his fixtures are great and he has a double gameweek – it really is a no brainer to captain or triple captain Rashford if you’re looking to use your triple captain chip this week.

Some other players that would be great Rashford alternatives this gameweek, are:

1. Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes would make a great Rashford alternative this gameweek. Bruno just like Rashford, has two home games and a double gameweek.

The thing however with Bruno, is that he’s more expensive than Rashford and so majority of FPL managers might not be able to afford him. But if you can, he’d be a great differential GW22 captain.

The absence of Eriksen also means that Bruno could play in a more advanced role which could also increase his chances of getting more goals and assist.

His form though is nothing compared to Rashford’s, but the potential is there for Bruno to be explosive. Bruno is also ranked second in this week’s FPL points predictions.

Feel free to check out what other players make the list of top predicted FPL point scorers for GW22 in this article: FPL DGW22 fixtures, clean sheet odds, point predictions and likely goal scorers.

2. Luke Shaw

Another player worth considering this gameweek, is Luke Shaw of Man United. He is another one that would and could be a great Rashford alternative.

Shaw and Man United have indeed kept a decent amount of clean sheets this season and Shaw has also shown in previous gameweeks, that he can score and that he also has an eye for an assist.

This gameweek, Man United play two teams that struggle to score goals in games. Crystal Palace are ranked 17th for xG this season and they’ve only managed to score 18 goals in the league so far.

GW22 triple captain picks: Marcus Rashford and Luke Shaw's opponent stats

Those numbers aren’t looking good from a Crystal Palace point of view, so we’re quite confident that Luke Shaw and Man United could get a clean sheet here.

The clean sheet odds this week also has United amongst the top teams expected to keep a clean sheet and that increases our confidence even more.

If Shaw could keep two clean sheets against Palace and Leeds and then get a couple of bonus points, then you’re looking at a 15-18 pointer from the Man United full-back and if it’s tripled, we’re talking 45-54 points.

3. Rodrigo

Rodrigo from Leeds is another great pick, but he’s not one that we’re sure about. We do know that he’s a player worth transferring into your team this gameweek, but in terms of captaincy we’d back the United boys.

He could actually come good this gameweek, as Leeds face Nott’m Forest a team that isn’t great defensively and so the potential for Rodrigo to score one or get a brace is really high.

You won’t also put it past him to score a goal against Man United as well. He has a double gameweek, he also has one great fixture in that double, he is not a bad captain pick this gameweek.

If you want to take a risk, then yeah Rodrigo is your guy. But we love playing it safe here and so we’d be going with one of Rashford, Bruno or Shaw.


This gameweek so far, we’ve tried our best to write some really good helpful articles that would help you as you prepare for GW22.

We’ve covered odds and predictions, scout picks, wildcard teams, transfer strategies and we’ve also taken a look at the FPL calendar in order to help you identify upcoming blank and double gameweeks.

We hope you enjoy all these articles and we’d see you once again in GW23. You can find the links to all these articles, in our:

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