FPL GW22 transfer strategy: the best Cancelo and Almiron replacements

The best players to buy into your FPL team

Every gameweek we FPL managers have to make a decision. We have to decide on who to buy, who to sell or on whether to hold onto our free transfer or not.

These are decisions we have to make on a weekly basis and so this week, we’ve decided to help and share our ideas on what players you should buy in GW22. We’d be looking at the best Cancelo and Almiron replacements.

This is raensports transfer strategy and tips article, we hope you enjoy it and stick around to the end.

What players are FPL managers buying in gameweek 22

Before we get into it, let’s take a look at some of the most popular transfers FPL managers are making this week:

What players are FPL managers buying in gameweek 22

We can see that FPL managers are making moves and they’re making moves early on, we can also see that they’re trying to get in some of the most in-form players, players with pretty good fixtures and players that have double gameweeks.

And to be honest, it’s a pretty good transfer strategy. However, with blank gameweeks coming up, we need to be careful when making transfers and that’s because a couple of teams would not be featuring in certain gameweeks.

To find what teams blank and what gameweeks these blanks would be happening in, you can check out our: FPL tips: preparing for FPL 22/23 blank and double gameweeks GW22-28 article.

In the meantime, we’d like to share with you, some of the best transfers you can make this gameweek.

GW22 fixture ticker
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This fixture ticker can help you identify what players and teams have good games coming up. We’d be making reference to this fixture ticker as the article goes on.

GW22 transfer tips: the best goal keeper to buy gameweek 22

If you’re in the market for a goalkeeper this gameweek, then they are three options that we think you should consider and the first one is:


The Man City goal keeper is not just a great pick for this gameweek, but he’s also a great long term pick and that’s because Man City have great fixtures coming up.

City double in GW23, they also don’t have any blank gameweeks. Which means if you go for Ederson, you get a guaranteed starter who plays for a team that keeps clean sheets and a team that could possibly feature in every gameweek.


The second option is Robert Sanchez, and we’ve got him because of how good Brighton’s fixtures are and also because of how cheap he is, compared to Ederson.

The issue though with Sanchez, is that Brighton are amongst the teams that blank in GW25 and so when that gameweek comes, you might be left to play without a goalie if you don’t have a good second option – it’d be nice to have Sanchez and Kepa as your goalkeeper pairing.


Another good shout is Aaron Ramsdale. He is just like Ederson, in the sense that he has a double coming up next week and that he doesn’t blank in GW25.

He also has good fixtures, he is a guaranteed starter, he plays for a team that keeps clean sheets and he also can make loads of saves in games as well and that increases his of getting bonus points.

Yeah, he’s more expensive than Sanchez, but he’s still a pretty good pick.

GW22 transfer strategy: the best Cancelo replacements FPL

With Cancelo leaving Man City for Bayern, FPL managers who have him in their teams need a replacement and so we’ve put together a list of top Joao Cancelo replacements that you can go for.

These are the best Joao Cancelo FPL defender replacements:

  • Kierian Trippier
  • Nathan Ake
  • Botman
  • Badiashile
  • Luke Shaw
  • Ben White
  • Rico Lewis
  • Ben Mee
  • Lewis Dunk

These are the seven defenders that we think are great Joao Cancelo replacements. The defenders we’ve gone for, all play for teams that have a pretty decent run of games – their fixture difficulty ratings are pretty good.

To find out more about teams and their fixture difficulty ratings, you can check out our: FPL DGW22 fixtures, clean sheet odds, point predictions and likely goal scorers article.

Some of the defenders we’ve listed above are popular picks, and so some FPL managers already own them and some of them you don’t own.

However, we can’t tell you which ones to go for since we can’t see your team, so it really depends on you and your strategy. But if you own Cancelo and still need a Man City defender, then Nathan Ake is the best defender to go for.

And that’s because he would now be Man City’s first choice left-back and if you look at how Man City play right now, you’d see that he’s really important to their setup.

Ake also has a double gameweek in GW23 and he also doesn’t blank in GW25, so yeah he’s a pretty solid Cancelo replacement.

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The best midfielders to buy gameweek 22: Almiron replacements

Here are some of the best midfielders to get into your FPL team in GW22:

  1. Rashford
  2. Fernandes
  3. Mudryk
  4. Mitoma
  5. Saka
  6. Mahrez
  7. Odegaard

These are seven of the best midfielders that you can get into your FPL team this gameweek, These players are on form, have great fixtures and also some of them have high goal scoring odds as well.

The list has been done in order. We think Marcus Rashford is a must have in FPL right now given his form, Fernandes we think is a great second player to pick from Man United considering the fact that they double this gameweek.

Mudryk we think is a great differential and would come good later in the future. If you take a look at Chelsea’s upcoming games, you’d see that the potential for Mudryk to come good, is really high and so we’re trying to get him in early.

In fourth, we have Mitoma and we think he’s the best Almiron replacement out there. He’s on form and Brighton also have great fixtures coming up as well. Rodrigo of Leeds, is another player that would be a great Almiron replacement.

Leeds double this gameweek, they don’t blank in GW25 and their fixture difficulty rating in their next five games is really good, so yeah he’s worth a shout.

And in terms of great long-term picks, Saka, Mahrez and Odegaard are the best options out there.

GW22 transfer tips: the best forwards to buy gameweek 22

The best FPL forwards that you can get into your FPL team ahead of GW22 are:

  1. Nketiah
  2. Toney
  3. Gnonto

Again, based on current events and the FPL calendar, these are the forwards we think are great buys this gameweek.

Obviously this list is assuming that you already have Haaland and maybe another striker like a Kane or Mitrovic and you’re looking for a replacement.

If you’re looking for a Mitrovic replacement, then we’d say you go for Nketiah. He’s cheaper than Toney, Nketiah also has a double in GW23 and he doesn’t blank in GW25, which makes him a really great long-term pick.

Toney on the other hand has great fixtures, but he blanks in GW25 and that could leave you in a bad place if you don’t have a great bench option.

Gnonto is player that we think would make a great differential and if you’re looking for a differential forward, he’s one that could come good as well.

You can check out our full GW22 team in this article: FPL DGW22 scout picks and team selection. You’d see how we are looking to setup in GW22 and which one of these players make it into the our GW22 team.


GW22 is a double gameweek and it’s great, but we don’t want to be carried away by the double gameweek; rather, we want to think far ahead and we hope that this article has helped you do just that.

If you enjoyed this and want to see how we build a team with the long-term in mind, then check out our: FPL DGW22 wildcard team: some of the best gameweek 22 FPL teams, article.

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