FPL GW21 tips and preview – preparing for gameweek 21


FPL GW21 would soon begin, it starts just two days after the end of double gameweek 20, and in order to get us ready for gameweek 21, we’ve decided to put together a complete GW21 guide.

In this GW21 guide, we’d be reviewing DGW20 to see what we learned, we’d be sharing transfer tips and strategies, odds and predictions, captain picks, wildcards and chip strategies.

It promises to an interesting and helpful article, do make sure to stick around to the end.

GW20 review: lessons learned from gameweek 20

So far in GW20 we’ve learnt a lot about different teams and FPL assets. We are now approaching the second-half of the season, which means our strategy and the teams we target have to change as well.

Here are a couple of things we learned from GW20:

  • Arsenal are the real deal. As FPL managers we’ve learnt that we can be confident of our Arsenal assets and it’s not a bad idea for us to triple up on Arsenal players – they’ve proven that they can keep clean sheets and score goals.
  • Martin Odegaard is now a great FPL asset. The 6.8million midfielder has now added goals and assists to his game, which makes him a very good FPL asset.
  • Liverpool aren’t on form and it isn’t the best move to have any of their assets right now as they are too inconsistent – it’d be better to look at other teams.
  • Man City aren’t in the best of form, but there’s no need to panic. You can still hold onto their assets, we expect them to find their form very soon.
  • Newcastle have the best defense at the moment and so doubling isn’t a bad idea. I’d prefer a Nick Pope and Trippier defensive double up.
  • Brighton have added goals to their games, they also have upcoming double gameweeks, so it’s time to start considering their FPL assets.
  • James Ward-Prowse is one to keep an eye on, as he looks to be thriving in a more advanced role.
  • All the in-form players seem to have had a form of attacking return in GW20, which means form over fixtures when selecting FPL assets is the strategy to go with.

GW21 tips: fixtures and teams to target

Now that we’ve learnt a few lessons from GW20, we now want to take a look at the fixtures of GW21, to see what teams have good fixtures.

GW21 fixtures

We can see that a couple of teams have pretty tough fixtures in GW21. We have the likes of Arsenal and Man United playing each other and we’ve also got Liverpool vs Chelsea as well.

If there’s something we’ve learned so far this season, it is the fact that form comes before fixtures. This means that your Arsenal and Man United assets who are on form, would still be great options this gameweek – most especially the attackers.

We’ve also got some interesting match-ups from other teams as well. Some of them games you can target is:

  • Leicester vs Brighton – Mitoma and March are in excellent form and could be transferred in this week
  • Southampton vs Aston Villa – Ward-Prowse is a player to consider
  • West Ham vs Everton – Bowen could be a great shout
  • Crystal Palace vs Newcastle – Double Newcastle defense could pay off
  • Leeds vs Brentford – Ivan Toney has a high goal scoring odd
  • Fulham vs Spurs – Mitrovic and Kane are pretty good FPL assets for this game

With a lot of blank and double gameweeks coming up, it could be hard to set-up a team that would have you covered, that’s why we’ve decided to write this article to help FPL managers out there: FPL GW21 wildcard team: some of the best double gameweek 21 FPL teams

GW21 tips: transfer ins and outs

Now that we know the GW21 fixtures to target, we now want to see what players FPL managers are looking to buy this gameweek.

GW21 tips: transfer ins and outs

We can clearly see that a lot of FPL managers are looking to bring in some of the most in-form players in the game right now. We have the likes of Toney, Rashford, Odegaard, March and Shaw in the top five transfer ins in FPL gameweek 21.

As for transfer outs, we’ve got the following:

GW21 tips: transfer ins and outs

Trossard, Mitrovic, Salah, Darwin and Martinelli are the five most transferred out players in FPL ahead of GW21.

We can clearly see the moves FPL managers are making here, we can see that they are ditching Liverpool assets and going for Man united and Brighton assets.

We can also see that they are probably making a switch from Martinelli to Odegaard, and that’s quite reasonable given the form Odegaard has been in – he has out-performed Martinelli in recent weeks.

Here’s a list of some of the most in-form FPL assets:

GW21 tips: in-form fpl assets

We can see that three out of five of the most in-form FPL assets are part of the most transferred in players ahead of GW21.

Which clearly means, that the strategy most FPL managers are going with is, form over fixtures – a strategy that has worked well all season.

Further read: FPL GW21 best transfers: who should you buy in gameweek 21

GW21 odds and predictions

Before you hit confirm on your transfers this gameweek, it’d be nice to have a look at some of this gameweek’s odds and predictions.

If you’re looking to transfer in a defender ahead of GW21, it’d be nice to know his clean sheet odds and his defender return odds as well.

There a lot of really good defender picks this week that have high clean sheet odds and are also very likely to get a goal or assist – feel free to check it out in our: FPL GW21 odds: goals, fixtures, clean sheet and point predictions.

Not only would you see clean sheet odds in that article, you’d also see likely goal-scorer odds and point-predictions as well, this would help you decide on which players to get this gameweek.

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