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FPL GW2: Who Is The Best Gameweek 2 FPL Captain

FPL GW2: Who Is The Best Gameweek 2 FPL Captain

GW2 is upon us, and with a fresh slate of matches, FPL managers are presented with another crucial decision: selecting the right captain. As we know, the captaincy choice can significantly influence our fantasy points haul. Amidst the array of options, making an informed decision becomes paramount.

In this gameweek there are several standout FPL assets to consider for captaincy – Mo Salah, Erling Haaland, Bukayo Saka, and Ben Chilwell have all shown their potential for big returns in GW2.

With these compelling choices at hand, the question that looms is: Who should be your GW2 captain? This article aims to dissect the statistics, strengths, and matchups of these players, ultimately guiding you toward the ideal captaincy choice for GW2.

Join us as we delve into the numbers and analyze the merits of Mo Salah, Erling Haaland, Bukayo Saka, and Ben Chilwell. Let’s embark on the journey to discover the perfect captain pick to enhance our FPL teams’ fortunes in Gameweek 2.

FPL GW2 captain poll: Who Are FPL managers captaining in Gameweek 2?

A recent poll conducted by FantasyFootball Scout sheds light on the preferences of the FPL community, unveiling the players they are eyeing as their potential GW2 captains. Here’s a breakdown of the poll results:

  1. Mo Salah: The Egyptian maestro emerges as the leading contender, garnering a significant 42.78% of the votes (409 votes). His consistent threat and historical success have clearly captured the attention of FPL managers.
  2. Erling Haaland: The prolific striker claims the second spot with a notable 34.94% of the votes (334 votes). Haaland’s clinical finishing and goal-scoring prowess make him an attractive captaincy choice for many.
  3. Bukayo Saka: With 4.81% of the votes (46 votes), Saka stands as a less popular but intriguing option. His promising attacking contributions and past success against Crystal Palace have caught the eye of a portion of FPL managers.
  4. Ollie Watkins: Watkins captures 2.62% of the votes (25 votes), positioning himself as a differential captaincy pick. His ability to find the back of the net and exploit defensive weaknesses could be the allure for these managers.
  5. Morgan Gibbs-White: The least popular among the choices, Gibbs-White still manages to secure 2.3% of the votes (22 votes). His potential to provide attacking returns from midfield might be the reason behind this selection for a few FPL managers.

As the poll results indicate, FPL managers are divided in their preferences for the GW2 captaincy. The dynamic trio of Salah, Haaland, and Saka reign supreme, with each player boasting unique attributes that make them enticing options. Watkins and Gibbs-White, despite being underdogs, also manage to capture the attention of a portion of the FPL community.

FPL GW2 captain poll: Who Are FPL managers captaining in Gameweek 2?

The Best Gameweek Captain Based On Stats and Analysis

5. FPL GW2 Captain: Joao Pedro

Joao Pedro’s enthralling debut for Brighton not only captured the spotlight but also revealed his dynamic presence and knack for claiming advanced attacking positions. His debut showcased an eagerness to shoot, with a notable 4 shots taken, highlighting his hunger for goal-scoring opportunities.

What’s truly impressive is his innate ability to position himself effectively in the attack, which was particularly evident during the sequence that led to a penalty. This underlines his promise as a potent force in front of the net.

Notably, his debut performance garnered an expected goal (xG) value of 1.35, a clear testament to his involvement in high-quality goal-scoring prospects. The fact that he can engineer such opportunities speaks volumes about his potential to deliver fruitful attacking returns.

If you’re looking for a differential to captain this gameweek, then Joao Pedro is a really solid option. His fixtures and style of play makes him really appealing.

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4. FPL GW2 Captain: Ben Chilwell

Chilwell’s role as a wing-back, stationed on the left flank, beautifully showcases his knack for exploiting gaps in the opponent’s half. This distinctive approach not only sets him apart but also makes him a prized gem within the defensive lineup, adding an element of attacking flair.

Chilwell’s artfully executed goal against Liverpool is a true testament to his innate goal-scoring instincts, even if an offside call disallowed it. His ability to capitalize on chances, combined with his advanced positioning, establishes a tangible path for yielding attacking dividends.

As we look ahead to the upcoming away clash against West Ham United (WHU), it’s true that the space might be slightly limited. However, Chilwell’s role in offense and his role in set-pieces remain potential avenues for unlocking goal-scoring opportunities or assists.

This blend of offensive prowess and set-piece involvement suggests that Chilwell could still play a significant role in influencing the scoreboard, making him a captivating captaincy consideration for the upcoming gameweek.

For those looking to go down the differential route again, Chilwell is another really solid option and we think his ceiling is a lot higher than that of Joao Pedro. Chilwell could quite easily get a goal, an assist and also keep a clean sheet. His performance against Liverpool last time out was really encouraging.

3.  FPL GW2 Captain: Bukayo Saka

Saka’s dazzling historical performance against Crystal Palace last time out, where he not only found the back of the net twice but also provided a valuable assist, amassing a remarkable 18 FPL points, vividly illustrates his potential to shine in this specific matchup.

The goal he netted in GW2 serves as a testament to Saka’s sharp eye for goal. The flawless accuracy of his shots, underscores his polished finishing skills.

In GW1, Saka’s contribution extended beyond scoring, with 3 chances created showcasing his crucial role as a creative spark within the team. A meticulously calculated expected assist (xA) value of 0.17 further emphasizes his knack for engineering opportunities that lead to goals for his fellow teammates.

Saka’s deep involvement in Arsenal’s attacking maneuvers, reflected in his impressive 83 touches and 2 passes into the final third, solidifies his impact in the all-important last third of the field.

His ability to both create and score, combined with his integral role in set-pieces, presents a compelling argument for entrusting him with the captain’s armband.

2. FPL GW2 Captain: Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland’s lightning-quick execution of two goals within a mere 80 minutes of play not only highlights his exceptional goal-scoring prowess but also cements him as a prime candidate for captaincy consideration in GW2. The sheer efficiency he displays in front of the net positions him as a player capable of turning the tide in your favor.

Notably, Haaland’s impressive shot accuracy stands at an impressive 67%, achieved from 3 attempts. This statistic underlines his adeptness at seizing and capitalizing on goal-scoring opportunities, thereby enhancing his potential to consistently convert chances into concrete goals.

Delving into the metrics, his expected goal (xG) value at 0.57 and expected goal on target (xGOT) at 1.12 consistently position him in areas where goals are high-value currency. These figures firmly affirm his potent ability to convert these opportunities into successful goal-scoring outcomes.

While it’s true that Haaland has faced challenges when encountering Newcastle in the past, largely due to their resolute defensive setup, his historical record of both finding the back of the net and setting up goals against them and any team, speaks volumes about his capability to still impact the game.

This combination of proven prowess and tenacity suggests that Haaland, despite the potential obstacles, remains an enticing contender for the captaincy role in the upcoming gameweek. He is the one we’d be giving the armband to after Rashford let us down last time out.

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1. FPL GW2 Captain: Mo Salah

While his goal tally may have been absent in the previous match, Mo Salah’s unswerving involvement in attacking maneuvers firmly places him at the forefront of captaincy considerations. Over the course of a mere 77 minutes, he exhibited his intent with 3 shots on target and a skillful assist, undoubtedly asserting his pivotal role in steering Liverpool’s offensive endeavors.

Salah’s precision in passing, clocking in at an impressive 77% accuracy, coupled with his creation of a key scoring opportunity, not only highlights his capability to find the net but also emphasizes his aptitude for setting up his teammates. A calculated expected assist (xA) value of 0.31 further amplifies his potential impact through assist contributions.

With an upcoming encounter against a Bournemouth defense that ranks 5th in goals conceded per match (1 goal), Salah finds himself in a favorable fixture. His historical track record against Bournemouth, which boasts a noteworthy 8 goals and 1 assist, undeniably lends significant weight to his potential influence in the forthcoming clash.

Salah’s history against Bournemouth doesn’t just make for interesting statistics but also spells substantial returns in the realm of Fantasy Premier League (FPL). Particularly when playing away, he’s showcased double-digit point hauls of 21 and 13 against this very opponent.

Well, based on stats and analysis, Salah is the better captain in this gameweek. He has a much better fixture than that of Haaland, he has great underlying numbers and his historical record against Bournemouth is really impressive as well.

If you have him in your team, then captaining him is more than welcome. If you don’t him, then Haaland is the next best pick.

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