October 4, 2023


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FPL GW2 Tips: The Ultimate FPL Gameweek 2 Guide 23/24

The Ultimate FPL Gameweek 2 Guide 23/24

The Fantasy Premier League (FPL) season is in full swing, and as Gameweek 2 approaches, it’s time to fine-tune your strategy and maximize your points. After the excitement and unpredictability of Gameweek 1, managers are eager to make the right moves to ensure their team climbs the ranks.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know for a successful Gameweek 2 in FPL. From reviewing Gameweek 1 performances to predicting point outcomes and making strategic transfers, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive into the world of FPL strategy and set the stage for a winning Gameweek 2.

GW2 FPL Tips: Everything You Need To Know

GW1 Review: Top Performers from Gameweek 1

Gameweek 1 provided us with a tantalizing taste of the action-packed season ahead, showcasing some standout performances that fantasy managers couldn’t ignore. Here’s a glance at the top performers across various positions:

Goalkeeper (GKP):

  1. Leno (Fulham) – Picking up an impressive 12 points, Leno showcased his shot-stopping abilities and contributed greatly to Fulham’s defensive solidity.

Defenders (DEF):

  1. Raphaël Varane (Manchester United) – Making an immediate impact with 14 points, Varane’s defensive prowess and potential for clean sheets have caught the attention of FPL managers.
  2. Aaron Wan-Bissaka (Manchester United) – A solid performance at both ends of the pitch earned Wan-Bissaka 12 points, making him an attractive option in defense.
  3. Disasi (Chelsea) – With 11 points, Disasi displayed Chelsea’s defensive strength and his own ability to contribute to the team’s success.
  4. Andersen (Crystal Palace) – Earning 9 points, Andersen’s solid defensive display could make him a hidden gem in FPL squads.

Midfielders (MID):

  1. Rodrigo (Manchester City) – A commanding midfield presence, Rodrigo’s 13 points highlighted his ability to control the game and provide crucial passes.
  2. Barnes (Newcastle) – With 11 points, Barnes made his mark with a midfield performance that included both defensive contributions and attacking flair.
  3. Saka (Arsenal) – Scoring 10 points, Saka’s versatility and involvement in Arsenal’s attack make him an intriguing midfield option.

Forwards (FWD):

  1. Isak (Newcastle) – Securing 13 points, Isak’s goal-scoring ability was on full display, marking him as a forward to watch.
  2. Haaland (Manchester City) – Also racking up 13 points, Haaland’s clinical finishing and potential for big hauls have fantasy managers considering him.
  3. Wissa (Brentford) – With 9 points, Wissa’s debut Premier League performance showcased his potential to be a valuable asset in Brentford’s attack.
FPL GW1Team Of The Week

Keep these performances in mind as we move forward with our Gameweek 2 strategies.

Most Transferred-in Players Ahead of GW2: Making Wise Transfer Choices

As the deadline for Gameweek 2 approaches, FPL managers are actively seeking players who can bring valuable points to their squads. Let’s take a look at the most transferred-in players for Gameweek 2 and consider whether these choices are worth your consideration:

1. Isak (Newcastle, FWD, £7.6)

  • Cost: £7.6
  • Selected by: 22.7%
  • Form: 13.0
  • Points: 13
  • Total Selections: 360,844

Isak’s impressive GW1 performance has prompted a surge in managers transferring him in. With a reasonable price and a strong showing, he’s one to watch as Newcastle’s attacking force.

2. Chilwell (Chelsea, DEF, £5.6)

  • Cost: £5.6
  • Selected by: 17.5%
  • Form: 7.0
  • Points: 7
  • Total Selections: 339,400

Chilwell’s return to Chelsea’s lineup has sparked interest in FPL circles. A solid defender with attacking potential, he could be a valuable asset as Chelsea looks to tighten their defense.

3. Saka (Arsenal, MID, £8.6)

  • Cost: £8.6
  • Selected by: 64.0%
  • Form: 10.0
  • Points: 10
  • Total Selections: 305,417

Saka’s versatility and involvement in Arsenal’s attack have made him an FPL favorite. His popularity is reflected in his high selection percentage, but can he continue delivering points consistently?

4. Rodrigo (Manchester City, MID, £5.6)

  • Cost: £5.6
  • Selected by: 6.8%
  • Form: 13.0
  • Points: 13
  • Total Selections: 268,088

Rodrigo’s commanding midfield presence and points haul have piqued interest, particularly given Manchester City’s attacking potential. Could he be a hidden gem in FPL midfield options?

5. Saliba (Arsenal, DEF, £5.0)

  • Cost: £5.0
  • Selected by: 21.3%
  • Form: 5.0
  • Points: 5
  • Total Selections: 210,400

Saliba’s budget-friendly price and potential for clean sheets have garnered attention. Arsenal’s defensive stability could make him an economical choice for your backline.

GW2 Most Transferred In Players

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Stats Watch GW1: Uncovering Key Insights

Beyond the on-pitch action, understanding the underlying statistics can offer valuable insights into players and teams’ performances in Gameweek 1. Let’s dive into some quick stats that shed light on the standout performers and areas to watch as we approach Gameweek 2.

Top 3 Expected Goals (xG):

  1. Mbeumo: 1.4
  2. J. Pedro: 1.3
  3. Maupay: 1.3

Top 3 Expected Assists (xA):

  1. Maddison: 0.9
  2. Estupinan: 0.9
  3. AWB (Aaron Wan-Bissaka): 0.7

Top Big Chances Created:

  • Anthony Gordon: 2
  • Harvey Barnes: 2
  • Estupinan: 2
  • Rico Henry: 2
  • Onana: 2

Top 3 for Chances Created:

  1. Eze: 7
  2. Maddison: 6
  3. Alvarez: 6

Top 3 Expected Goals Teams:

  1. Brighton
  2. Newcastle
  3. Everton

Bottom 3 Expected Goals Teams:

  1. Burnley
  2. Sheffield United (SHU)
  3. Arsenal

Best Expected Goals Conceded (xGC) Teams:

  1. Manchester City
  2. Crystal Palace (CPA)
  3. Norwich City (NFO)

Worst Expected Goals Conceded (xGC) Teams:

  1. Luton
  2. Aston Villa
  3. Fulham

These statistics provide a glimpse into players’ attacking potential, creative abilities, and teams’ defensive strengths. It would be a strategy to target players who have nice xG, xA, chances created numbers and teams with high xG and low xGc’s.

GW2 Players to Buy: Strengthening Your Squad

As we gear up for Gameweek 2, it’s crucial to make shrewd additions to our Fantasy Premier League (FPL) team to optimize our chances for success. Here are some players to consider adding to your squad:

1. Jackson (£7.0m) – Chelsea

  • Jackson’s promising start for Chelsea has caught the eye, despite not finding the net.
  • Improved upcoming fixtures could enhance his goal-scoring potential.
  • Notable Stats:
    • 4 Shots in the Box 📦
    • 1.1 xG 🧑‍💻
    • 3 Big Chances 🥅

2. Chilwell (£5.6m) – Chelsea

  • If you haven’t already added Chilwell to your team, it’s time to consider him for GW3 and beyond.
  • Chilwell’s role as a left wing-back places him in an advanced position on the pitch.
  • Key Contributions:
    • 1 Assist 🅰️
    • 1 Key Pass 🔑
    • 1 Big Chance Created 🥅
    • 1 Disallowed Goal ❌

3. Diaby (£6.5m) – Villa

  • Diaby offers an affordable entry point to the Aston Villa attacking lineup.
  • Playing centrally, he functions as an auxiliary striker.
  • Noteworthy Stats:
    • 3 Shots in the Box 📦
    • 1 Goal ⚽️
    • 1 Big Chance 🥅
  • Favorable upcoming fixtures make Diaby an appealing option.

4. James Maddison (£7.5m) – Leicester

  • Maddison’s playmaking abilities could prove pivotal in upcoming matches.
  • Notable Contributions:
    • 2 Assists 🅰️🅰️
    • 6 Key Passes 🔑
    • Corner and Set Piece responsibilities 💥
  • Despite mixed fixtures, Maddison has the potential to be a key figure in your squad.

As you weigh your options for Gameweek 2, remember that a well-structured team incorporates a blend of promising players, balanced fixtures, and tactical foresight. Each player’s performance could significantly impact your FPL journey, so make your decisions based on their roles, recent form, and upcoming opponents.

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Captaincy Dilemma: Weighing Your Options 🧢

Selecting the right captain for a gameweek is a decision that can significantly impact your FPL performance. Let’s delve into the top captaincy choices for Gameweek 2 and explore the potential outcomes:

🥇Mo Salah vs. BOU (H) – The Egyptian Maestro 🇪🇬🔴

  • Salah’s credentials are undisputed, and his record speaks for itself.
  • BOU’s high defensive line presents opportunities for Salah’s explosive runs in behind.
  • Expect 1-2 returns, given BOU’s resilience and Salah’s flair.

🥈Erling Haaland vs. New (H) – The New Star 🌟

  • Haaland’s great performance in Gameweek 1 suggests that he’s a top pick this week as well.
  • Facing Newcastle at home, Haaland’s clinical finishing can shine.
  • Anticipate 1-2 returns from this prolific striker.

🥉Watkins/Diaby vs. Everton (H) – Attacking Potential 🟣

  • Watkins and Diaby offer cost-effective captaincy options.
  • Facing Everton at home, both players have the potential to breach Everton’s defense.
  • A potential return of 1-2 points each from these Villa attackers.

Final Verdict:

  • Haaland’s potential for explosive returns and New’s vulnerability make him an appealing pick.
  • Salah’s proven track record and favorable fixture make him a strong choice, but BOU’s resilience warrants caution.
  • Watkins and Diaby provide budget-friendly options against Everton, with both capable of delivering.

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Remember, captaincy choices hinge on factors such as form, opposition, and player role. While Salah’s allure is undeniable, Haaland and the Villa duo present intriguing alternatives. Trust your instincts and analyze the statistics to make the best decision for Gameweek 2.

Players with High Expected Points Returns in GW2 🔮

  1. Haaland – 8.3
  2. Salah – 7.1
  3. Rashford – 5.5
  4. Bruno F – 5.5
  5. Watkins – 5.5
  6. TAA (Trent Alexander-Arnold) – 5.5
  7. Maddison – 5.4
  8. Diaby – 5.1
  9. Son – 5.1
  10. Jackson – 4.9
  11. Saka – 4.9

These players carry promising expected points returns into Gameweek 2. Keep an eye on their performances as you make your final lineup decisions.

Most Transferred Out Players Ahead of GW2: Shifting Dynamics

FPL managers are constantly recalibrating their squads, leading to changes in the most transferred-out players. Here’s a glimpse at those players who’ve seen shifts in ownership ahead of Gameweek 2:

  1. Kevin De Bruyne (Man City)
    • Cost: £10.4m
    • Selected By: 9.3%
    • Recent Form: 1.0
    • Points: 1
    • Chance of Playing: 25%
  2. John Stones (Man City)
    • Cost: £5.5m
    • Selected By: 20.9%
    • Recent Form: 0.0
    • Points: 0
    • Chance of Playing: 75%
  3. Tyrone Mings (Aston Villa)
    • Cost: £4.5m
    • Selected By: 9.8%
    • Recent Form: 0.0
    • Points: 0
    • Unlikely to Play
  4. Harry Kane (Spurs)
    • Cost: £12.5m
    • Selected By: 1.9%
    • Recent Form: 0.0
    • Points: 0
    • Unlikely to Play
  5. Gabriel (Arsenal)
    • Cost: £5.0m
    • Selected By: 30.7%
    • Recent Form: 1.0
    • Points: 1
  6. J. Timber (Arsenal)
    • Cost: £5.0m
    • Selected By: 4.0%
    • Recent Form: 0.0
    • Points: 0
  7. Darwin Nunez (Liverpool)
    • Cost: £7.5m
    • Selected By: 13.1%
    • Recent Form: 1.0
    • Points: 1
  8. Eberechi Eze (Crystal Palace)
    • Cost: £6.5m
    • Selected By: 15.9%
    • Recent Form: 3.0
    • Points: 3
  9. Martin Ødegaard (Arsenal)
    • Cost: £8.5m
    • Selected By: 23.3%
    • Recent Form: 2.0
    • Points: 2

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GW2 Top Transfer Outs in FPL

The FPL landscape is ever-changing, with managers making calculated moves to stay ahead. Transfers reflect a mix of injury concerns, form evaluations, and tactical adjustments.

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