October 5, 2023


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FPL GW2: Clean Sheet Odds, Anytime Scorer Predictions, and FPL Points Projections

FPL GW2: Clean Sheet Odds, Anytime Scorer Predictions, and FPL Points Projections

As we gear up for Gameweek 2 of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), it’s time to delve into the data and make some informed predictions to guide your team selection. In this article, we’ll cover the clean sheet odds for each team, provide anytime scorer predictions, and present FPL points projections. Get ready to fine-tune your FPL squad with the insights you need.

Clean Sheet Odds FPL GW2

Clean sheets can be crucial for securing points in FPL, and understanding the likelihood of each team keeping a clean sheet can help you make strategic decisions. Here are the clean sheet odds for Gameweek 2:

  1. Liverpool: 47.0%
  2. Arsenal: 45.0%
  3. Aston Villa: 43.0%
  4. Nott’m Forest: 42.0%
  5. Man City: 39.5%
  6. Chelsea: 36.0%
  7. Brighton: 36.0%
  8. Fulham: 27.5%
  9. Brentford: 27.0%
  10. Man Utd: 27.0%
  11. Sheffield United: 23.5%
  12. Tottenham: 22.0%
  13. West Ham: 21.0%
  14. Wolves: 19.0%
  15. Crystal Palace: 17.0%
  16. Everton: 17.0%
  17. Newcastle: 15.5%
  18. Bournemouth: 7.5%

Anytime Scorer Predictions FPL GW2:

Scoring goals is what FPL is all about, and predicting which players are likely to find the back of the net can give you a significant advantage. Here are the anytime scorer predictions for selected players in Gameweek 2:

  1. Mohamed Salah (MID · £12.5m): 55% chance of scoring vs. Bournemouth (H)
  2. Erling Haaland (FWD · £14.0m): 52% chance of scoring vs. Newcastle (H)
  3. Darwin Nunez (FWD . £7.5m): 51% chance of scoring vs. Bournemouth(H)
  4. Diogo Jota(MID · £8m): 49% chance of scoring vs. Bournemouth (H)
  5. Ollie Watkins (FWD · £8.0m): 43% chance of scoring vs. Everton (H)
  6. Luis Díaz (MID · £7.5m): 43% chance of scoring vs. Bournemouth (H)
  7. Trent Alexander-Arnold (DEF · £8.0m): 20% chance of scoring vs. Bournemouth (H)
  8. Virgil Van Dijk(DEF · £6.0m): 14% chance of scoring vs. Bournemouth (H)

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FPL Points Projections

Anticipating the points your players are likely to earn can guide your captaincy choices and substitutions. Here are the expected points for selected players in different positions:


  • Haaland: 6.5 points
  • Watkins: 4.8 points
  • Wissa: 4.1 points
  • Darwin: 4.1 points
  • Isak: 4.0 points
  • Gakpo: 4.0 points


  • Salah: 7.1 points
  • Luis Díaz: 5.1 points
  • Bruno Fernandes: 5.5 points
  • Saka: 5.1 points
  • Smith Rowe: 5.1 points


  • Alexander-Arnold: 5.5 points
  • Robertson: 5.5 points
  • James: 5.4 points

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FPL GW2 Point Predictions and Odds Analysis:

As we analyze the data, it’s clear that Liverpool and Arsenal stand out as solid options for clean sheets in Gameweek 2. Players like Haaland, Salah, and Alexander-Arnold are projected to make significant impacts, both in terms of goals and FPL points. Additionally, the anytime scorer predictions offer insights into potential differentials that could provide an edge.

Remember, FPL is a game of strategy, and using these odds and projections can help you make informed choices for your team. Keep an eye on potential rotations, injuries, and fixture schedules as you finalize your selections.

With these predictions in mind, get ready to maximize your FPL points in Gameweek 2. Good luck, and may your team thrive in the world of Fantasy Premier League!

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