FPL GW19 captain picks: Haaland, Mitrovic, Salah, Mount the best gameweek 19 captain

GW19 captain picks

It’s a double gameweek and it’s the first one of the season. As usual when double gameweeks come around, we FPL managers try our best to get the most out of it.

Some FPL managers try to get as many double gameweek players into their team and others try to captain a player that has a double gameweek. In this article, we’d be focusing on the later strategy.

We’d be looking at the best GW19 captain. We’d see what players would be great captain picks, whether players with single gameweeks, or players with double gameweeks.

We hope you find this article helpful.

GW19 captain poll: FPL managers captain choice

Before we get into our captain picks, here’s a really helpful result from a poll conducted by ALLABOUTFPL. This poll would help you to know the players FPL managers are backing this gameweek.

GW19 captain picks poll and its result

From the poll we can see that a lot of FPL managers are looking to captain players that have double gameweeks. We have the following at the top of this week’s GW19 FPL captain poll:

  1. Mitrovic – 33.76%(450 votes)
  2. Haaland – 17.1%(228 votes)
  3. Odegaard – 15.9%(212 votes)
  4. Rashford – 9%(120 votes)
  5. Mason Mount – 7.5%(100 votes)

We’d like to now share our thoughts and let you know, who we think is the best GW19 captain.

Five of the best gameweek 19 captain picks

5. Mason Mount

Mason Mount is a decent GW19 captain pick and if you have him in your team, then he’s one that you could captain this gameweek.

Well, if you saw some of our GW19 teams, then he’s one that might be in your team because he’s one of the players we are looking to target this gameweek.

The thing though with Mount, is the fact that he plays for a team that isn’t scoring so many goals and so we think it’d be hard to rank him over a couple of other players.

He’s a good option, he’d probably start both games and he could get a couple of goals. He’s not one that we’d be captaining, but he’s one that we’d be looking to buy – he’d be a great addition to any one’s GW19 team.

Mason Mount’s FPL stats: last five gameweeks

GameweekOppositionMinutes PlayedGoal ScoredAssistsPoints
14BHA (A) 4 – 190002
15ARS (H) 0 – 177002
16NEW (A) 1 – 072002
17BOU (H) 2 – 0901010
18NFO (A) 1 – 172002

Looking at his stats, you can tell that he hasn’t been in the best of form of late and so that’s something that’s putting us off.

4. Marcus Rashford

Rashford is one of them single gameweek players that we are confident would do pretty well in double gameweek 19 – he’d make a great captain.

Rashford has been in superb form of late. At the World Cup, we saw him score a decent amount of goals, and he has carried that form back to the Premier League, which is good for us FPL managers.

Aside for his really good form, another thing that makes Rashford really appealing, is the fact that he is almost guaranteed a start in GW19. We all know he started on the bench in GW18 because of disciplinary reasons.

This meant that he had to come off the bench in the second half, which was actually good for us FPL managers; because now we don’t have to worry if he’d start in GW19, since he already didn’t play much in GW18.

Marcus Rashford’s FPL stats: last five gameweeks

GameweekOppositionMinutes PlayedGoal ScoredAssistsPoints
14WHU (H) 1 – 090108
15AVL (A) 3 – 190002
16FUL (A) 1 – 290002
17NFO (H) 3 – 0851114
18WOL (A) 0 – 145105

He’s on form, he’d start and he has a pretty nice fixture as well, he also has a 14.6% chance of scoring a goal this gameweek. He’s one of the best players you can captain in GW19.

3. Mo Salah

Mo Salah is another player that we expect to do pretty well this gameweek. We know he hasn’t been all that consistent and it’s getting hard to recommend him. At the end of the day he’s Mo Salah and he has the potential to be explosive.

One really important thing to keep in mind when picking captains this gameweek, is their gametime.

You don’t want to select a player that’s a huge rotation risk or a player that won’t start. It’s important to keep this in mind, because of how close GW18 and 19 are.

And that’s one of the reasons we’re recommending Mo Salah this gameweek. We know that he’d start most games for Liverpool and so we’re not scared of him being rotated.

Mo Salah’s FPL stats

GameweekOppositionMinutes PlayedGoal ScoredAssistsPoints
14LEE (H) 1 – 290107
15TOT (A) 1 – 2902015
16SOU (H) 3 – 190002
17AVL (A) 1 – 3901112
18LEI (H) 2 – 190002

Salah is also an explosive asset that can get a couple of goals and assists and so if you have him, then he’s a good shout this gameweek.

2. Aleksandar Mitrović

Mitrovic is one player that almost everyone would be looking to buy and captain this double gameweek. The Fulham forward has been in sensational form this season, scoring goals and returning FPL points.

This gameweek, he is top of FPL factory’s goalscoring odds chart and also top of fantasyfootballhub’s point predicitions list. We don’t need to bore you by telling you how good he is and all that.

What we do want to say is something really important and something we think FPL managers should keep in mind. We want you to have it in mind that Mitrovic is currently one yellow card away from a suspension.

This means that if he picks up a yellow card against Leicester in his first match of his double, then he won’t feature in the second game against Chelsea. This is the reason why we have him in second place and not in first.

Aleksandar Mitrović’s FPL stats: last five gameweeks

GameweekOppositionMinutes PlayedGoal ScoredAssistsPoints
14EVE (H) 0 – 090001
15MCI (A) 2 – 10000
16MUN (H) 1 – 20000
17CRY (A) 0 – 3841215
18SOU (H) 2 – 190000

1. Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland is once again top of our captain picks list. He’s obviously the safest pick this gameweek, as you’re almost certain and confident that he’d return points.

Haaland is up against Chelsea and we know this isn’t the strongest Chelsea side and so we’d be expecting goals from Man City. Man City failed to win last gameweek, which means that they’d be looking to get back to winning ways and so we’d expect them to field their best XI.

Erling Haaland’s FPL stats: last five gameweeks

GameweekOppositionMinutes PlayedGoal ScoredAssistsPoints
14LEI (A) 0 – 10000
15FUL (H) 2 – 126105
16BRE (H) 1 – 290001
17LEE (A) 1 – 3902013
18EVE (H) 1 – 190106

Regardless of whether Haaland has a single or double gameweek, he’s more than capable of outperforming any player in the game and so we’re not scared to back him once again this gameweek.

The most in-form players

If you’re one who is looking to captain the most in-form players, then this part is for you. Here is a list of some of the most in-form players in FPL:

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