FPL GW18 transfer tips: the best Recce James replacement – gameweek 18 transfer strategy

GW18 transfer strategy

FPL is back and so is our weekly transfer strategy article. In this article, we’d be looking at some of the best players to buy in GW18, as well as the best Recce James replacements.

This article can be of help to those who are on a wildcard and to those who are trying to make good use of their free transfers. We’d also be looking at some of the moves FPL managers are making and the players the scouts are recommending.

We hope you enjoy this article.

GW18 FPL fixture analysis: upcoming double gameweeks

Before we go into our transfer recommendations, it’s important for us to take a look at some of the upcoming fixtures so that we can know what players and teams to target:

With the help of this fixture ticker done by fpltips__, we can see the teams that have nice fixtures with good FDR(fixture difficulty ratings) and we can also see what teams have double gameweeks coming up.

The teams with good fixtures and the teams with double gameweeks, are the ones that we would be targeting. And we’re doing this because we don’t want to be found wanting when these double gameweeks come around.

The first double gameweek is coming up in GW19, and the teams involved are Chelsea and Fulham. So, a good transfer strategy now, would be to target players from these teams.

If you want to find out more about the upcoming double gameweeks, then feel free to check out our: FPL chip strategy: double gameweeks and their dates – when to use your FPL chips.

10 of the most popular transfers in GW18

Here are ten of the most popular transfers FPL managers are making ahead of GW18:

10 of the most popular transfers in GW18

From this list of top transfers, we can see that FPL managers are targeting players that performed well in GW17, and players that have upcoming double gameweek in GW19.

Well, buying players based on their form or based on how they performed last gameweek, isn’t a bad move or strategy. However, because of the upcoming double gameweeks, we do think it’s important to have the long-term in mind.

This means that it’d be better to go for players who have a double gameweek in GW19, and then use the one more free transfer that you’d get in GW18, to buy another player with a double gameweek – in order for you to have decent cover in GW19.

This means that players like:

  • Mitrovic
  • Cucurella and
  • Havertz

are all really good buys this gameweek.

Recce James replacements

For those of us who bought Recce James last gameweek and are looking for some pretty good replacements, here are some FPL players worth considering:

1. Luke Shaw

Luke Shaw is one pretty good alternative if you’re looking for a Recce James replacement. Shaw plays for a Man United team that has pretty nice fixtures coming up and a United side that have been keeping clean sheets as well.

We also know that Shaw is not just a defender that can get you clean sheet points, he is also one who has a goal and an assist in him as well.

So yeah, based on his fixtures, Man United’s form and his recent performances, he’d be a pretty good Recce James replacement.

2. Marc Cucurella

Marc Cucurella is another player that you could target and buy this gameweek. Cucurella plays for Chelsea and so, he has the same fixtures as James – he also has a double in GW19.

Cucurella looked pretty solid last time out against Bournemouth and would also be a pretty good player to have in GW18 and in double gameweek 19.

The thing though with Chelsea defenders, is that we don’t think they keep a clean sheet in gameweek 19, and so we are not so keen on getting their defenders.

3. Andy Robertson

Another great pick is Liverpool full-back, Andy Robertson. Liverpool haven’t been that great in recent weeks, but Robertson has been superb – he has returned a total of 26 points in his last four outings, assisting four goals in that period.

He looks like he has found his form and he could be a solid Recce James alternative. Liverpool also have pretty good games coming up and we expect Robertson to add a couple more assists to his assist tally.

Some other nice Recce James alternatives

You can find some other Recce James alternative, in this Twitter thread done by @FPLGOAT7

Our GW18 transfer strategy

The best player to buy gameweek 18

The player that we’d be recommending FPL managers to buy this gameweek is Mitrovic. If you don’t have the Fulham forward in your team, then he’s one that you should be getting this gameweek.

Fulham have nice fixtures and a double in GW19 and for that, you’d need their best player. Not only is Mitrovic a good buy this week, he’s also a pretty good long-term pick.

The best Recce james alternative

If you don’t have a solid bench, and you are in need of a James replacement, then Marc Cucurella is a player that we think you could go with this gameweek.

Cucurella plays Nott’m Forest this week, and then also has a double in GW19 which makes him really appealing. If you don’t want to go down the Chelsea route, then Shaw is our next best pick.

GW18 transfer strategy: rolling your transfer

Another really good transfer strategy would be to roll your free transfer. If your team is in good condition and you’re not in a desperate need of any FPL assets, then the best move would be to keep your free transfer and use it in GW19.

Yeah, there you have it, our GW18 transfer strategy article we hope it was helpful and that you enjoyed it. We’ve covered a lot of other articles this gameweek and we think you should also check them out as well.

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