FPL GW18 captain picks: Haaland, Kane, Salah the best gameweek 18 captain

After a really exciting GW17, GW18 is here and it promises to be just as exciting. However, captain picks have not been that exciting, as we all tend to captain Erling Haaland each week.

In this article, we’d be taking a look at some of the best GW18 FPL captains. We’d be looking at Haaland, Salah, Kane, Mitrovic and Almiron; we want to find out which one of them can rival Haaland and be the best captain for GW18.

Five of the best gameweek 18 captain picks

Before we get into our captain picks, here’s a really helpful result of a gw18 captain picks poll. This poll would help you to know the players FPL managers are backing this gameweek.

GW18 captain picks poll

5. Almiron

The first player that comes in our list of GW18 captains, is Almiron of Newcastle. The Newcastle man has been in superb form of recent, scoring goals, getting assists and delivering FPL points on a consistent basis.

Just last week, he added to his goal tally against Leicester. At this point, Almiron is a must-have and is also slowly becoming a decent captain pick as well.

This gameweek, Newcastle would be playing Leeds and this is one fixture, that we’d be expecting to see a couple of goals. Leeds are a team that won’t sit back, but would rather want to take the game to Newcastle.

If that happens, we expect Newcastle and Almiron to have a pretty good outing. Almiron no doubt is a differential captain pick, and he’d probably not score as many points as the likes of Haaland.

Miguel Almiron’s FPL stats: last five gameweeks

GameweekOppositionMinutes PlayedGoal ScoredAssistsPoints
13TOT (A) 1 – 2901010
14AVL (H) 4 – 0851112
15SOU (A) 1 – 480108
16CHE (H) 1 – 090016
17LEI (A) 0 – 382108

However, if you’re looking to go down the differential route, then he’s your man. A player on form, that’s playing in a really good attacking side is always a really good captain shout.

4. Mo Salah

Salah is number four on our list of GW18 captains, and this is because the players that we have ahead of him, have all been a lot more consistent and so it’s easier to recommend them instead of him.

We all know that Salah is FPL royalty and he has always been a consistent performer. However, this season he hasn’t been at the same level and so his stocks have dropped a little.

Well, after a pretty impressive outing last time out against Villa, Salah has got himself back on the radar of a few FPL managers and he could make a great captain this gameweek.

Liverpool play against Leicester and based on Leicester performance last time out, the potential for a Salah masterclass is very high. Leicester were taking apart by Newcastle, and so we’d be expecting Liverpool to do the same as well.

If you have Salah, then he’s a really good captain pick. Chances are that, the point difference between him and the highest scoring FPL asset this gameweek, might not be that huge.

Something though that puts us off, is the fact that Salah didn’t have that many chances against Villa, as most of Liverpool’s chances fell to Darwin.

Personally that’s something I don’t really like and so the bias is there – I’d rather my FPL asset be involved a lot more in games.

Mo Salah’s FPL stats: last five gameweeks

GameweekOppositionMinutes PlayedGoal ScoredAssistsPoints
13NFO (A) 1 – 090002
14LEE (H) 1 – 290107
15TOT (A) 1 – 2902015
16SOU (H) 3 – 190002
17AVL (A) 1 – 3901112

3. Mitrovic

Another really good player that would be worth captaining this gameweek, is Mitrovic of Fulham. Mitrovic has been absolutely superb this season, scoring goals left, right and center and last gameweek, he carried on in the same vain.

So far this season the Fulham forward, has scored 10 goals and has assisted 4 goals. In GW18, Fulham go up against a struggling Southampton side that aren’t all that great defensively – Southampton have conceded 30 goals already this season.

A side struggling defensively, against one of the best attackers, this really is an opportunity we don’t want to pass up. If you’re brave enough to go against Haaland this gameweek, then Mitrovic would be a decent alternative.

Mitrovic’s FPL stats: last five gameweeks

GameweekOppositionMinutes PlayedGoal ScoredAssistsPoints
13LEE (A) 2 – 390106
14EVE (H) 0 – 090001
15MCI (A) 2 – 10000
16MUN (H) 1 – 20000
17CRY (A) 0 – 3841215

2. Harry Kane

The second player that we think would make a great captain this gameweek, is Harry Kane. Kane has been sensational this season and has been overlooked by majority of FPL managers because of how good Erling Haaland is.

Kane is an FPL asset who has been very consistent all season and that’s why he has a spot in our list of GW18 captains. The thing though with Kane, is the fact that he doesn’t have so many double digit returns.

He scores goals regularly, but he doesn’t get more than one goal involvement quite often. This gameweek, however we think he’d be a decent pick, as Spurs go up against Aston Villa.

Harry Kane’s FPL stats: last five gameweeks

GameweekOppositionMinutes PlayedGoal ScoredAssistsPoints
13NEW (H) 1 – 290108
14BOU (A) 2 – 390001
15LIV (H) 1 – 290108
16LEE (H) 4 – 3901111
17BRE (A) 2 – 290107

We expect Kane to get himself a goal and hopefully he can add an assist to it as well. If you’re looking for a safe choice then Harry Kane alongside Erling Haaland are your best picks.

1. Erling Haaland

The best GW18 captain, is Erling Haaland. Haaland has proven himself countless of times this season and has quite often punished FPL managers who go against him in a particular gameweek.

Haaland is a player that ticks off every single box. He’s on form, he’s scoring goals, he’s getting chances and he’s starting almost every game.

He’s a player that can score against anyone- he scores brace, hattricks and even scores when he comes off the bench. It’s a no brainer this gameweek, as Man City play at Home against Everton.

Once again it is the same story this gameweek. We don’t think it’d be the best move to go against Haaland this gameweek, we think he’s the safest pick and we believe he’s the best option that we’ve got.

Maybe next week when there’s a double gameweek, you take the risk and go against Haaland, but for now, we believe that it’s better to stick with him.

GameweekOppositionMinutes PlayedGoal ScoredAssistsPoints
13BHA (H) 3 – 1792013
14LEI (A) 0 – 10000
15FUL (H) 2 – 126105
16BRE (H) 1 – 290001
17LEE (A) 1 – 3902013

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