FPL GW17 defender player picks: the best defenders for your GW17 team

FPL GW17 defender player picks

The last and final part of our player picks series is here, and it is going to be about the best defenders that FPL managers can add to their GW17 FPL team.

So far, we’ve looked at the best midfielder picks and forward picks. Feel free to check both articles out right after reading this one. In this article, we’d be looking at the best defenders for your GW17 FPL team.

The best FPL defender player picks for your GW17 team

Before we go into, our player picks recommendation, it would be nice for us to see a fixture ticker for the next seven gameweeks. This would help us to know what forward players to target and what teams have pretty good fixtures.

From the fixture ticker, here are some of the teams to target:

  1. Manchester City
  2. Arsenal
  3. Liverpool
  4. Manchester United
  5. Newcastle

1. Kierian Trippier

FPL GW17 defender player pick: Kierian Trippier

One of the first names that should be on your teamsheet when selecting defenders, should be Kierian Trippier.

Trippier proved to FPL managers during the first half of the season that he is an FPL gem, he is a defender that can give both clean sheet points and attacking returns.

He also proved that he can do this against any team, whether it is a big six team or a mid table side.

He is back from the World Cup and he has already played in Newcastle’s game against Bournemouth in the Carabao Cup – we’d be expecting him to play in GW17.

2. Joao Cancelo

FPL GW17 defender player pick: Joao Cancelo

Another player that would be a pretty good defender pick for your GW17 team, is Joao Cancelo of Man City. Cancelo has proven to be one of the best defenders in the game in the last two seasons and so he’s a player that majority of FPL managers own.

And that’s because he has the ability to give clean sheet points, goal scoring points and assists points. Cancelo plays for one of the best sides in the league and that’s why he’s able to give such points.

The problem however, is, Cancelo hasn’t returned to the Man City Camp just yet, so he’d probably not be starting in GW17. A great alternative would be Ake or Sergio Gomez two players that play for Man City.

Going for one of our Cancelo alternative, would give you the needed Man City defensive cover for this gameweek. If you go for our alternative picks, then you should have money in the bank, so you can later take them out for Cancelo when he’s back.

3. Diogo Dalot

Dalot of Man United is another player that would be a great pick for your GW17 team. Man United are amongst the teams that have pretty decent fixtures, in their first three games, and as FPL managers, we want to target and take advantage of that.

One way we can do that, is by going for one of their defenders. This time we’re not just going for any defender, but we’re going for a full-back that can get us clean sheet points and attacking points.

Dalot is a pretty cheap option and he’s also a starter for Man United, he really is a good defender pick. Ten Hag has also just revealed that Diogo Dalot is injured and would be a doubt in GW17.

4. Recce James

Chelsea, are amongst the teams that have pretty good fixtures from now up until GW23, and because of their good fixtures, we are looking to target their defenders.

The defender we’ve got on our list is Recce James. If you’ve been playing FPL, then you know just how good this guy has been. James is a full-back that can score goals, get assists and clean sheets in games.

He was injured and it looks like he’s back and he’s trying to build up match fitness.

He played 60mins against Brentford in a friendly match. We do expect his minutes to be managed and so that’s something you should keep an eye on.

5. Zinchenko

When picking and selecting defenders for your FPL team, it is good practice to target players that play for teams that have a high chance of getting clean sheets.

Arsenal are one of those teams in the PL, that do keep clean sheets. In order for us to benefit from this, we need to target a player that would not only start, but would give clean sheets and other forms of attacking returns.

This makes Zinchenko of Arsenal a pretty good defender pick. Zinchenko is a defender that has the potential of getting you not just clean sheet points, but also points from scoring and assisting goals.

So, if you’re looking to get a defender from Arsenal, then targeting Zinchenko isn’t a bad idea.

6. Robertson

Robertson is another player that could be a decent defender player pick this week. Liverpool have not been the best defensively, but they can obviously turn that around.

That’s why, we’ve got Robertson amongst our top defender picks. He’d be a good differential to have in your team as well.

In past seasons, Liverpool and their full-backs have been great FPL assets, and this makes us very confident. We know that if they can find their form, then players like Robertson and Arnold would be great picks in the second-half of this season.

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  2. […] FPL GW17 defender player picks: the best defenders for your GW17 team […]

  3. […] FPL GW17 defender player picks: the best defenders for your GW17 team […]

  4. […] FPL GW17 defender player picks: the best defenders for your GW17 team […]

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