September 23, 2023


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FPL GW16 transfers: the best gameweek 16 transfer strategy

GW16 transfer targets: the best gameweek player picks

The last gameweek before the World Cup break is finally here and it’s time for us to look at some of the best players that we can possibly transfer into our FPL team this gameweek.

GW15, was one of them gameweeks were some popular picks didn’t deliver as expected, even though they did in fact have decent stats and performances.

The stats gotten from our FPL GW15 review article, is what we’d be using to decide on which players to buy this gameweek.

We’d also be looking at what moves FPL managers are making and then we’d create a tier-list, ranking those moves from must buy – bad transfers.

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10 of the most popular transfers in GW16

Here are ten of the most popular transfers FPL managers are making ahead of GW16:

FPL GW16 transfers

From this list, we can see that FPL managers are trying to bring in players that have done well in GW15. The likes of Almiron, Haaland, Trossard, Maddison, Saliba, Castagne, De Brunye, Gabriel and Solanke all produced a form of attacking return in GW15.

In this list of popular transfer-ins in gameweek 16, we can clearly see that midfielders and defenders are the ones that are being sort after, while strikers are not being prioritized.

This could mean that FPL managers are changing their strategy and are now looking to get in more midfielders. In other for them to that, they must be downgrading one of their forwards.

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This is this gameweek’s transfer strategy. The transfer plan for gameweek 16, would be to get in top performing midfielders, who have nice fixtures and are in really good form.

Now that we’ve identified our GW16 transfer strategy, we now want to create our GW16 transfer tier-list. In this gameweek 16 tier-list, we’d be ranking the transfers that FPL managers are making this gameweek, from must buys – bad transfers.

GW16 transfer tier list

FPL GW16 transfer tier-list

Here’s our GW16 transfer tier-list. In this gameweek 16 tier-list, we’ve got a couple of pretty decent players that would be great additions to any FPL team.

FPL GW16 best transfers to make

1. Erling Haaland

In great transfer, we’ve got Erling Haaland and that’s clearly because of his fixture, his form and the team he plays for. Haaland is most definitely the best player you can transfer into your team if you don’t own him.

He’s also going to be a really good captain pick in GW16, as he plays Brentford. In GW15, the Man City forward did manage to get himself four shots in the box, two goals(one of which was disallowed), and an xG of 1.08 in just 25 minutes.

So yeah, if you don’t own him, then bring him into your team. For those of us who own him, here some other really nice transfers you can make this gameweek.

GW16 great transfers you can make

There are a couple of great transfers you can this gameweek, in our list we’ve got:

1. Kevin De Brunye

When it comes to midfielders, De Brunye has to be top of your list of midfield targets in GW16. We know he’s a premium asset and he costs so much, but the potential for him to return double figures, is really high.

The Man City man quite literally ran the show this weekend even when City were a man down. He created five chances, had two assists(one of which was disallowed) and he also picked up two bonus points.

This week they play Brentford and you’d fancy him to put up a show at the Etihad once more. Well, if you don’t have the funds to go for Kevin De Brunye, then Miguel Almiron and James Maddison are pretty good cheap alternative picks.

2. Mo Salah

Mo Salah is another great transfer that you could possibly make if you’re looking for midfield picks. The Liverpool man was really impressive last time out against Spurs. In that game, Salah accumulated the most xG (0.58) for Liverpool.

He also looked to play a lot higher up the pitch, which is something that we FPL managers love and enjoy. He goes up against Southampton in GW16, a team that conceded four goals to Newcastle in GW15.

The potential is there, and a Haaland, KDB and Mo Salah midfield, might just be one of the best combinations this gameweek. If you’re on a wildcard, or you’re playing your free hit, then you could experiment with that combination.

3. Almiron

If you’re looking to be going all in on midfielders in gameweek 16, then you need to get in a really good in-form budget midfielder and the man who fits that bill, is Almiron.

The Newcastle man has been in really good form in recent weeks – Miguel Almirón’s 57 points in October was at least 13 more than any other player and has since seen the Paraguayan rise to fourth in the overall leaderboard.

The Newcastle midfielder blanked only once between Gameweek 9 and Gameweek 14, scoring six goals, providing one assist and collecting nine bonus points.

In GW15, he continued his impressive run of form by scoring yet another goal.

If you’re one of them managers who has been waiting for him to prove himself consistently, then I think the wait is over. He’d be another great addition to any FPL team this gameweek.

There’s no need to be overly worried about his fixture in GW16. Newcastle have been really impressive against the top sides in the league this season and Chelsea looked really poor against Arsenal in GW15.

Right now, Newcastle are favorites to win the game against Chelsea and if you have Almiron in your team, then you should start him, if you’re looking for an extra midfielder and don’t have enough funds to get De Brunye and Salah, then Almiron is the next best pick.

The best defenders to buy in GW16

If you’re looking for defenders to buy this gameweek, then you should look in the direction of Arsenal, Leicester, Man City and possibly Liverpool.

Here are a couple of pretty good defender picks for gameweek 16:

  1. Cancelo
  2. Van Dijk
  3. Akanji
  4. White
  5. Saliba
  6. Gabriel
  7. Castagne
  8. Perisic
  9. Zinchenko
  10. Dunk

These are a couple of nice defenders that would be good picks this gameweek. You could also take a look at a couple of Man United defenders as well.

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We’ve also got four players in the optional part of our GW16 transfer tier-list. The players we’ve got in there aren’t bad picks, they just aren’t players that we think you should be trying so hard to get into your team.

We simply feel that the players in great transfers are much better options and you should probably consider those players first, before looking to the players in the optional part of the tier-list.

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