September 23, 2023


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FPL GW16 clean sheet odds, goal scoring odds and point predictions

GW16 odds predictions

GW16, the last and final gameweek before the World Cup is finally here and so we at raensports, have decided to put together a predictions article.

In this article, we’d be looking at some of the top gameweek 16 predictions. We’d be looking at what teams are expected to keep clean sheets, what defenders are likely to get a form of attacking return, likely goal scorers and what FPL assets are most likely to deliver the most points.

GW16 clean sheet odds: 20 teams predicted to keep clean sheets in gameweek 16

FPL Factory’s algorithm collects the odds from more than 20 booking sites and converts to percentages exluding profit margin. These are the clean sheet odds of all Premier League sides for GW16

Premier League TeamsGW16 clean Sheet Odds Predictions
Man City51.28 %
Liverpool40.82 %
Arsenal34.48 %
Tottenham32.26 %
Brighton30.77 %
West Ham26.67 %
Man Utd26.67 %
Crystal Palace24.39 %
Newcastle23.08 %
Everton22.22 %
Bournemouth20 %
Nottingham Forest18.52 %
Chelsea16.67 %
Leicester14.29 %
Aston Villa12.5 %
Fulham10.53 %
Leeds8.33 %
Wolverhampton8.33 %
Southampton3.45 %
Brentford1.96 %

The predictions are pretty straight forward, we have the likes of Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs and Brighton on the top of the clean sheet odds predictions list.

So when selecting defenders for gameweek 16, it’d be nice to look towards defenders from teams at the top of this list. They do get it right sometimes.

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Here are this week’s round of fixtures as well, you can use this to identify what teams the clubs predicted to keep clean sheets face:

GW16 fixtures

Now that we know gameweek 16’s clean sheet odds, let’s now take a look at FPL Factory’s defender return odds predictions:

GW16 defender return odds predictions

PlayersGW16 defender return odds percentage
Van Dijk52.68%
Laporte45.69 %

For those interested in how the algorithm collects and calculates these odds, here’s how:

* FPL FACTORY’S algorithm is combing the clean sheet odds and the goalscorer odds from more than 20 booking sites to give you the best odds for defenders to return fpl points.

Next up, is goal scoring odds:

GW16 goal scoring odds

PlayersGW16 Goal scoring odds
Erling Braut Haaland61.35 %
Mohamed Salah49.76 %
Harry Kane43.59 %
Fernando Gabriel Jesus39.71 %
Darwin Nunez34.77 %
Khayon Edwards33.89 %
Roberto Firmino30.91 %
Dominic Solanke28.78 %
Kevin de Bruyne28.67 %
Bukayo Saka28.52 %
Wilfried Zaha28.17 %
Gabriel Martinelli28.17 %
Danny Welbeck27.66 %
Miguel Bruno Fernandes25.46 %
Phil Foden24.84 %
Marcus Rashford24.37 %
Leandro Trossard24.33 %
Jarrod Bowen24.05 %
Callum Wilson23.5 %
Martin Odegaard23.19 %

Here’s how these odds are calculated:

* FPL Factory’s(NEW) algorithm collects the odds from more than 20 booking sites and converts to percentages exluding profit margin. (Xmins) Thereafter, percentages adjusted by players’ expected minutes and availability.

Now, let’s look at what this week’s point predictions are:

GW16 point predictions

The GW16 point predictions, is calculated and gotten from FantasyFootballHub’s point prediction tool, so do give it a look.

GoalAssistClean sheetsReturnPredicted points
Haaland £12.1m Forward Man City1.290.290.541.589.4
Salah £12.7m Midfielder Liverpool0.840.420.461.258.3
Kane £11.6m Forward Spurs0.900.470.401.368.1
De Bruyne £12.6m Midfielder Man City0.490.790.541.288.0
Alexander-Arnold £7.2m Defender Liverpool0.110.460.461.036.2
Cancelo £7.4m Defender Man City0.120.310.540.975.9
Bernardo £6.9m Midfielder Man City0.340.310.540.655.5
Fernandes £9.8m Midfielder Man Utd0.410.340.230.755.4
Rashford £6.7m Midfielder Man Utd0.460.250.230.715.4

So there you have it, all predictions for gameweek 16. In this article, so far, we’ve seen GW16 clean sheet odds, defender return odds, goal scoring odds and point predictions.

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A big shout out to FPL Factory as most of the data and predictions used in this article and all our other FPL prediction articles, have been gotten from their site.

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It’s a really good tool and it’s one you should also check out. The World Cup is almost here, which means World Cup would soon begin, we just want to put it out there, that we’d be covering and creating fantasy content for the 2022 World Cup as well.

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