October 4, 2023


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FPL GW15 review: top performers, stats – preparing for GW16

GW15 review

The just concluded FPL GW15, was one of those gameweeks in FPL, were so many troll FPL assets delivered points and were the most popular transfer-in(Callum Wilson) this gameweek, gave just one point.

It was a really interesting gameweek and one that we learnt a lot from. In this article, we’d be reviewing FPL GW15 and we’d be looking at the stats of top performing FPL assets.

FPL GW15 results

FPL GW15 results

From the results, we can see that a total of 37 goals were scored, two clean sheets were kept and they were just three home wins.

It’s a little surprising that a decent amount of FPL managers failed to perform really well in a gameweek were so many goals were scored.

The truth is, as we said earlier, a lot of this week’s top picks failed to perform or live up to expectations. The likes of Wilson, De Brunye(the player many brought in for Salah), Bowen, Foden and Rashford just weren’t the players who got the points.

While the popular picks failed to perform, a couple of really good under the radar players turned up this gameweek. The likes of Summerville, Bailey, Digne, Ramsey, Maddison and Barnes all did well and picked up a decent amount of FPL points.

Let’s take a look at some of the stats of GW15 top performers.

GW15 stats watch

Here are some impressive stats from the just concluded FPL GW15, that could help you as you prepare for GW16:

  • Solanke was deep and only managed one shot in the box.
  • Summerville and Aaronson were the best from Leeds, they also were creative and were much involved in the game. One shot in the box for each, four chances created by Summerville and one by Aaronson.
  • Haaland was impressing in the 25 minutes he played. Four shots in the box, a disallowed goal and a goal from the penalty spot. He also had the highest xG in gameweek 15, with 1.08 xG.
  • Foden not quite impressive, he was deep and wide almost used as a wing-back.
  • Kevin De Brunye was very creative and was also heavily involved in the game. He created 5 chances, one of which was a big chance and he also had one disallowed assist. A bit unlucky this gameweek and could’ve picked up more FPL points.
  • Trossard was central and forward. Found himself in dangerous positions, he had one shot in the box, two chances created, and one big chance created as well.
  • Leicester, one of the teams that managed a clean sheet this gameweek, were a bit lucky to do so. Two errors led to two big chances that fell to Iwobi and Calvert Lewin, but they just couldn’t finish.
  • DCL looked lively, took 3 shot in the box, but subbed off as he picked up an injury.
  • Castagne also looked really good, three chances created and one big chance created.
  • Maddison who picked up two assists, was also very good this gameweek. The Leciester midfielder, took seven shots in the box, created four chances and one big chance.

On Sunday,

  • Arsenal dominated Chelsea. They had the 2nd highest team big chances among all teams. Jesus missed an easy chance (could’ve been an assist for Martinelli).
  • Arsenal’s defense looked pretty solid. The best defensive display this gameweek from an FPL point of view.
  • Chelsea looked bad and didn’t create a lot of chances. They had an xG of 0.24 all game and in the second half, they had an xG of 0.05.
  • West Ham looked very poor in attack. No big chances in the entire game against Palace. They accumulated an xG of 0.25
  • Zaha with one goal and one late assist. He also had the most attempts on goal (4) in the match. 
  • Rashford looked very poor, he started as a left winger, which probably didn’t help.
  • Ronaldo missed a big chance
  • Ramsey was involved everywhere (Goal + 2 assists + own goal with 3 bonus).
  • Digne with a brilliant free kick goal.
  • Kane had a good game as always, scored Spurs’ goal and picked up two bonus points.
  • Perisic hit the woodwork once and missed another big chance. He played as an attacker, as Spurs have a lot of injured forwards.
  • Kulusevski came on as a sub and made an immediate impact with an assist. 
  • Salah had a brilliant game. He played as the farthest upfront player in the pitch for Liverpool against Spurs. Salah accumulated the most xG (0.58) for Liverpool.
  • One assist from Nunez.
  • Nunez and Salah both had 3 shots in box.

A lot of really impressive displays from top teams and top FPL assets as well. Some of them were just unlucky and could’ve picked up more points.

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GW15 was a really interesting gameweek, which makes GW16 a lot more exciting.

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