FPL GW13 Wildcard Team: The Best Gameweek 13 Wildcard FPL Teams

Are you contemplating unleashing your FPL wildcard for Gameweek 13? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us FPL managers are grappling with that very decision, our fingers hovering over the ‘activate wildcard’ button.

The allure of a fresh start, the ability to bring in a plethora of in-form players and discard those who haven’t lived up to expectations, is definitely tempting. But before you take the plunge, let’s delve deep into the world of GW13 wildcard strategies.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore a multitude of GW13 wildcard drafts, utilizing various strategies to cater to different needs and preferences. We’ll also discuss the ideal timing for a wildcard, weighing the pros and cons of using it in Gameweek 13. Most importantly, we’ll provide compelling reasons why you should consider activating your wildcard this gameweek.

Think of this as your one-stop FPL Gameweek 13 wildcard guide, packed with insights and tips to empower you to make the best decision for your team. So buckle up, as we embark on this wild carding journey together!

FPL GW13 Wildcard Team Strategies

Well, with no time to waste, it is time for us to look at some of the various strategies FPL managers can deploy as they wildcard in gameweek 13. The first wildcard strategy that we’d be deploying is the going big at the back strategy, after that we’d invest heavily in midfield and then the final wildcard strategy would be to go all in on forwards.

1. FPL GW13 Wildcard Team – Going Big at The Back Wildcard Strategy

This marks our first Gameweek 13 (GW13) wildcard team. In this approach, we’re implementing the “big at the back” strategy. This strategy entails targeting premium defenders in the game, which is why we’ve included Trent, Trippier, and a couple of mid-priced defenders in Zinchenko and Cash. These defenders are not only premium picks but also solid in terms of statistics.

Trippier, for instance, is the defender with the most FPL points so far this season, with a total of 69 points. He has also kept the most clean sheets in the game, with 5, and picked up the most assists, with 6. Trent, on the other hand, doesn’t have the numbers to back up his selection, but we all know the quality that Trent Alexander-Arnold possesses.

Zinchenko is another defender we’ve added to this GW13 wildcard team, and we believe he’s a good choice. He plays for Arsenal, the team with the most clean sheets. With Arsenal’s upcoming set of fixtures, we’re confident that Zinchenko can get goals and assists.

Cash, as you might know, is another defender in this team, and we’re well aware of his impressive performance so far this season. He’s playing against Spurs this gameweek, and it’s not the strongest Spurs side he’s up against, so he could easily return FPL points in this game.

In midfield, we haven’t included Salah. Instead, we’ve opted for a couple of budget midfielders in Eze, who has a good fixture this week and beyond, Bowen, who could be playing as a striker in the absence of Antonio, Saka, and Diaby.

Up front, we’ve got Haaland, Solanke, and Watkins. Two of the most in-form forwards are in this team, along with Solanke, whose numbers we believe would improve given his upcoming games. So, we’re trying to get on the Solanke bandwagon early on.

Overall, it’s a pretty solid team and strategy. However, it isn’t the best strategy to go with in our opinion. The reason is that clean sheets are really scarce, and since they’re hard to come by, targeting premium defenders won’t be the best strategy.

Another reason why this strategy isn’t ideal is that there are a couple of budget defenders who are just as good as these premium defender picks. Altogether, our advice would be to avoid this strategy and consider one of our next two GW13 wildcard strategies.

2. FPL GW13 Wildcard Team – Investing Heavily In Midfield Wildcard Strategy

In this GW13 wildcard strategy, we’re shifting our focus away from premium defenders and embracing the attacking prowess of midfielders. This approach aligns with the data-driven observation that goals have outpaced clean sheets, making midfielders a more lucrative investment for FPL gains.

The midfielders we’ve targeted in this team are those who have been in exceptional form and boast favorable fixtures both in the immediate and long-term. This is why we’ve included Bowen, Saka, Eze, and Palmer in our GW13 wildcard team. Bowen, Saka, and Salah rank among the top five highest-scoring midfielders in FPL this season, demonstrating their goal-scoring potential.

FPL Top Scoring Midfielder GW1-12
FPL Top Scoring Midfielder GW1-12

Selecting midfielders for FPL is a challenging task due to the abundance of talented options. Son, Gordon, Diaby, and Mbeumo are all excellent picks that could seamlessly fit into this wildcard team. With only five midfield slots available, we’ve carefully chosen these players based on their current form and upcoming fixtures.

For our attacking trio, we’ve opted for a different pairing, with Isak, Solanke, and Haaland leading the charge. According to reports from Fabrizio Romano, Haaland is expected to be fit to play against Liverpool.

Compared to the ‘big at the back’ strategy, this approach of investing heavily in midfielders is a far better choice for wildcarders this gameweek. This strategy aligns with the season’s data, which indicates that goalscoring opportunities are more abundant than clean sheets. To capitalize on this trend and maximize our FPL points, we’ve assembled a team with a strong midfield presence.

3. FPL GW13 Wildcard Team – Going All In On Forwards Wildcard Strategy

FPL GW13 Wildcard Team - Going All In On Forwards Wildcard Strategy

In our final wildcard team, we’re adopting an all-out attack strategy by targeting some of the best forwards in FPL. So far in this article, we’ve recommended three different forwards: Watkins, Darwin Nunez, and Isak. In all fairness, these are all excellent FPL picks for this gameweek.

It can be very difficult to choose just one forward, but if we were to wildcard and had to select one of the three, we’d pick Isak as our third forward. This is because we believe he won’t be as much of a rotation risk with Wilson being out for six weeks.

We also know that Isak is a pretty lethal finisher. In fact, before he was out injured, he accumulated a total of 25 points in his last four games. He’s also relatively cheap when compared to the likes of Darwin and Watkins, making him a great differential pick.

Isak point returns in FPL prior to injury
Isak point returns in FPL prior to his injury

In all honesty, we do think that the gap between these three forwards is very small. You could choose any of them and still do quite well. So far in this article, we’ve selected a decent amount of different players for each draft. We’ve done this so you can be aware of the various options available to you as you wildcard.

However, there are still some players we’ve left out, so in the next section of this article, we’ll be suggesting the best players to target from the top teams as you wildcard in GW13.

GW13 Wildcard Guide – Teams and Players To Consider When Wildcarding

To help you identify the teams with the best set of fixtures from GW13 to GW18, here’s a fixture tracker:

FPL fixture difficulty rating tracker from GW13-18
FPL fixture difficulty rating tracker from GW13-18

When wildcarding, consider targeting players from these teams:

Nottingham ForestAwoniyi, Gibbs White
West HamBowen, Areola, Coufal
NewcastleTrippier, Isak

However, on the bottom of the list are teams to avoid, we’ve got some of the bigger sides like: Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal. While these teams might have a tough set of games, we do believe that it is a good strategy to hold onto FPL assets from these teams. The likes of Haaland, Salah and Saka are still pretty good picks for wildcarders in this gameweek.

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Why You Should Use Your Wildcard Chip in GW13

Gameweek 13 (GW13) is one of the best times to use your wildcard chip. It is a gameweek that comes right after the third international break of the season. This is perfect because the next international break will not happen until four months later in the season. Wildcarding now means that you can set your team for the busiest time of the season – December.

Benefits of Using Your Wildcard Chip in GW13

Using your wildcard chip in GW13 can have many benefits for your FPL team. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using your wildcard chip in GW13:

  • You can take advantage of favorable fixtures: One of the main factors that influence the performance of FPL players is the difficulty of their fixtures. By using your wildcard chip in GW13, you can select players from teams that have easy or favorable fixtures in the next few gameweeks. This can increase your chances of earning more points from goals, assists, clean sheets, and bonus points.
  • You can avoid players with injury or suspension risks: Another important factor that affects the performance of FPL players is their availability and fitness. By using your wildcard chip in GW13, you can avoid players who are injured, suspended, or have a high risk of missing games due to international duty.

Using your wildcard chip in GW13 can be a wise and profitable decision for your FPL team, if you follow some key considerations and weigh the potential benefits and challenges. By using your wildcard chip in GW13, you can create a powerful and balanced team that can score more points and climb the ranks in the FPL season.

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