September 23, 2023


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FPL GW11 best transfers: midfielders, defenders and forwards to transfer to your team in GW11

GW11 transfer targets

With GW11 just a couple of days away, FPL managers have already started making transfers and changes to their various FPL teams.

A lot of managers are already going in for some of the most in-form FPL assets, is that a good strategy? Well, in this article, we’d be looking at some of the transfers FPL managers are making, we’d be rank these transfers and also share our opinions on some of the best moves you can make ahead of GW11.

10 of the most popular transfers in GW11

Here are ten of the most popular transfers FPL managers are making ahead of GW11:

From this list, we can see that most FPL managers are trying to bring in players that have done quite well in the last couple of gameweeks, which isn’t a bad strategy. A lot of these players are on form and we need to try to get them into our teams.

What we want to do now in the remainder of this article, is rank these popular transfers and then share our opinion on which players you should be looking to bring into your team in GW11.

GW11 transfer tier list

GW11 transfer tier list

Here’s our GW11 tier list. We’ve created a tier list which is based on the top 10 transfers that have been made at the time of writing.

We have no players in Must buy and that’s because of the blank gameweek coming up in GW12 – it won’t be the worst of ideas to roll your transfer, three in great transfers, three in optional, three in avoid and one in bad transfer.

Here’s the reasoning behind our rankings.

The best midfielder to buy GW11

There are two midfielders that stand-out as really good buys this gameweek and that’s Trossard and Phil Foden. Here’s why:

Phil Foden

The only reason why Phil Foden is in great transfer and not in must buy, is because of his blank in GW12, other than that he’d definitely have been in must buy.

One thing that puts most people off this man, is whether or not he is going to be in the starting eleven for Man City. This season, the answer has been yes, he is a key player for Man City and he has started nine out of 11 games for them so far in the Premier League.

Not only is he a started, he is also always involved in the game. He’s constantly arriving in the box for tap-ins, he’s creating chances and he’s also taking a decent amount of shots as well. His uderlying numbers are great.

GW11 transfer target: Phil Foden stats
GW11 transfer target: Phil Foden stats

This gameweek, Man City are up against Liverpool. A Liverpool side that are struggling defensively and are giving away loads of chances.

This fixture has come at the perfect time for Man City and if Phil Foden is the player you want to buy this gameweek, then yes, go for him the potential for another double-digit haul is high.

Leandro Trossard

Leandro Trossard is another player that has caught the eye of FPL managers and rightfully so, because there’s so much to like about Brighton and Trossard this season.

One thing that stands out to me is the fact that he plays so close to the striker, that explains why he’s so much of a threat. He’s a really talented player and when he’s on form, like he is right now, he can score against anyone.

The way Brighton plays also favors the Belgian midfielder as well. His next two games, are games that you’d expect him and Brighton to do well in.

In GW12, when Arsenal and Man City blank, he could be crucial and would be a good alternative for your Arsenal and City assets. A game against Nott’m Forest in GW12, also means Trossard might be a good captain pick in that gameweek.

He’s playing closer to the goal and taking a lot of shots as well, he’s also massively overperforming his xG, his price is perfect as he could be a good fifth midfielder to have in your team.

GW11 transfer target: Leandro Trossard stats
GW11 transfer target: Leandro Trossard stats

There’s so much to like about Trossard and if he’s one you’re looking to buy this gameweek, or next gameweek then he’s worth it, he’s a good buy.

The best defenders to buy GW11

On the list of players that FPL managers are targeting this week, there really is only one stand-out defender that you could possibly buy this gameweek and that’s Recce James.

He has a good fixture not just this gameweek but in the long-run, he’s on form, he plays a team that is struggling to score(Aston Villa) and Chelsea look like they’re keeping clean sheets now.

He’s a good buy and a much better option than Trippier and Saliba. Saliba is an avoid this gameweek and that’s because of his blank in GW12. You don’t want to bring him this gameweek and then transfer him out once again that’s just a waste of transfer.

Trippier on the other hand is a great FPL asset and if you have him in your team, then keep him. If you don’t have him then you can buy him, but have it in mind that two of his next three games are against Spurs and Man United – clean sheets points might not be forthcoming.

We know that clean sheets are hard to come by this season, so we might want to change our strategy and spend less at the back and go in on midfielders and attackers.

Hence, why we don’t have so many defenders in great transfers or must buys.

The best forwards to buy GW11

There are no forwards being targeted by FPL managers in our tier list this week, but if you really want to bring in a forward this gameweek, then Scamacca of West Ham, Daka of Leicester, Toney of Brentford and Harry Kane of Spurs are all really nice picks.

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Other players worth considering in GW10

GW11 players to buy

In optional we’ve got three players that would also be great buys and they are Maddison, Antony and Marinelli. These three players aren’t as good as those in great transfers, but would be decent options this gameweek.

Antony of Man United as been in good form this season, scoring 3 goals in his last three games and I can see why people are looking to get him in this gameweek.

If you’re on a wildcard then feel free to check out: GW11 wildcard draft: some of the best gameweek 11 wildcard to consider

He’s in good form and looks nailed-on as well. He’d be a really nice differential to have and a good Martinelli or Foden replacement in GW12 when Arsenal and Man City blank.

Maddison is still a really nice player to have this gameweek as well and he is also a good long-term pick, as he has really nice fixtures from now up until GW16. If you’re looking for a nice 8million midfielder then he’s one worth considering.

Martinelli is a good buy, but he’s not one we’d be recommending people buy this gameweek, as he blanks in GW12. Which means that if you buy in now, you’d have to sell him or bench him next gameweek, which feels like a waste of transfer.

There are a lot of really good midfielders in that Martinelli price bracket that you could get for GW11 and 12 and then sell after GW12 for Martinelli. Trossard is a really good Martinelli alternative.

Saka just like Martinelli is a good buy, but just not now. Except you have a really solid bench that could bail you out when your Man City and Arsenal players blank in GW12, then it’d be better to look elsewhere.

Remember if you have 6 Arsenal and Man City players in your team before GW12, then in gameweek 12 you’d be playing with eight players.


Remember that FPL is a game that requires a lot of planning and so every transfer you make shouldn’t just be for one single week, rather it should be made with future gameweeks in mind.

Man City and Arsenal have pretty nice fixtures this gameweek and the temptation to go all in on their assets is high, always remember that they blank in GW12, so try to have a maximum of 4 Arsenal and Man City assets this gameweek.

Trossard, Foden and James are the three players that we recommend as good transfers this gameweek.