September 23, 2023


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FPL GW10 best transfers: who should you buy in gameweek 10

GW10 players to buy

GW9 is one of those gameweeks where majority of FPL managers performed well. If you had Maddison and captained Haaland then you should be seeing a couple of green arrows.

However, we all know that with FPL there’s always another gameweek around the corner and this time is no different as GW10 is starting off this weekend.

To help get us ready for this gameweek, in this article, we’d be looking at some of the best players you can buy if you’re on a free transfer.

10 most popular transfers in GW10

Before, we get into it, let’s take a look at some of the most popular transfers FPL managers are making this week:

10 most popular transfers in GW10

From the image above, we can what the 10 most popular transfers are this gameweek. A lot of managers are making moves early on and are trying to get in players who have done well in GW9 or players that have really nice fixtures.

What we want to do now in the remainder of this article, is rank these popular transfers and then share our opinion on which transfers would be great this gameweek.

GW10 transfer tier list

GW10 transfer tier list

Here’s our GW10 tier list. We’ve created a tier list which is based on the top 10 transfers that have already happened ahead of GW10.

We have two players in Must buy, three in great transfers, four in optional and one in bad transfer. Here’s the reasoning behind our rankings.

Who should you buy in gameweek 10

1. Erling Haaland

If you are part of the 18% of FPL managers who haven’t bought Erling Haaland this season, then now is a good time to bring him in. Haaland has been this season’s FPL player of the season.

The Man City forward has scored 14 goals, assisted three and has produced a total of 96 points already this season. His underlying numbers are great and his fixture this gameweek is also looking good as Man City face Southampton at the Etihad.

There really isn’t much to say amount this man, his numbers speak for themselves, he has scored three hattricks already this season. He is a must have, a good captain pick and now is the time to transfer him into your team.

GW10 transfer target: Erling Haaland
GW10 transfer target: Erling Haaland

2. Wilfried Zaha

Zaha is another really good player to add to your GW10 team. If you already own Haaland and have one free transfer, then this is one player that you should try to get into your FPL team.

The reason is simply because of his fixtures, his form and also because he’s guaranteed minutes. If you take a look at Crystal Palace’s upcoming games, you’d find out that Wilfried Zaha is not just a short term buy, rather he’s one that can stay in your team in the next five weeks.

Palace next nine fixtures
Palace next nine fixtures

Zaha is also not that expensive and would be a nice Luiz Diaz replacement if you’re looking for a Diaz replacement. And if you have Mitrovic and you’re not willing to go for a direct striker replacement, then downgrading Mitrovic and going for Zaha is another really good move to make.

3. Leandro Trossard

The most transferred in player ahead of GW10 is Leandro Trossard. The man has been in top form this season and his recent performance against Liverpool is one that has caught the eyes of so many FPL managers.

Brighton have been playing really nice attacking football and that has favored Trossard and it has also made Brighton assets even more appealing – you’re confident that they can score a goal against anyone even the bigger sides.

Trossard has also been really clinical this season. The Belgian midfielder has scored 5 goals from an xG of 2.5, he’s also taking a decent amount of shots as well, his xA is 0.7 but he has registered two assists already this season.

He’s a player that’s currently over performing and that in a way is good, because he doesn’t need that many chances to score a goal.

He’s also in that really price range and would be a great fifth or fourth midfielder. He’d be a great transfer in this gameweek.

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4. Phil Foden

Foden is another player that would be a great buy this gameweek. He has been performing quite well this season, and his performance on Sunday is one that has brought him into the limelight.

One thing to keep in mind before going for Foden this week, is that he’s going to have a blank gameweek in GW12. This means that if you have three Man City assets in your team, they won’t be giving you any points as they don’t have any games.

Before GW12, comes around, Foden is a player you could benefit from if you bring him into your team. Man City play Southampton and Liverpool in their next two games before they blank and Foden could turn up in both games.

He is a Man City asset and you know he’s going to score goals – he has the instinct of a goal scorer. One thing that puts people off, is the fact that he could be rested or rotated and that’s true.

But it’s also really unlikely giving the form he is in at the moment.

GW10 transfer target: phil foden
GW10 transfer target: Phil Foden

5. James Maddison

The fifth player that you could possibly buy ahead of GW10, is James Maddison. He is similar to Wilfried Zaha in the sense that he’s not just a short term buy, rather he’s one that could be in your team for a long period of time.

Maddison and Leicester have really good fixtures against teams in the bottom half of the table and this makes the Maddison transfer even more appealing.

Maddison stats this season and even last season have been really good and it’s a little shocking that he’s owned by just 12.8% of FPL managers.

Maddison over the course of this season has proved that he can perform and return FPL points even when his team doesn’t perform.

His underlying stats are great, he plays against Bournemouth this week, if you’re on a free transfer and looking for a nice 8million midfielder, then Maddison is a really good buy.

Other players worth considering in GW10

In our tier list, we have four players that we’ve got in the optional category and this is simply because the players we’ve got in great transfers and must buy, are much better picks.

If you have these Players(players in the optional category) then you should keep hold of them. But if you don’t have them and you’re looking to get in other players then the players in great transfer and must buy are better picks.

We can also see that we have two defenders in the optional category, with one of them being James. Making such a move and bringing James into your team isn’t bad and would be good this gameweek considering Chelsea’s game this weekend is against Wolves.

The reason why we’ve got James in optional is because of the lack of clean sheets in the Premier League this season – there are fewer clean sheets and more goals, so spending so much on defenders might not be the best move.

Instead of going for James, you could for a cheaper Chelsea defender and probably spend more on midfielders.

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In Bad transfer, we’ve got Saliba and that’s because of his fixtures and the blank in GW12. Bringing Saliba in this gameweek is a bit of a risky one considering the fact that Arsenal face Liverpool and after that they play Leeds which is great, but then he blanks in GW12 and you either have to sell him or bench him.

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