October 5, 2023


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FPL GW1 tips: the best FPL players to own in gameweek 1

FPL GW1 tips: the best FPL players to own in gameweek 1

As the new season’s kickoff draws near, the clock is ticking with less than five days left. This is the moment when we need to buckle down, finalize our teams, and pick FPL players who’ll score big in GW1. We get it – choosing 11-15 players can be a head-scratcher. So, we’ve got your back with this article. It’s your playbook to spot the best players for GW1, making your FPL squad a winning one.

Think of GW1 like the first few moves in a game of football. Your initial choices set the tone for the entire season. Handpicking players who can hit the ground running is like finding those perfect passes. And hey, you’re not alone in this journey. Our goal? Give you tips you can act on, analyzing players smartly to build your squad.

Fantasy Premier League Gameweek One Tips

1. The Best FPL Players to Buy Ahead of GW1 In FPL

Well, based on popular transfers, ownership, form and performance here are the best players to buy this gameweek – GW1.

  1. Haaland – £14.0m – 87.0% – FWD / MCI
  2. Watkins – £8.0m – 21.5% – FWD / AVL
  3. Estupiñan – £5.0m – 51.0% – DEF / BHA
  4. Stones – £5.5m – 28.2% – DEF / MCI
  5. Shaw – £5.5m – 28.4% – DEF / MUN
  6. Zinchenko – £5.0m – 9.9% – DEF / ARS
  7. De Bruyne – £10.5m – 13.0% – MID / MCI
  8. Rashford – £9.0m – 44.1% – MID / MUN
  9. Saka – £8.5m – 55.7% – MID / ARS
  10. Mitoma – £6.5m – 37.4% – MID / BHA
  11. Steele – £4.5m – 6.2% – GKP / BHA

These players are great short-term picks(for GW1) as well as long-term picks(subsequent gameweeks).

2. GW1 Most Selected Players In Fantasy Premier League(FPL)

If your strategy is to buy the most owned or selected players in FPL, then these are the players you should be looking to buy or transfer into your team in gameweek one.

GW1 Most Selected Players In Fantasy Premier League(FPL)

These players are the ones that the majority of FPL managers are buying and bringing into their teams. These are the players that make up the majority of template teams. So, if your strategy is to start GW1 using the template team, then these are the players you should be looking to buy.

Things To Consider Before Making Long-Term Transfers In FPL

When making such long-term transfers in FPL, here are some things to consider when making long-term transfers in FPL:

  • Player form: This is probably the most important factor to consider when making long-term transfers. Players who are in good form are more likely to continue scoring points, so you want to make sure you have them in your team.
  • Fixture difficulty: The fixture difficulty of a player’s upcoming fixtures can also have a big impact on their performance. Players with easy fixtures are more likely to score points, so you want to make sure you have them in your team when they have favorable matchups.
  • Team strategy: You also need to consider your team strategy when making long-term transfers. If you are looking to build a team that scores a lot of goals, you will need to focus on bringing in attacking players. If you are looking to build a more defensive team, you will need to focus on bringing in defenders and midfielders who are good at keeping clean sheets.
  • Price: The price of a player is also an important factor to consider. You don’t want to spend too much money on a player who is not going to perform well. However, you also don’t want to miss out on a good player because you are too cheap.
  • Risk: Finally, you need to consider the risk involved in making long-term transfers. There is always a risk that a player will get injured or lose form. However, if you do your research and make informed decisions, you can minimize the risk of making a bad transfer.

1. FPL Goalkeepers to Buy GW1 and Beyond

There are two strategies that can be deployed when transferring players into your FPL team. You can either look to buy players for the long term or you buy players just for the short term(players that would be great buys just a single gameweek).

In this part of the article, we want to look at the best goalkeeper to buy for the long-term that is, GW1 and beyond. Based on the criteria discussed, here are the best long-term goalkeeper picks you can buy or transfer into your FPL team for GW1 and beyond.

1. Andre Onana

If you’re on the lookout for a goalkeeper to anchor your team for gameweek one and the future, Andre Onana is a standout contender. He comes with a favorable fixture, boasting an FDR (Fixture Difficulty Rating) of just two for this opening gameweek.

What’s more, he’s part of the team that recorded the highest number of clean sheets in the previous season. Analyzing the clean sheet odds, it’s apparent that Manchester United has a solid 45% likelihood of securing a clean sheet in GW1, ranking it third-highest among teams.

GW1 clean sheet odds

Taking a glance at the long-term prospects, Onana remains an attractive choice. Manchester United’s initial five fixtures only feature one game with an FDR of four, a promising outlook for both Onana and FPL managers seeking a reliable goalkeeper option that they can stick with throughout the season.

Man United FDR from GW1-10

2. Flekken – A Solid Investment at £4.5m

Another goalkeeper warranting consideration for the long haul is Flekken from Brentford. While he might not be the best pick for a one-off performance in GW1, given the matchup against Spurs, his true value shines in the forthcoming matches. Brentford’s schedule reveals a string of favorable fixtures, adorned with several green FDRs.

Brentford FDR from GW1-10

Anticipating a solid defensive performance from Brentford, we can confidently assert that Flekken is a budget-friendly gem. Priced at just £4.5 million, he fits the bill for those seeking a reliable and consistent starting goalkeeper within a team with clean sheet potential.

Redeyedrae’s GW1 Goalkeeper Transfer Strategy: Flexibility with Value

For GW1, it’s wise to adopt a tactical approach when selecting your goalkeeper. Embrace the strategy of choosing an economical option like Flekken as your primary choice.

Additionally, you can complement him with another budget-friendly £4.5 million goalie. This tandem allows you the flexibility to rotate when one of them faces a challenging fixture. Jason Steele from Brighton presents another attractive option in this category.

By adhering to this transfer approach, you’re effectively securing both short-term and long-term goalkeeper stability, maximizing your chances of success in the early stages of FPL.

2. Analyzing the Best Defensive Picks for FPL GW1 and Beyond

Defensive Strategy: Prioritizing Attack-Minded Full-Backs

Stepping onto the pitch of Fantasy Premier League, it’s time to focus our attention on the defensive arena. This season, we’re unveiling a strategic approach that centers on deploying three attack-minded defenders, with a special emphasis on full-backs. Our rationale behind this tactical shift stems from the anticipation of fewer clean sheets in the upcoming season.

The dawn of the new rule ushering in additional time brings about a dynamic change. Games are slated to span longer durations, rendering it tougher for teams and defenders to preserve clean sheets. In response to this, our playbook revolves around selecting defenders who wield an offensive prowess, specifically those who thrive as full-backs, integral to their team’s attacking schemes.

Find out what teams have the best clean sheet odds in GW1, by reading our article: FPL GW1: Clean Sheet Odds, Anytime Scorer Predictions, and FPL Points Projections

Our Prime Defensive Picks: The Attack-Minded Defenders

1. Estupiñan

Priced at £5.0 million, with an impressive ownership of 51.0%, Estupinan is a must-have defender at the moment. Estupiñan promises a blend of defensive acumen and attacking flair. He plays newly promoted Luton Town in GW1, which is really good as he has a high chance of getting clean sheet points and some form of attacking return.

Brighton FDR from GW1-10

2. Stones

With a price tag of £5.5 million and a selection rate of 28.2%, Stones from DEF/MCI stands out. His presence guarantees a solid defensive foundation coupled with potential forays into offensive maneuvers. Stones just like Estupinan, plays a newly promoted side as well and we’re pretty confident that Man City would be able to keep a clean sheet in that one.

Man City FDR from GW1-10

3. Shaw

At a value of £5.5 million and a 28.4% selection rate, Shaw from MUN positions himself as a commanding choice. His prowess on the defensive end is complemented by his ability to contribute significantly to Manchester United’s attacking surges.

4. Zinchenko

Priced at £5.0 million, Zinchenko is selected by 9.9% of managers. Emerging from ARS, his tactical versatility makes him a strategic asset, both in defense and attack. He also gives us that Arsenal defensive cover that we so very much need in the initial stage of the season. With Arsenal’s great set of fixtures, it is hard to ignore their defensive assets.

Arsenal FDR from GW1-10

Redeyedrae’s transfer strategy and recommendation for defenders in GW1: It is better not to spend a lot of your funds on defenders as clean sheets may be hard to come by. Targeting three or four mid-priced defenders is a much better transfer strategy.

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3. Midfielders to Consider for GW1 and Beyond

Dominating the Midfield: The Epicenter of Our Strategy

Shifting our focus to the heart of the pitch, the midfield area, we’re confronted with a plethora of potent options for GW1. The landscape is so rich that often, the deciding factors come down to your budget and overall team strategy.

Our game plan for this opening gameweek? To fortify our midfield with a robust investment – we’re setting our sights on an impressive cohort of four to five midfielders. Amidst this abundant selection, we’re steering our ship toward players who promise a thrilling blend of attributes. Let’s delve into our chosen midfield stalwarts for GW1:

Mitoma – The £6.5 Million Maestro

Hailing from MID/BHA and priced at £6.5 million, Mitoma is no stranger to FPL enthusiasts, commanding an impressive 37.4% selection rate. His inclusion hinges on the promising FDR of his fixtures, which bode well for gameweek one and beyond.

Saka – The £8.5 Million Virtuoso

Earning a hefty 55.7% selection rate, Saka from MID/ARS enters the fray with a price tag of £8.5 million. His prowess is undeniable, underpinned by an attacking mentality that promises to carve a path to consistent points.

Rashford – The £9.0 Million Dynamo

Hailing from MID/MUN, Rashford commands a notable 44.1% selection rate, priced at £9.0 million. With his electrifying style, he’s poised to set the stage alight, offering both attacking intent and FPL potential.

De Bruyne – The £10.5 Million Maestro

Emerging from MID/MCI, De Bruyne, with a selection rate of 13.0%, wields a price tag of £10.5 million. His allure is founded on a stellar track record, marked by his knack for orchestrating goals and orchestrating the midfield.

Explore a roster of FPL differentials for Gameweek 1, players who possess high potential while maintaining low ownership. Unlock hidden gems for your team: FPL GW1 Differentials: Players with Low Ownership but High Potential

Solid Grounds for Selection: The Midfield Prospects

These chosen midfield maestros come loaded with promise. They boast favorable fixtures, possess a history of stellar performance, and are unequivocally attack-minded. Notably, these players are strategic long-term assets, with their positive fixture outlook extending beyond GW1.

We acknowledge the abundance of midfield options at the disposal of FPL managers. To assist you in making the most informed decision for your squad, we’ve diligently curated the following articles:

As you contemplate the midfield alchemy that best suits your squad, let these resources steer your decision-making process.

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FPL GW1 tips and transfer strategy: the best forwards to buy gameweek 1

When it comes to forwards, there is one man that standouts and that’s Erling Haaland. However, based on our anticipation of more goals this season it is also a pretty good strategy to go for three or two forwards. At the moment we have two forwards and that’s Haaland and a mid-priced forward, Watkins.

There are so many other great picks in the forward area. The likes of:

  1. Nico Jackson. Find out more about Chelsea’s new forward, Nico Jackson in our article: Nico Jackson in FPL GW1: A Wise Acquisition or Worth the Wait?
  2. Darwin Nunez
  3. Isak and
  4. Wilson
  5. Harry Kane is also another pretty solid pick if you’re looking for an FPL forward. Find out if Harry Kane is a must-have in FPL this season in our: Is Harry Kane a must-have for your FPL team?

You can find out more about the best forward picks in our article: The Best Mid-Priced FPL Forwards (7.0 – 8.0million) For GW1 – 23/24.

Our GW1 Team

Based on our analysis on the best players to buy ahead of GW1, here’s is our final team for this gameweek.

GW1 FPL Team

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Conclusion: Forging Your FPL Triumph in Gameweek 1

For an even deeper dive into crafting your dream GW1 squad, explore our comprehensive guide: FPL GW1 Masterclass: Building Your Winning Team from the Start. This masterclass unravels the intricacies of assembling a formidable lineup, offering you an edge that could define your entire season.