October 4, 2023


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FPL GW1 Tips, Preview and Masterclass: Building Your Winning Team from the Start

FPL GW1 Masterclass: Building Your Winning Team from the Start

The anticipation is palpable as we stand at the brink of the 2023-2024 Fantasy Premier League (FPL) season. The excitement is mutual, and we’re thrilled to embark on this FPL journey with you. As the season unfolds, we’re committed to delivering a series of insightful FPL articles tailored for both beginners and seasoned experts. Our ultimate goal remains unchanged: to equip you with the knowledge you need to make astute decisions for your FPL squad.

In this article, we’re diving headfirst into the preview of the inaugural gameweek of the 2023-2024 FPL season – gameweek one. Our spotlight will illuminate crucial aspects that can significantly impact your FPL strategy and choices. From fixture analysis to captaincy options, we’re here to guide you through the intricacies of a successful FPL kickoff.

Let’s delve into the heart of FPL as we explore the intricate web of gameweek one. Welcome to raensports’ FPL GW1 review article.

Gameweek One (GW1) Fantasy Premier League(FPL) Preview

FPL Fixture Analysis: Unlocking GW1’s Winning Formula

Your FPL journey begins now, and the choices you make in these early weeks can echo throughout the season. Understanding the fixture landscape is pivotal, shaping the course of your campaign. Let’s delve into the captivating array of matchups that kick off the 2023-2024 FPL season.

FPL GW1 fixtures
GW1 FPL Fixtures

GW1 FPL List of Fixtures: The Best Teams To Target In FPL Gameweek One

Gameweek one offers a captivating array of matchups that set the stage for FPL glory. Here, we spotlight the teams graced with the most favorable Fixture Difficulty Ratings (FDR) of two:

1. Burnley vs Man City: FDR 2

A standout encounter beckons as Burnley squares off against the formidable might of Man City. With an FDR of two favoring the Citizens, FPL managers have reason to target their assets. Eyes should be on luminaries like De Bruyne, Haaland, and Stones, all poised to light up the scoreboard.

2. Arsenal vs Nott’m Forest: FDR 2

Arsenal takes the spotlight against Nott’m Forest, basking in an FDR of two. An Arsenal defender and a dynamic attacking duo could form the core of your GW1 strategy. Consider combining stalwarts like Gabriel or Saliba with the flair of Martinelli and Saka for maximum point potential.

3. Man United vs Wolves: FDR 2

A triumphant homecoming awaits Man United as they welcome Wolves, riding the waves of an FDR of two. The expectation of dominance arises against a team from the lower echelons of the previous season. Icons such as Shaw, Bruno, and Rashford beckon for FPL consideration, as clean sheets and goals are on the horizon.

4. Brighton vs Luton Town: FDR 2

Brighton enters the limelight against newly promoted Luton Town, a matchup that earns them an FDR of two. The promise of a solid display aligns with Brighton’s past performances. Anticipate defensive stability and goal-scoring prowess, with figures like Estupinan and Mitoma emerging as key targets.

These four fixtures form the bedrock of gameweek one’s strategic landscape. By incorporating our recommended players, your team gains a formidable spine, positioning you for an auspicious start. As the virtual stadiums buzz with excitement, may your FPL journey begin with calculated precision and FDR-fueled success.

Important note: FDR stands for Fixture Difficulty Rating. It is a measure of how difficult a team’s upcoming fixtures are, according to the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) website. The FDR is calculated using a complex algorithm that takes into account factors such as the opponent’s recent form, their home and away record, and the number of goals they have scored and conceded.

The FDR is a useful tool for FPL managers, as it can help them to identify teams that have easy or difficult fixtures coming up. This information can be used to make informed decisions about which players to buy, sell, or hold.

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FPL GW1 Player Recommendations: Expert Picks and Hidden Gems for Gameweek One FPL Success

With the stage set and the anticipation palpable, it’s time to unveil the stellar player picks that will shape your FPL journey from gameweek one. From steadfast goalkeepers to potent forwards, we’ve meticulously curated a selection that promises early-season dominance. Here’s your guide to assembling a formidable team for GW1.

Goalkeepers: Solid Starters

  1. Steele – £4.5m – 6.2% – GKP / BHA
  2. Flekken – £4.5m – 2.3% – GKP / BRE

Defenders: Building the Defensive Wall

  1. Stones – £5.5m – 28.2% – DEF / MCI
  2. Estupiñan – £5.0m – 51.0% – DEF / BHA
  3. Shaw – £5.5m – 28.4% – DEF / MUN
  4. Zinchenko – £5.0m – 9.9% – DEF / ARS

Midfielders: Midfield Maestros

  1. Saka – £8.5m – 55.7% – MID / ARS
  2. De Bruyne – £10.5m – 13.0% – MID / MCI
  3. Rashford – £9.0m – 44.1% – MID / MUN
  4. Mitoma – £6.5m – 37.4% – MID / BHA
  5. Anderson – £4.5m – 5.8% – MID / NEW

Forwards: Striking Power

  1. Haaland – £14.0m – 87.0% – FWD / MCI
  2. Watkins – £8.0m – 21.5% – FWD / AVL
  3. Mubama – £4.5m – 6.5% – FWD / WHU

Strategic Insights: Decoding Our FPL GW1 Selections

Assembling a winning lineup demands careful analysis. Here’s how we formulated our choices:

  • Defenders: Opting for full-backs and center-backs from teams with favorable fixtures reduces the likelihood of conceding while maximizing attacking potential.
  • Midfielders: Rashford, Saka, and Mitoma’s consistent performances in the previous season earned them their place. De Bruyne is our differential, a premium asset that shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • Forwards: A premium and budget-forward combo ensures a diverse attacking threat with upcoming favorable fixtures and penalty-taking responsibilities.

Hidden Gems and Under-the-Radar Picks

While our 15-man squad covers GW1’s essentials, keep an eye on these potential hidden gems:

  • Alexander-Arnold – £8.0m – 24.9% – DEF / LIV
  • Salah – £12.5m – 23.5% – MID / LIV
  • Kane – £12.5m – 12.0% – FWD / TOT
  • Son – £9.0m – 4.8% – MID / TOT
  • Mbeumo – £6.5m – 19.5% – MID / BRE
  • Alex Moreno – £5.0m – 0.1% – DEF / AVL
  • B.Fernandes – £8.5m – 26.4% – MID / MUN
  • N.Jackson – £7.0m – 13.2% – FWD / CHE

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As you lay the foundation for your triumphant FPL team, awareness of injury and suspension updates becomes pivotal. Ensuring your selections are not hindered by doubts is key to crafting a formidable squad. Let’s delve into the current injury landscape that might impact your GW1 choices.

Injury Doubts: Treading Cautiously

Ahead of the season’s kickoff, staying abreast of injury risks is crucial. Here are three names that currently stand out:

  1. Gabriel Jesus
  2. Christopher Nkunku
  3. Rasmus Hojlund

Strategic Approach: Sidestepping the Doubts

With these three forwards marked as injury doubts, a prudent strategy would be to temporarily steer clear of them. While their potential returns might shine later in the season, GW1 is the time to prioritize players with greater certainty.

Injury News

As you sculpt your GW1 team, it’s essential to construct a lineup that’s fortified against uncertainties. By avoiding the currently injured forwards, you lay the groundwork for a squad that’s poised to thrive from the opening whistle.

Team Analysis: Preparing Your FPL GW1 Squad

As the dawn of the FPL season approaches, the pre-season games have provided a canvas for players to showcase their potential. A multitude of talents have surged forward, raising eyebrows and FPL considerations alike. Let’s delve into the goal involvement statistics from pre-season matches, identifying standout performers who could be the difference-makers for your GW1 squad.

ArsenalSaka (8.5m)22
Trossard (7.0)30
Havertz (7.5)20
Marquinhos (4.5)11
Martinelli (8.0)11
Jesus (8.0)11
Odegaard (8.5)02
Nketiah (5.5)10
Jorginho (5.5)10
Vieira (5.5)10
Tierney (4.5)01
White (5.5)01
Aston VillaWatkins (8.0)40
Buendia (6.0)31
Douglas Luiz (5.5)03
Diaby (6.5)20
Philogene (4.5)11
McGinn (5.5)11
Cash (4.5)11
Konsa (4.5)10
Coutinho (6.0)01
Tielemans (6.0)01
Digne (4.5)01
BournemouthBilling (5.5)20
Brooks (5.0)30
Christie (5.0)12
Ouattara (5.0)11
Senesi (4.5)11
Moore (5.0)11
Kluivert (5.0)02
Solanke (6.5)02
Anthony (5.0)10
Traore (5.0)01
BrentfordWissa (6.0)11
Rico Henry (4.5)02
Ajer (4.5)10
Mbeumo (6.5)10
Dasilva (5.0)10
Baptiste (4.5)10
Dervisoglu (4.5)10
Lewis-Potter (5.0)01
Mee (5.0)01
Schade (5.5)01
BrightonAdingra (5.0)20
Welbeck (6.0)20
Joao Pedro (5.5)11
Mitoma (6.5)02
Undav (5.5)10
Steele (4.5)01
Alzate (4.5)01
BurnleyBrownhill (5.0)30
Twine (5.0)11
Rodriguez (5.5)10
Beyer (4.0)10
Ekdal (4.0)10
Costelloe (4.5)10
Al-Dakhil (4.0)01
ChelseaJackson (7.0)23
Nkunku (7.5)30
Maatsen (5.5)21
Chukwuemeka (4.5)03
Gallagher (5.5)20
Chilwell (5.5)11
Mudryk (6.5)10
Thiago Silva (5.0)10
Sterling (7.0)01
Enzo (5.0)01
Angelo Gabriel (5.0)01
Cucurella (5.0)01
Crystal PalaceEze (6.5)25
Ahamada (4.5)12
Mateta (5.0)30
Edouard (5.5)30
Doucoure (5.0)02
Schulpp (5.0)10
O’Brien (4.0)10
Andersen (4.5)01
Ayew (5.5)01
Riedewald (4.5)01
EvertonMaupay (5.0)20
DCL (6.0)10
Onana (5.0)10
Young (4.5)10
Doucoure (5.5)01
Tarkowski (4.5)01
Iwobi (5.5)01
FulhamWilson (5.5)11
Reed (5.0)02
De Cordova-Reid (5.5)10
Jimenez (5.5)10
Bassey (4.5)10
Vinícius (5.0)10
Pereira (5.5)01
LiverpoolSalah (12.5)16
Jota (8.0)33
Darwin (7.5)41
Gakpo (7.5)21
Luis Diaz (7.5)20
Van Dijk (6.0)10
Robertson (6.5)01
Matip (5.0)01
Alexander-Arnold (8.0)01
NewcastleAnderson (4.5)43
Isak (7.5)22
Almiron (6.5)30
Gordon (5.5)02
Murphy (5.0)02
Wilson (8.0)10
Ashby (4.0)10
Trippier (6.5)01
Nottingham ForestYates (5.0)11
Ui-Jo (4.5)10
Danilo (5.5)10
Freuler (5.0)01
Sheffield UtdBaldock (4.0)10
Slimane (5.0)10
Osborn (5.0)10
McBurnie (5.5)01
Berge (5.0)01
Basham (4.0)01
Lowe (4.5)01
TottenhamRicharlison (7.0)30
Lo Celso (5.0)20
Perisic (5.0)02
Udogie (4.5)10
Kane (12.5)10
Solomon (5.5)01
Emerson (4.5)01
Sanchez (4.5)01
Sarr (4.5)01
West HamBowen (7.0)33
Ings (6.0)20
Scamacca (6.0)20
Emerson (4.5)13
Mubama (4.5)30
Fornals (5.0)03
Soucek (5.0)10
Cornet (5.5)11
Benrahma (6.0)01
WolvesMatheus Cunha (5.5)30
Sarabia (5.0)12
Matheus Nunes (5.0)03
Ait Nouri (4.5)10
Joao Gomes (5.0)10
Hwang (5.5)10
Neto (5.5)10
Doherty (4.5)01

Standout Performers in Preseason: Paving the FPL Path

Amidst the numbers, several players have emerged as intriguing prospects for the upcoming FPL season:

  • Nico Jackson (Chelsea): The Chelsea dynamo seized pre-season with two goals and three assists, showcasing his potential to be a GW1 revelation.
  • Eberchi Eze (Crystal Palace): Eze’s pre-season performance echoes his capabilities, as he registered two goals and five assists. With a GW1 showdown against Sheffield United, his influence might be pivotal.
  • Anderson (Newcastle): Anderson’s budget-friendly profile shone bright in Newcastle’s pre-season, amassing an impressive tally of four goals and three assists, making him a low-cost gem worth considering.

Crafting Your FPL Squad: Finding the Perfect Balance For GW1

As the FPL canvas awaits your artistic touch, a pivotal decision lies in determining where to allocate your budget. Should you invest heavily in defenders, midfield maestros, or lethal forwards? The strategy you adopt will define the trajectory of your season. Let’s delve into the art of crafting an FPL squad that strikes the right balance.

Formation Flexibility: The Tactical Palette

In the world of FPL, formations are akin to a tactical palette, offering various ways to deploy your troops. The 3-4-3, 4-3-3, and 3-5-2 formations stand as pillars of versatility, each promising a distinct tactical advantage.

The Strategic Pivot: Our Approach

Embracing a strategy is akin to selecting a compass for your FPL journey. Our strategic compass leads us to favoring fewer defenders and forwards, directing the bulk of our investment toward the midfield. Here’s why:

  1. Challenges in Clean Sheets: With extended game time and new rules, clean sheets might be elusive this season. This shift compels us to rethink the conventional approach and strategize anew.
  2. Midfield Marvels: The midfield zone is a treasure trove of options, from budget-friendly gems to mid-priced wonders. This diversity empowers us to curate a formidable team with a solid spine.

The Blueprint: 3-4-3 or 3-5-2

Our preferred formations, the 3-4-3 and 3-5-2, allow us to execute our strategy seamlessly. These setups ensure that our midfield core receives ample attention, bolstered by a supportive structure.

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FPL Captaincy Conundrum: GW1 Options Unveiled

As the curtain rises on the FPL season, the captaincy armband becomes a beacon of strategic brilliance. Picking the right captain can tip the scales in your favor, launching your squad toward early-season triumphs. Let’s unveil the standout players who could steer your team to glory in GW1.

The Captaincy Contenders: Rising Stars and Proven Legends

Here’s a glimpse of the players vying for the coveted captaincy mantle in GW1:

  • Erling Haaland: A potent force in the FPL landscape, Haaland’s prowess in front of the net and favorable fixtures elevate him as a prime captaincy option.
  • Bukayo Saka: Saka’s dynamism and consistency position him as a formidable choice, with his flair poised to light up the pitch in GW1.
  • Harry Kane: A proven talisman, Kane’s experience and knack for goal-scoring make him a consistent captaincy contender as he leads his team into battle.
  • Marcus Rashford: Rashford’s attacking flair and ability to seize opportunities render him an electrifying captaincy prospect, capable of sparking FPL fireworks.
  • Mitoma: Mitoma’s dynamic performance and promising form spotlight him as an intriguing wildcard captaincy choice, hinting at a potential game-changing display.

Strategic Insight: Balancing Form and Fixtures

The intersection of form and fixtures shapes our captaincy landscape. These options boast favorable matchups and the momentum to make their mark on GW1.

Coming Soon: In-Depth Captaincy Picks

While these names tantalize as potential captaincy picks, stay tuned for our forthcoming article that delves deep into each contender, dissecting their attributes, historical performances, and tactical advantages. Our comprehensive analysis will equip you with the insights needed to make a captaincy decision that sets the tone for a triumphant GW1.

Conclusion: Ready to Score Big in FPL

The new season is almost here, and your FPL playbook is packed with power moves. We’ve covered all bases, from picking top strikers like Erling Haaland to forward stars who won’t break the bank in mid-priced forwards. In the middle of the pitch, we’ve explored mid-priced midfielders and premium midfield magicians ready to assist your squad.

Defenders are our defensive stars, with mid-priced defenders guarding the fort and budget defenders adding value.

Now, as the whistle blows for GW1, remember the strategies we’ve shared: balancing your team, spotting standout players, and nailing the captaincy. The ball is in your court, and with our insights, you’re set to be the FPL champion you’ve always dreamed of. Stay tuned for more tips and tactics as we dive deeper into the season. Get ready to kick off with confidence!