October 4, 2023


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FPL GW1 Differentials: Players with Low Ownership but High Potential

FPL GW1 Differentials: Players with Low Ownership but High Potential.

The start of the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) season is just around the corner, and it’s time to give your team that extra edge. While many managers tend to flock towards the big names and popular picks, it’s the underrated gems, the players with low ownership, who can truly make your team stand out from the crowd.

These players are the differentials that could potentially outscore the more well-known stars, and they might just be the key to beating the odds in GW1.

The Best FPL GW1 Differential Picks

1. Son – £9.0m – 4.6% – MID / TOT

Kicking off our list is Tottenham’s Son Heung-min. With an ownership of just 4.6%, Son is a player who could provide explosive points right from the start. Tottenham’s opening fixtures might not seem easy, but Son’s high potential to deliver in big games makes him a player to consider for your team. He could be the one to make you stand out in your mini-leagues.

2. Diogo J. – £8.0m – 3.2% – MID / LIV

Liverpool’s Diogo Jota might have flown under the radar due to his injury spells last season, but he’s back and ready to prove his worth. With an ownership of only 3.2%, Jota could be the spark that Liverpool needs in their attack. His fixtures might not be the easiest, but if he hits the ground running, he could be a game-changer for your FPL team.

3. Wilson – £8.0m – 9.7% – FWD / NEW

Newcastle’s Callum Wilson is a forward option that shouldn’t be ignored. With just under 10% ownership, he falls into that sweet spot of being a differential with high potential. Despite some tough fixtures, Wilson’s knack for finding the back of the net could make him a valuable asset in your team. He’s a player to pick if you’re aiming to beat the odds.

Be cautious though, as Wilson’s minutes could be shared with Isak.

4. Havertz – £7.5m – 5.2% – MID / ARS

Arsenal’s Kai Havertz is a player who has shown glimpses of his brilliance, and this could be the season where he truly shines. With low ownership at 5.2%, Havertz’s opening fixtures might surprise you with their potential for points. He’s a differential that could outscore big names and make your FPL team stand out.

Jesus’ injury, also means that Havertz might be deployed as Arsenal center forward this would definitely improve his chances of getting a goal. A midfielder playing as a forward is every FPL manager’s dream.

5. Foden – £7.5m – 8.7% – MID / MCI

Manchester City’s Phil Foden has been patiently waiting for his time to shine, and this could be it. With an ownership of 8.7%, Foden offers a midfield option from one of the top teams in the league. His potential for points, especially in seemingly easier fixtures, makes him a player worth considering to boost your FPL team’s performance.

6. Gakpo – £7.5m – 6.3% – FWD / LIV

Cody Gakpo of Liverpool might not be the first name on many FPL managers’ lists, but his potential to surprise cannot be underestimated. With fixtures that could provide opportunities, Gakpo’s 6.3% ownership makes him a strong differential pick for GW1. If he delivers, he could be the player that sets your team apart.

7. Luis Díaz – £7.5m – 5.9% – MID / LIV

Luis Diaz is another player who stands out and could be a great addition to any FPL team. We know he’s a player who has an eye for goal and one that could pop up with assists as well. His appeal and ownership aren’t as high because of the fear of him being rotated. If you’re looking for a cheap route into Liverpool’s attack then Diaz is a good option.

8. Richarlison – £7.0m – 2.5% – MID / TOT

Spur’s Richarlison is a player known for his flair and ability to find the net. With just 2.5% ownership, he’s a true differential with the potential to shine given the rumours of Kane’s departure to Bayern. If you’re looking for a player who has a really high potential to be FPL gold, then Richarlison might be your answer.

9. Robertson – £6.5m – 3.7% – DEF / LIV

Defenders can also be differentials, and Liverpool’s Andrew Robertson proves this point. With an ownership of 3.7%, Robertson is a top-tier defender who could surprise with attacking returns. Despite some challenging fixtures, his potential to provide clean sheets and assists could make him a standout pick for your FPL defense.

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As you finalize your FPL squad for GW1, don’t shy away from considering these underrated players with low ownership percentages. They carry the potential to make a significant impact, outperforming more popular choices and making your team truly stand out. By selecting these differentials strategically, you just might find yourself ahead of the curve and beating the odds in the early stages of the season.