October 5, 2023


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FPL GW1 captain picks: Salah, Haaland, Kane, and Saka the best gameweek 1 captain

FPL GW1 captain picks: Salah, Haaland, Kane, and Saka the best gameweek 1 captain

GW1 is finally here and it’s another double gameweek! As FPL managers, we know how important it is to choose the right captain every gameweek, and this week is no exception.

With so many great FPL assets to choose from, it can be tough to decide – Salah, Saka, Rashford, Haaland and Kane are all fantastic options to consider for captaincy this gameweek.

With this many options, the question is, who should you captain in GW1? well, that’s the question we’d be looking to answer in this article. In this article, we will take a closer look at the players mentioned and try to determine which one to captain in GW1. Let’s start and find the perfect captain pick for our FPL teams!

FPL GW1 captain poll: Who to captain GW1?

FPL GW1 captain poll: Who to captain GW1?
  1. According to the result of a GW1 captain picks poll conducted by ALLABOUTFPL, Erling Haaland is the player that most FPL managers are looking to captain in GW1, the Man City forward has the most vote, with 63% of managers voting him as their preferred GW1 captain.
  2. The player who has come in second in the GW1 captain picks poll, is Bukayo Saka. The Arsenal winger is being backed by 14% of FPL managers.
  3. In third, we have Marcus Rashford, who is being backed by 6% of FPL managers
  4. In fourth, we have Mo Salah who has picked up 8 votes so far.
  5. In fifth place, we have Harry Kane, who just like Salah, has picked up 8 votes.

Top FPL Captain Picks for GW1: Haaland Leads the Race According to Poll

The best FPL captain choice for GW1, based on the preferences of FPL managers, would be Erling Haaland. He received the highest percentage of votes (63%) as the preferred GW1 captain. This suggests that a significant majority of FPL managers are looking to captain Haaland for the first gameweek of the season.

The Best GW1 Captains

Now that we’ve heard from FPL managers, it is time for us to share our thoughts on who we think you should be looking to captain this gameweek. We have a list of five players, and we think that these five players would perform well in GW1 and that they’d be worth the captaincy in GW1.

5. FPL GW1 Captain: Mo Salah

Mo Salah ranks fifth on our list of top captain picks for GW1, and this might come as a surprise to many, considering his consistent and lethal performance in FPL.

However, the rationale behind placing Mo Salah in fifth position on our list of gameweek 1 captains is the upcoming fixtures. When compared to the other players on our list, Mo Salah faces a challenging GW1 fixture. Liverpool’s opening match is against Chelsea in gameweek 1, a game that has resulted in a goalless draw in their last three meetings.

Despite this, Mo Salah has proven himself to be fixture-proof and capable of scoring against any opponent. In fact, Salah boasts an impressive GW1 record. Since his introduction to the Premier League, he has never failed to contribute points in gameweek one.

Preseason has also showcased Mo Salah’s prowess in terms of goal involvement. Among the GW1 captain picks on our list, none have outperformed Mo Salah in preseason. He concluded the preseason with seven assists and two goals.

Given his remarkable preseason form and his historical GW1 record, Mo Salah remains a solid choice for a GW1 captain pick, regardless of the difficulty of his opening match. His potential to secure a goal or an assist is evident. If you have Mo Salah in your FPL team for GW1, he’s certainly a viable candidate for the captaincy.

4. FPL GW1 Captain: Harry Kane

The next player to consider from our list of strong captain picks for GW1 is Harry Kane. To be honest, Kane could potentially hold a higher position on this list. We are all well aware of Kane’s lethal and impressive performance last season. The Tottenham striker concluded the season with an impressive tally of 30 goals, finishing just nine points behind Erling Haaland’s total FPL points.

4. FPL GW1 Captain: Harry Kane stats

In the upcoming gameweek, Kane’s opponent is Brentford, presenting a rather favorable fixture for him. Kane holds the potential to secure a couple of goals in this match. However, a slight drawback is that Kane will be playing away from home in this fixture. This factor is why we’ve positioned him below the likes of Saka and Rashford in our GW1 captain picks list.

The distinction here is quite narrow, and it’s worth noting that Kane could easily outshine these two players in GW1. Tottenham has also shown significant improvement as a team, which enhances Kane’s allure and potential. The introduction of players like Maddison and a coach with an attacking football style implies that Kane would be presented with more goal-scoring opportunities in matches.

Kane undoubtedly stands as a strong choice for a GW1 captain. If you are among the fortunate managers who have the Tottenham forward in your squad, he presents a compelling differential captaincy option.

3. FPL GW1 Captain: Bukayo Saka

Among the players featured on our list, Bukayo Saka and Arsenal stand out with one of the most favorable GW1 fixtures. Their home game against Nott’m Forest presents a highly promising opportunity, one that FPL managers are likely to target. This context explains Saka’s inclusion in our selection of great GW1 captains.

Opting to captain Saka for this gameweek brings forth several advantages. You would be selecting a guaranteed starter who plays for one of the league’s most potent attacking teams. Additionally, Saka assumes penalty-taking responsibilities, boasts an excellent fixture, and ranks among the top performers from last season’s FPL.

FPL GW1 Captain: Bukayo Saka stats

Another advantageous aspect of choosing Saka is Nott’m Forest’s vulnerability on the flank where Saka operates. With a record of conceding 89 chances on Saka’s side, his potential for contributing to goals increases significantly.

If your intention is to deviate from the popular choice of Erling Haaland, Saka emerges as a prime option. Not only is he cost-effective, but he’s also a secure starter in a proficient attacking squad. Undoubtedly, Saka presents a strong case for a GW1 captaincy, and his attributes make him an appealing selection without a doubt.

2. FPL GW1 Captain: Erling Haaland

This might come as a surprise to many, but our favored GW1 captain will not be Erling Haaland. This decision holds substantial risk, considering his widespread ownership and the considerable number of managers considering captaining him. We won’t delve into the details of Haaland’s excellence and lethal ability, as that is widely acknowledged.

FPL GW1 Captain: Erling Haaland stats

The rationale behind our choice to diverge from Erling this gameweek stems from his recent form. Haaland has encountered difficulties, failing to find the net in three of his most recent competitive matches.

In the Community Shield match against Arsenal, Haaland’s expected goals (xG) stood at 0.00. While we understand his capabilities and swift potential for recovery, these factors contribute to our consideration of alternatives.

Another noteworthy aspect is Manchester City’s upcoming Super Cup fixture following their game against Burnley. This implies that Haaland’s playing time might be managed, potentially leading to reduced minutes or not completing the entire game.

Admittedly, Haaland remains an exceptional GW1 captain choice due to his illustrious track record, favorable fixture, and the fact that he plays for an attacking side in Manchester City.

Opting against him could potentially impact your ranking if your chosen captain underperforms—after all, he stands as the secure choice. However, GW1 encourages risk-taking, and we are inclined to embrace this approach.

1. FPL GW1 Captain: Marcus Rashford

The player we’re setting our sights on as our GW1 captain is Marcus Rashford. He will be facing Wolves, a team currently in a less than ideal state following their recent managerial change with Lopetegui’s departure. We anticipate that Manchester United will take advantage of this situation and deliver a strong performance at Old Trafford.

Furthermore, the absence of United’s new forward, Rasmus Hojlund, adds to Rashford’s appeal. This absence significantly boosts the likelihood of Rashford being fielded as the primary striker in this match, increasing his chances of finding the back of the net.

FPL GW1 Captain: Marcus Rashford stats

Rashford emerges as a fantastic choice primarily due to his fixture, which boasts a Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR) of two. Coupled with his strong form from last season, his role as a striker in this particular game, and the fact that United will be facing a Wolves side in a state of flux, Rashford’s candidacy gains substantial merit.

Rashford can be seen as a robust alternative to Erling Haaland. Additionally, we anticipate Rashford to enjoy more minutes on the field compared to Haaland this week. If you’re seeking an appealing differential option for this gameweek, Rashford stands out as an excellent candidate.

Other GW1 captain pick alternatives

If you’re looking for some other GW1 captain pick alternatives, players that would start, have great fixtures and are likely to return FPL points, then you should consider these players as well:

  1. Mitoma vs Luton Town: FDR of two and a nailed-on starter for Brighton.
  2. Eze vs Sheffield United: FDR of two, great preseason and a nailed-on starter for Crystal Palace.
  3. Bruno Fernandes vs Wolves: FDR of two, penalty duty, nailed-on starter and a super differential pick.

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