October 4, 2023


FPL Tips, News and Chip Strategy

FPL gameweek 36 tips: GW36 captain picks, bench boost team, free hit drafts and chip strategies

The season is slowly coming to an end with just two gameweeks left to go, we’ve decided to put together a complete GW36 guide.

We’d be sharing some gameweek 36 tips with you, we’d be looking at some of the best gameweek 36 captains, we’d also look at some bench boost and free hit teams for those who are bench boosting and free hitting this week.

So feel free to click the links in this post as it would be taking you to their individual articles.

FPL gameweek 36 tips: Who should you captain in gameweek 36

If you’ve got your triple captain chip left, double gameweek 36 is a really good time to make use of this chip. We have a lot of premium assets doubling this gameweek and that’s what makes it even more appealing.

The likes of Mohammed Salah, Kevin De Brunye, and Heung-Min Son are all really good GW36 triple captain picks. While there might be so many options, we can only pick one and that’s what this article is going to help you do.

In this article we’d be analyzing the various GW36 triple captain picks and we’d be hoping you can use our analysis to pick the right gameweek 36 captain.

FPL gameweek 36 tips: What players should you add to gameweek 36 bench boost team

The wait is finally over! the biggest double gameweeek is finally here and for those FPL managers who have been saving their bench boost chip, now is the time to activate it.

In this article, we take a look at some low budget assets you can add to your bench boost team, we also took our time to create a couple of gameweek 36 bench boost drafts

FPL GW36 tips: some double gameweek 36 free hit teams to consider

If you’ve planned to use your free hit chip this gameweek, then this article is for you. In this article we’d be looking at some of our free hit teams for gameweek 36. Without any fuss let’s get right in.

For some more FPL free hit drafts, feel free to check out this post by ALLABOUTFPL

FPL GW36 tips: the best time to wildcard, free hit and bench boost

One of the biggest talks when it comes to using our FPL chips at the moment, is when to play our free hit and bench boost chips.

The talks surrounding these chips have created the need for us to share our ideas and thoughts on what we’d do if we had these chips available. So seat back and enjoy our FPL chip strategy guide from now till the end of the season.