September 23, 2023


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FPL gameweek 33 tips: who are the best GW33 transfer targets

Gameweek 33 is around the corner and it promises to be yet another interesting double gameweek with a total of seven teams doubling in DGW33. Here’s a look at the teams that double in gameweek 33:

GW33 transfer targets: seven gameweek 33 transfer targets have a double gameweek

The likes of Brighton, Man United, Arsenal, Newcastle, Leicester, Southampton, and Burnley all double this week. Let’s now take a look at some GW33 transfer targets

GW33 transfer target: Brighton assets

Brighton play Spurs and Man city in double gameweek 33 and honestly those are two tricky fixtures – Spurs and Man city are two tough fixtures and Brighton really have not been all that great.

There really is no stand-out player in their team and it’d be much better if we avoid Brighton assets this double gameweek as they are much better options out there.

GW33 transfer targets: Arsenal assets

A couple of weeks ago, we were all holding onto our Arsenal assets and a lot of us were tripling up on Arsenal assets – it’s not been the best couple of weeks for Arsenal and none of their assets has turned up in the last two weeks.

If you do have Arsenal assets you should still keep them – Arsenal play against Southampton and Chelsea this double gameweek. The Chelsea game would be difficult but the one against Southampton is one you’d expect them to win.

Let’s not forget that even though Arsenal didn’t win against Brighton, they did create a ton of chances and were just unlucky not to have scored more goals.

Let’s take a look at the best Arsenal asset you should add to your team

Bukayo Saka

Bukayo Saka is the stand-out Arsenal asset. The Arsenal winger has been involved in 15 goals this season in the premier league scoring nine goals and assisting six.

The winger has been instrumental to the way Arsenal play – he has created the most chances amongst Arsenal assets, he also carries the most goal-scoring threat in Arsenal.

Arsenal play against a Southampton team that has been struggling to keep clean sheets. They recently just shipped six goals against Chelsea in gameweek 32.

Arsenal would need to step up their game this weekend – the game against Southampton is perfect for them – they play a team that has been struggling to win football games.

GW33 transfer targets: Newcastle assets

Newcastle have found their form in recent gameweeks – their recent run of good form has seen them leapfrog out of the relegation zone.

One of the reasons for this massive leap is their defense. The likes of Dubravka, Fabian Schar, and Kierrian Trippier have all been instrumental to their success and these are the players we would look to target in double gameweek 33.

So, if you’re on a wildcard, bench boost or free hit Dubravka and Fabian Schar are really good options this gameweek. The pair come up against Leicester and Crystal Palace two games that are winnable.

GW33 transfer targets: Manchester united assets

When it comes to inconsistency Manchester United have to be up there on the list – this club can’t stream more than two wins in a row.

This inconsistency has also affected their FPL assets from the goalkeeper to the forwards – there really is no stand-out player and if we’re to be completely honest, we are to avoid united assets.

However, while the team and players might be inconsistent, they do have brilliant players with great quality that can decide football games on their own.

These are the united assets we’d be looking to target and they are Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes and Jadon Sancho these are the players that have performed quite alright from an FPL point of view.

Man United face Norwich and Liverpool in DGW33 one game with an FDR of two and another with an FDR of five.

If we’re to judge based on form and FDR, it’s safe to say that United have just one gameweek in gameweek 33 – they play a Liverpool side that ripped them apart in the reverse leg 5-0 and since then there has not been any improvement.

If you are using a free transfer, wildcard, or free hit it’s better to consider assets from other teams in this gameweek because United assets are a big risk.

GW33 transfer targets: Leicester assets

Leicester City have one of the best double gameweek 33 fixtures – they play Newcastle and Everton two fixtures with an FDR of three and two. Leicester look to have found some form in recent weeks, winning two of their last four Premier League games.

Their team looks to be coming together and getting stronger as players return from injuries. They also have a lot of good options to pick from this double gameweek.

The likes of James Justin, Timothy Castagne, Harvey Barnes, James Maddison, Kelechi Iheanacho and Kasper Schmeichel are all good players to target this gameweek.

If you only had to pick three out of the six players mentioned then it’d be best to go for James Madddison, Harvey Barnes and Kasper Schmeichel.

GW33 transfer targets: Burnley assets

Burnley really has disappointed a lot of FPL managers including myself. For those of us who decided to invest in Burnley’s defense I do think it’s time to move on.

Burnley are known for keeping clean sheets and so far this season it has been the opposite – they just can’t keep clean sheets. This Burnley side can’t keep clean sheets and rarely score tons of goals – this makes their assets difficult to select or recommend.

If you need to pick a Burnley asset this double gameweek it has to be Cornet. He is their stand-out player, the one who looks like he can make things happen – he is their top scorer with seven goals this season and would be the pick of the bunch.

Double Gameweek 33 buy, keep and avoid

Having considered some assets we should target in DGW33, we now want to see which FPL assets we should buy, keep and avoid this gameweek.

What FPL assets should you buy in double gameweek 33

There are a couple of FPL assets worth bringing into your team in DGW33 these are assets in good form, assets with good fixtures and assets who are mid priced. Here’s a list of assets worth buying in DGW33

  • James Maddison
  • Kasper Schmeichel
  • Martin Dubravka
  • Fabian Schar

Leicester assets such as James Maddison and Kasper Schmeichel are not just good buys for double gameweek 33 – they are good long-term assets who can stay in your team from now until the end of the season as they have good fixtures and a couple of other double gameweeks coming up.

What FPL assets should you keep in double gameweek 33

If you have any FPL asset who has a double gameweek then you should still hold on to them. So your Arsenal assets, United assest, Brighton, Burnley, Southampton, Leicester and Newcastle assets are all worth holding onto for this double gameweek.

Single gameweek assets such as Liverpool’s assets, City, Chelsea and Spurs assets are all worth keeping this gameweek.

What FPL assets should you avoid in double gameweek 33

As for FPL assets to avoid this gameweek, I’d say Burnley, Brighton and united assets are all assets that we should stay clear off this DGW33.

A lot of FPL assets with single gameweeks would outperform these assets so it’s better to stick to those ones and avoid the teams mentioned above.