FPL Gameweek 32: The Ultimate Tips and Guide for GW32

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers are gearing up for the Gameweek 32 (GW32), with only a few matches remaining until the end of the season. With the title race heating up and teams fighting for a spot in the top four, it’s an exciting time for football fans.

In this article, we’ll give FPL managers tips and a guide to help them navigate GW32 and maximize their points haul. From player selections to captaincy choices, we’ll cover everything you need to know to give yourself the best chance of success in the upcoming gameweek.

Fantasy Premier League(FPL) Gameweek 32 Tips

1. Teams with High Win Percentages for GW32

As an FPL manager looking to make informed decisions for GW32, it’s helpful for you to know which teams have the highest win percentages for their upcoming matches. Here’s a breakdown of the top teams:

  1. Liverpool has the highest win percentage for their match against Nottingham Forest (85%).
  2. Arsenal has the second-highest win percentage for their match against Southampton (83%).
  3. Newcastle has a 55% chance of winning their match against Tottenham.
  4. Crystal Palace has a 50% chance of winning their match against Everton.
  5. Fulham has a 43% chance of winning their match against Leeds.
  6. Leicester has a 41% chance of winning their match against Wolves.

2. Using the Free Hit Chip in GW32

If you’re considering using the Free Hit (FH) chip in GW32, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The FH chip is expected to be popular in GW32 because it is a blank gameweek for Man City, Man United, Chelsea and Brighton.
  • Here are the percentages of FPL managers who have activated their free hit chip ahead of GW32, broken down by ranking: Top 1k: 24.2% Top 10k: 25.7% Top 100k: 33.2% Top 250k: 42.3% Top 500k: 51.6%
  • If you’re on free hit, then you’d want to check our free hit guide article for inspiration for your free hit team.

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3. Premier League GW32: Clean Sheet Percentages and FPL Team Selections

For FPL managers looking for defensive options for the upcoming game week, here are the clean sheet percentages for each team:

  1. Arsenal and Liverpool: 58%
  2. Crystal Palace: 45%
  3. Newcastle United: 38%
  4. Leicester City: 36%
  5. West Ham United: 33%
  6. Bournemouth: 31%
  7. Brentford and Aston Villa: 31%

Should FPL Managers Double Up on Liverpool Defense or Attack for GW32?

Liverpool’s recent victory over Leeds United may tempt some FPL managers to load up on attacking options for the upcoming game week. However, given their opponents'(Nott’m Forest) away scoring record, doubling up on Liverpool’s defense could also be a viable strategy.

Nott’m Forest, Liverpool’s opponents for GW32, have only scored five goals away from home this season. As a result, selecting both Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andrew Robertson, along with Mohamed Salah, could be a strong FPL strategy.

Premier League GW32: Likelihood of Over 2.5 Goals

For FPL managers looking for attacking options for the upcoming game week, here are the percentages of each team’s fixture having over 2.5 goals:

  • Liverpool vs. Nott’m Forest: 58%
  • Arsenal vs. Southampton: 55%
  • Newcastle United vs. Tottenham: 27%
  • Fulham vs. Leeds United: 22%
  • Crystal Palace, Brentford, Leicester City, and West Ham United: 18%-15%

While these percentages can be a useful starting point, it’s important to consider other factors such as player form, injuries, and fixtures before making any FPL selections based solely on these numbers.

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4. A Guide to Maximizing Points for GW32 FPL Team Selection

Anytime Goalscorer Odds

Anytime goalscorer odds can help FPL managers choose attacking players for their team. The list includes:

  1. Mohamed Salah of Liverpool at 56%
  2. Gabriel Jesus of Arsenal at 55%
  3. Diogo Jota of Liverpool at 49%

Other players with high goal-scoring odds this gameweek are, Gakpo of Liverpool, Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka of Arsenal, Isak of Newcastle, Toney of Brentford, Odegaard of Arsenal, and Kane of Tottenham. To see more players with good goal-scoring odds, check out fplreview.com

Teams with High Win Percentages

As an FPL manager, you may find it helpful to know which teams have high win percentages for GW32.

  1. Liverpool has the highest win percentage for their match against Nott’m Forest at 85%
  2. Arsenal is at 83% for their match against Southampton.

Other teams with high win percentages include Newcastle (55%), Crystal Palace (50%), Fulham (43%), and Leicester (41%). Nonetheless, managers should consider other factors before making their team selections.

Teams with High Clean Sheet Percentages

Teams with high clean sheet percentages for GW32 are:

  1. Arsenal and Liverpool have the highest clean sheet percentages at 58%,
  2. followed by Crystal Palace at 45%.
  3. Newcastle (38%)
  4. Leicester (36%)
  5. West Ham (33%)
  6. Bournemouth (31%).

6. GW32 Captaincy Options

In terms of captaincy this week, there are a lot of solid options and picks. We have the likes of: Martinelli, Kane, Salah, Arnold, Watkins and Saka. These players are all great options. However, there’s a standout pick and one that we’re backing this gameweek. To find out, check out our article:

7. GW32 Differentials

Here are some spicy differential picks for GW32. This players would be great for those on a free hit and those who are chasing rank.

🟣 Moreno 2.7%
⚪ Ream 2.6%
🟣 Guehi 2.2%
🟣 Andersen 1.7%

🔴 Gakpo 4.9%
⚪ Rodrigo 4.1%
🟣 Bowen 3.7%
🔴 Billing 1.6%
🟣 Benrahma 1.1%
🟣 Ayew 0.5%

🔴 Solanke 3.3%
🔴 Jota 1.1%

8. Transferred-out and Sought-after Players

The top players being transferred out by fantasy football managers ahead of GW32 include Rashford and Haaland, while the most sought-after players leading up to GW32 include Eze, Watkins, Salah, Alexander-Arnold, and Mings. See full list here: fantasy.premierleague

9. GW32 Premier League Predicted Lineups, Team News, and Injury Updates

With GW33 close to GW32, then could be rotation most especially in the Arsenal camp. Find what players could be rotated and what players are injured in our:


In conclusion, FPL GW32 presents a great opportunity for FPL managers to maximize their points hauls with the right team selections. Hopefully, this guide has provided some useful tips and insights to help you make informed decisions. Remember to also check out our other articles for GW32, including predicted lineups, injury updates, and captain picks.

If you’re considering using your wildcard, we also have a comprehensive guide on the best GW32 wildcard teams, as well as FPL tips and team selections for the gameweek. And for those considering using their free hit chip, we have a detailed guide on the best free hit teams for GW32. Good luck with your FPL team selections and may your gameweek 32 be a success!

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