October 5, 2023


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FPL Gameweek 3 Transfer Tips, Strategy and Team Selection

FPL Gameweek 3 Transfer Tips, Strategy and Team Selection

Gameweek 2 has just gone by and man was it a fun and exciting one, we’re already feeling the thrill of the new season. GW2 was eventful we saw some surprises and standout performances, now that it’s done, it’s time to pivot our strategies and make the smartest moves for Gameweek 3. In this article, we’ll be diving into the key transfer tips, strategy adjustments, and our ideal Gameweek 3 FPL team.

1. FPL Gameweek 3 Transfer Targets

As we gear up for Gameweek 3, it’s important to keep an eye on the most transferred-in players. These individuals have captured the attention of FPL managers, making them prime candidates for potential additions to your squad. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most transferred in FPL players ahead of gameweek 3:

  1. Mbeumo (Brentford, MID)
    • Cost: 6.6
    • Selected by: 16.6%
    • Form: 11.5
    • Points: 23
    • Transfers In: 457,534
  2. Estupiñan (Brighton, DEF)
    • Cost: 5.2
    • Selected by: 59.9%
    • Form: 9.0
    • Points: 18
    • Transfers In: 375,816
  3. Wissa (Brentford, FWD)
    • Cost: 6.1
    • Selected by: 10.9%
    • Form: 10.0
    • Points: 20
    • Transfers In: 350,942
  4. Mitoma (Brighton, MID)
    • Cost: 6.6
    • Selected by: 41.7%
    • Form: 8.5
    • Points: 17
    • Transfers In: 297,556
  5. March (Brighton, MID)
    • Cost: 6.6
    • Selected by: 7.5%
    • Form: 12.0
    • Points: 24
    • Transfers In: 288,645
  6. Chilwell (Chelsea, DEF)
    • Cost: 5.7
    • Selected by: 24.4%
    • Form: 4.0
    • Points: 8
    • Transfers In: 270,532
  7. Isak (Newcastle, FWD)
    • Cost: 7.6
    • Selected by: 27.0%
    • Form: 7.5
    • Points: 15
    • Transfers In: 210,736
  8. Luis Díaz (Liverpool, MID)
    • Cost: 7.6
    • Selected by: 12.1%
    • Form: 7.5
    • Points: 15
    • Transfers In: 200,705
  9. Akanji (Man City, DEF)
    • Cost: 5.1
    • Selected by: 8.2%
    • Form: 6.5
    • Points: 13
    • Transfers In: 185,193
  10. Foden (Man City, MID)
    • Cost: 7.5
    • Selected by: 10.3%
    • Form: 6.0
    • Points: 12
    • Transfers In: 164,040
the most transferred in FPL players ahead of gameweek 3:

2. FPL Gameweek 3 Most Transferred-Out Players

These players are seeing a significant number of transfers out, indicating potential concerns about their performance or playing time heading into Gameweek 3:

  1. James (Chelsea, DEF)
    • Cost: 5.5
    • Selected by: 10.1%
    • Form: 1.0
    • Points: 2
    • Transfers Out: 350,487
  2. Stones (Man City, DEF)
    • Cost: 5.4
    • Selected by: 12.8%
    • Form: 0.0
    • Points: 0
    • Transfers Out: 346,156
  3. Mac Allister (Liverpool, MID)
    • Cost: 6.0
    • Selected by: 8.2%
    • Form: -0.5
    • Points: -1
    • Transfers Out: 268,184
  4. Rashford (Man Utd, MID)
    • Cost: 9.0
    • Selected by: 45.4%
    • Form: 2.5
    • Points: 5
    • Transfers Out: 258,142
  5. Darwin (Liverpool, FWD)
    • Cost: 7.4
    • Selected by: 9.9%
    • Form: 1.0
    • Points: 2
    • Transfers Out: 212,752
  6. João Pedro (Brighton, FWD)
    • Cost: 5.6
    • Selected by: 25.2%
    • Form: 3.5
    • Points: 7
    • Transfers Out: 209,231
  7. Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool, DEF)
    • Cost: 8.0
    • Selected by: 16.2%
    • Form: 1.5
    • Points: 3
    • Transfers Out: 204,447
  8. Gabriel (Arsenal, DEF)
    • Cost: 5.0
    • Selected by: 27.2%
    • Form: 1.0
    • Points: 2
    • Transfers Out: 175,929
  9. B.Fernandes (Man Utd, MID)
    • Cost: 8.5
    • Selected by: 23.9%
    • Form: 2.0
    • Points: 4
    • Transfers Out: 171,325
  10. De Bruyne (Man City, MID)
    • Cost: 10.3
    • Selected by: 3.7%
    • Form: 0.5
    • Points: 1
    • Transfers Out: 110,985
  11. Maddison (Spurs, MID)
    • Cost: 7.6
    • Selected by: 14.5%
    • Form: 6.0
    • Points: 12
    • Transfers Out: 107,998
  12. Salah (Liverpool, MID)
    • Cost: 12.5
    • Selected by: 29.5%
    • Form: 5.0
    • Points: 10
    • Transfers Out: 105,103
FPL Gameweek 3 Most Transferred-Out Players

GW3 Fixtures To Target

1. Man City vs Sheffield United

Man City showed their strong performance again in the second game. Now they’re playing against Sheffield United, who lost both of their last two games when playing away from home.City is most likely to win this match, and I think they will win easily.

It’d be a good transfer strategy to target assets from Man City. Julian Alvarez, Phil Foden and Ederson are all great picks

2. Chelsea vs Luton Town

Pochettino’s time at Chelsea has begun fairly well. Following a disappointing defeat to West Ham, Chelsea now have an opportunity to secure their first victory of the season. A win against Chelsea would also mark their first triumph at their home stadium in half a year.

Chilwell and Nico Jackson are the standout picks from Chelsea this gameweek.

3. Spurs vs Bournemouth

Tottenham team, which hasn’t been defeated yet, is set for a favorable series of matches in the coming three games. They will be up against Bournemouth in GW3. In their following eight matches, they will also compete against Burnley, Sheffield United, Luton, Fulham, and Palace.

Their assets are great long-term picks. Going for Udogie, Maddison(if fit) and Son could be a nice transfer strategy.

The Best FPL Players to Buy for Gameweek 3

We now want to share our transfer recommendations for GW3. We want to see the best goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders and forwards you can buy in FPL this gameweek.

The Best Goalkeeper To Transfer Into Your FPL Team – Gameweek 3

1. Ederson Moraes

If you’re looking to get a nailed-on City asset that’d start and get you clean sheet points this gameweek, then Ederson Moraes is a pretty good pick. Man City’s defense has been solid so far this season, with the citizens keeping two clean sheets in their opening two games. He’s priced at 5.5million and is owned by 17.5% of FPL managers. In fact, he’s the most transferred-in goalkeeper ahead of GW3.

He’s a really solid option, if you have the funds to make this switch, then he’s a good buy not just for this gameweek, but he’d be great in subsequent gameweeks given Man City’s fixtures.

The Best Defenders To Transfer Into Your FPL Team – Gameweek 3

Aside from the obvious picks like Estupinan and Chilwell, here are some other great defender picks for GW3.

1. Ruben Dias

Again, another Man City asset is on our list and that’s because of how impressive they’ve been defensively this season. If you don’t want to go for Ederson and want someone who could pop up with a goal maybe from set-piece, then Ruben Dias is another really great shout.

Priced at 5.5million, Dias is another defender who is almost guaranteed a place in Guardiola’s side when he’s fit – he is a good way to get into City’s defense and he’s less likely to be rotated.

Kyle Walker and Akanji are great picks as well. However, at the moment, we’d go with either one of Dias or Walker as the safer options and picks.

2. Saliba

For those who went for Gabriel and still want an Arsenal defender in their side, then a switch to Saliba is the best alternative at the moment. He clearly is Arsenal’s main center back and he’s more nailed-on than Gabriel. He can also pop-up with a goal or an assist as we’ve seen earlier this season.

At the moment, Arsenal’s defense has looked pretty solid conceding just one goal in two games and in those two games, Saliba has played 180 minutes and returned 13 points. He is the best Arsenal defender to own at the moment.

3. Rico Henry

A differential pick is next on our list and that’s Rico Henry of Brentford. A full-back that plays for a side that’s really solid defensively, a total of nine points in his last two games – he has scored and kept a clean sheet already this season.

His next game in GW3, is against Crystal Palace a fixture that Henry could potentially get you clean sheet points or even an assist. Henry is not just a good buy for this gameweek, but he’s a great long-term pick whose fixtures are decent up until GW11.

He’s a cheap differential, a nice budget enabler and guaranteed starter for a good side – he’s one to consider.

Find out what teams are expected to keep clean sheets this gameweek in our article: FPL GW3: Clean Sheet Odds, Anytime Scorer Predictions, and FPL Points Projections

The Best Midfielders To Transfer Into Your FPL Team – Gameweek 3

4. Phil Foden

In terms of midfielders to buy this gameweek, there’s only one name that stands out and that’s Phil Foden of Man City. He is a great option and good buy this gameweek. He looks like he’s been given the De Brunye role and he has stepped up and embraced it.

His game against Newcastle was perfect and his underlying numbers show that his ceiling is high as an FPL asset. He created a lot of chances and got into advanced positions.

You rarely see a midfielder with just one assist in a game get all three bonus points; that was the case with Foden on Saturday. That shows you that he was involved in every good thing Man City did. He had an xG of 0.33, xA of 0.53 and an xGI of 0.86 – his numbers are impressive.

With De Brunye out we expect Foden to start the majority of City’s games up until the UCL. He is a good buy not just for GW3, he is also a great long-term pick.

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Other Great Midfield Picks for GW3

If you have Mitoma, March, Mbuemo, Rashford, Saka then there’s no need to sell them as these players have pretty good fixtures in GW3 and are still great long-term picks.

However, for those who own Bruno or Salah we do think that selling them this gameweek is a good option as these players aren’t proving to be great value for money. Going for mid-priced midfielders seems to be a much better strategy.

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The Best Forwads To Transfer Into Your FPL Team – Gameweek 3

5. Wissa or Alvarez

If you’re looking for a Joao Pedro replacement or a nice cheap third striker, then go for either Alvarez or Wissa. Both are great picks and both have great fixtures this week and in subsequent weeks.

That being said, there are still a few things you might want to keep in mind before making this transfer. One of them is that Alvarez is 0.4million more expensive than Wissa, another thing is their positioning on the field.

On the field, Alvarez seems to be playing behind Haaland. He is not Man City’s center forward based on the way City set up. Wissa on the other hand, seems to play further up the pitch when compared to Alvarez.

Another thing to consider is gametime. Alvarez’s minutes could be reduced when Bernado returns which is not far away. While Wissa seems to be a guaranteed starter for Brentford at the moment.

Both players are great buys, however, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of going for either one of them. The truth remains that Alvarez plays for Man City and the potential for him to get a hattrick is pretty high because of how attacking City is – that explosiveness might not be present in Wissa.

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Bargain Buys For GW3

If you’re for cheap budget players that have great fixtures and high potential this gameweek, then here are a few players you could consider.

1. Destiny Udogie – Defender – Tottenham – Priced at £4.5 million

If you’re looking for a Gabriel replacement, then look no further than Udogie. A 4.5 million defender whom Ange has given a lot of responsibility. He also seems to be playing in an advanced role in Ange’s system. This increases his chances of getting a goal or an assist.

He moves towards the inside and makes runs into the spaces between opponents’ players. However, Tottenham’s defense seems vulnerable. But, if you’re looking for a cheap nailed-on attacking full-back with great set of fixtures then Udogie is a good shout.

2. Malo Gusto – Defender – Chelsea – Priced at £4.0 million

Gusto is another budget-friendly defender priced at £4.0 million – he is one that has high potential and would be a great bench fodder. We predict he’ll be in the starting lineup for most if not all, matches in Pochettino’s 4-2-3-1 formation due to James being injured.

It is also important to note that Chelsea’s defense has also shown vulnerabilities – clean sheets aren’t guaranteed. However, with Gusto you get a nice bench fodder that you can rotate with your main players and he also offers you a cheap route into Chelsea’s defense.

3. Pape Matar Sarr – MID – TOT – £4.5m

Another player that has high potential is Sarr of Spurs and this is because of the playing style of his coach. Ange Postecoglou loves creating chances in the half-spaces. Because of this, Sarr gets into advanced positions in and around the box, as shown against United. After an excellent performance last gameweek, we’d expect him to start regularly.

GW3 Transfer Dilemmas: What To Do With Your FPL Assets

1. Transfer Dilemma: Gabriel and Rashford – Sell or Hold?

It might be wise to consider selling Gabriel, even though he might make another appearance soon, he’s still a risk since he is not guaranteed a start. There are several more affordable defensive choices available, such as Henry, Udogie, and Gusto, that we can switch to. As for Rashford, it’s recommended to retain him for this game week, despite his unconvincing performance as a forward.

2. Transfer Dilemma: Watkins to Alvarez/Jackson?

If you can utilize the extra budget effectively by replacing Watkins, then we suggest making the change. However, if you’re unable to do so, then it’s a good idea to hold onto him. After his hattrick on Wednesday, we’d say give him another gameweek.

FPL Gameweek 3 Team Selection Based on The Most Transferred In Players

Here’s our final GW3 team. This is team is picked solely for gameweek 3 – it doesn’t take the long-term into consideration. These are the players we think would get the most points this gameweek.

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FPL Gameweek 3 Team Selection

Ultimately, the best transfers for Gameweek 3 are those that blend strategic foresight with adaptability, capitalizing on emerging trends while remaining cautious of potential pitfalls. We hope that the players we’ve selected as great transfers for this week, prove to be amazing.