September 23, 2023


FPL Tips, News and Chip Strategy

FPL gameweek 2 tips: GW2 captain picks, wildcard drafts, team reveal, transfer targets, differential picks, and chip strategies


Gameweek 2 is almost here and we at raensports have put together a complete GW2 guide. In this guide, we walk through some of the best GW2 captain picks, we created a wildcard draft for those looking to wildcard in gameweek 2, we’ve also put together a complete chip strategy guide to help guide FPL managers on how and when to use their various FPL chips.

Do make sure to stick around and click the links to the various FPL articles. Without further ado let’s get right into it.

FPL gameweek 2 tips: who should you captain in GW2

One of the toughest decision this gameweek, is who to place the captain’s armband on. There are a lot of really good options that we FPL managers can pick from, we have the likes of Mo Salah, Erling Haaland and Kevin De Brunye.

In our GW2 captain picks article, we take a closer look at these FPL assets Mo Salah and Erling Haaaland, we compare their stats, we analyse their fixtures and after that we then decided on the best GW2 captain.

We also took a look at some spicy differential GW2 captains in the article. We have two standout differential GW2 captain picks do make sure to give it a read as it’s quite helpful.

Link to article: GW2 captain picks: Haaland, Salah, KDB who should you captain in gameweek 2

FPL gameweek 2 tips: GW2 transfer targets, team reveal and differential picks

Yet another really good article and one that you should read if you’re looking to make one transfer ahead of GW2 or if you’re looking to roll over your transfer up until GW3.

In this article we answer some GW2 questions, questions like: which FPL assets should you buy in GW2?, What FPL assets should I sell ahead of gameweek 2?,  Should you buy/hold Ivan Perisic? When is the right time to buy Darwin Nunez?

Answer to those questions were given in our GW2 transfer targets, team reveal and differential picks article. We also took our time to suggest some really nice differential options – players with low ownership that could help you move up in your mini-leagues.

After doing all of that, we then reveal our GW2 team.

Link to article: GW2 transfer targets, team reveal and differential picks

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FPL gameweek 2 tips: GW2 wildcard, teams and players to target

In our GW2 wildcard post, we take our time to analyse some of the best players and teams to target if you are activating your wildcard in gameweek 2.

We created a couple of wildcard drafts, we stated the pro and cons of those wildcard drafts and then we walked through a solution to the cons of our wildcard draft.

We also wrote about the various teams and FPL assets that would be great additions to your draft, we analyse who would be a better addition to your wildcard team, Kane or Haaland.

A really detailed article filled with a lot of nice stats and information that would help you create a decent GW2 wildcard.

Link to article: GW2 wildcard draft template: teams and players to target gameweek 2 wildcard draft

FPL gameweek 2 tips: chip strategy from now until world cup break

There’s no doubt that the proper usage of our FPL chips, can see a rise in rankings for you, while a careless use of your chips, can lead to a drastic fall in rankings. In other words, your FPL chips are really important and they can decide how high you rank in the game.

In this article, we provided you with important dates in the 2022/23 season, we take look at when potential double gameweeks might come up, we also took a look at when the international breaks would be starting and then we used that information to draft out an FPL chip strategy guide that can help you get the best out of your various FPL chips.

If you’re sure when to use wildcard and bench boost then this article is for you.

Link to article: FPL chip strategy guide: When to wildcard, bench boost and free hit

Predicted GW2 Lineups Of All 20 PL Teams

Lastly, you can checkout this article by ALLABOUTFPL. In this blog, we’ll deep dive and predict the GW1 lineups of all 20 PL teams going into GW2 of the 2022/23 Premier League season. Article penned by @FPLHindsight(Drop him a follow on Twitter).

So if you’re looking to know what players would be starting this gameweek, then check out this article by @FPLHindsight.

Link to article: Predicted GW2 Lineups Of All 20 PL Teams