September 23, 2023


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FPL draft tips: (4.5million-13.0 million) the best midfielder picks in every price range

the best midfielder picks in every price range

We’re a couple of weeks away from the 2022/23 FPL season and many of us are still trying to create our ideal draft ahead of GW1. We all have created a ton of drafts and still can’t bring ourselves to pick one. Many at times, the midfield position is one that we struggle with.

There are so many good options available to us in midfield in all price range (from 5.0miilion-13million), which makes it hard for us to pick the right ones.

In this article, we’d be looking at some of the best FPL midfielders in the price range of (4.5million-13million) this would help you know the best budget midfielders and the best premium midfielders for your FPL draft.

The best midfielder picks: The best budget 4.5-5.0million FPL midfielder

There are a couple of good budget 4.5million-5.0million FPL midfielders. However, the three we’re going to be focusing on in this category, are Anthony Elanga, the Man United midfielder who is priced at 5.0million, Andreas Pereira, who is currently at Fulham, priced at 4.5million and Leon Bailey of Aston Villa who is worth 5.0million

These are very good budget enablers and could be a good addition to your squad, if you’re looking for a budget midfielder to fill up that last midfield space.

The question now is, who would be the better budget enabler midfield pick out of the two? Well, Andreas Pereira is looking like the best budget midfielder priced at 4.5million in the game at the moment, while Leon Bailey is the best budget midfielder priced at 5.0million.

Bailey has had an impressive pre-season for Aston Villa with the winger getting a goal and an assist in Aston Villa’s last preseason game against Manchester United. Here’s what Aston Villa’s boss had to say about Leon Bailey’s impressive display:

If you have 5.0miilion and you’re looking for a really good budget enabler that has an eye for goal, then Leon Bailey is the best you’re going to get.

The best midfielder picks The best budget 5.5-6.0million FPL midfielder

There are so many good midfield options in the 5.5million-6.0million price range. We have the likes of Anthony Gordon (5.5million), Jacob Ramsey(5.5million), Pedro Neto(5.5million) and Gabriel Martinelli who is 6.0million.

These are all decent budget midfielder picks; however the two that stand-out for us, are Pedro Neto of Wolves and Gabriel Martinelli of Arsenal.

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These two set of assets are really good picks and are the best in their price bracket, that’s why they’re highly owned in the game. The question still remains, who is the better pick?

For us, we’re going to go for Pedro Neto. He has been really impressive in Wolves pre-season games; scoring three goals and assisting one.

He’s also 0.5million cheaper than Martinelli and could start more games, since Wolves, don’t have any European commitments, he won’t be rotated as much.

Wolves, just like Arsenal also have really decent opening games that Pedro Neto could possibly profit from.

The best midfielder picks: The best budget 6.5-7.0million FPL midfielder

The further we go, the harder this gets. Midfielders in this 6.5-7.0million price range, are often overlooked by FPL managers and truth be told, there are some really good options in this price bracket. We have:

  • James Ward-Prowse(6.5 million)
  • Marcus Rashford(6.5million)
  • Alan Saint-Maximim(6.5million)
  • Harvey Barnes(7.0million)
  • Jack Grealish(7.0million)
  • Bernado Silva(7.0milion)
  • Zaha(7.0milion)
  • Countinho(7.0million)

From these list of FPL midfielders, Coutinho we’d say is the best midfielder to go for in the 7.0million price bracket, while Marcus Rashford would be the best 6.5million midfielder.

And why are they the best? Well, for one, they are guaranteed game time at their respective clubs, they also have decent set of opening fixtures and the potential for some attacking returns are also high.

Jack Grealish(7.0million) and Bruno Gumaraes(6.5million) are also really good shouts in this price bracket. Newcastle and Man City have much better fixtures than Aston Villa and Man United.

The thing is with Man City assets, you never know when they’re going to start and that alone makes Coutinho or Rashford much better picks than Grealish.

Bruno Gumaraes is also another really shout, however, Coutinho and Marcus Rashford play further up the pitch than the Newcastle man which increases their chance of out performing him.

The best midfielder picks: The best budget 7.5-8.5million FPL midfielder

This is that sweet spot for midfielders, a lot of really good assets are in this price bracket, your Man city, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs and United assets are in here. We have the likes of:

  • Jadon Sancho (7.5million)
  • Mason Mount (8.0million)
  • Bukayo Saka (8.0million)
  • Dejan Kulusevski (8.0million)
  • Phil Foden (8.0million)
  • Riyad Mahrez (8.0million)
  • Luis Diaz (8.0million)
  • James Maddison (8.0million)
  • Jarrod Bowen (8.5million)

A lot of good assets that would not be bad additions to your FPL draft. In fact, you can make a case for all of these players- they’re all really good picks. So instead of us just stating out the best, we’d be creating a tier list for these assets, ranking them from great options-meh

In the great option tier, we have Bukayo Saka, Luis Dias, Riyhad Mahrez and Mason Mount; these four assets are really good options, they have great fixtures, would start enough games for their individual teams and have the potential to be explosive.

The best, and the player who we think is the pick of the bunch, is Bukayo Saka. The Arsenal winger is a nailed on starter for Arsenal, is part of a really exciting attack, has great fixtures and is one who can get you a goal and an assist.

The optional category are players who we think are pretty decent options and could be a part of your team but aren’t as good as those in the great option tierlist

Lastly, those in meh, are wait and see for us. They could be good in the future, but for now we’d want to see how things go with them before adding them to our FPL draft

The best midfielder picks: The best premium assets 10.0-13.0million FPL midfielder

When it comes to premium midfielder assets, there’s one player that’s very popular in the game, and that’s Mohammed Salah of Liverpool. Mohammed Salah has proven to be one of the best FPL assets since his arrival to the Premier League.

He has shown us that he’s fixture proof, that he can score goals as well as assist them. He also has an incredible record of scoring in the opening game of every season.

It won’t be the best of moves to go against the Egyptian winger at the start of the season most especially when he’s up against newly promoted Fulham.

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Some other really good premium midfield options are Son and Kevin De Brunye; these two a couple of million cheaper than Mo Salah and are really good alternatives.

Son for one, performed really well last season, scoring the same amount of goals as Salah. While De Brunye in the second half of the season, reminded us of his quality in front of goal as well.

These three are really good picks but the safest pick is Mo Salah and for that reason we’d be going with him as the best premium midfield pick for your FPL draft.

What five midfielders should you add to your GW1 FPL draft

5. Pedro Neto(5.5million)

In order for us to stay within our budget, we need a really good budget enabler and that’s exactly what Pedro Neto is. Neto is the best option in that price bracket.

He plays further up the pitch, has had a really good preseason and has nice set of opening fixtures.

4. Leon Bailey (5.0million)

Leon Bailey, just like Neto is another really good budget enabler and would be a great addition to any FPL team this season. A 5.0million midfielder who is playing as a winger in real life, in a really good attacking side is an opportunity we do not want to pass up. He has also had a really good preseason and if he can stay fit, then he’d provide nice value for money.

3. Bukayo Saka(8.0million)

Going for two midfielders in the 5.5-5.0 million price bracket, allows us to go for two midfielders in the 8.0 million bracket. And the first 8.0 million midfielder that we’d be getting, would be Bukayo Saka.

Saka is one player who had a really good season, last season, scoring 11 goals and assisting 7. You’d expect him to better that- because Arsenal have added more quality to their attack this season.

Aside from Liverpool and Man City, Arsenal are the next side with pretty decent fixtures in the top six so it won’t even be bad to triple up on their assets.

2. Luis Diaz(8.0million)

It’s a really tough pick between Diaz and Mahrez. Well, Diaz edges it just because he’s the safer pick and would probably get more minutes than Riyad Mahrez.

Mahrez, however, is not a bad pick and could be a really good way to get into Man City’s attack. He also doesn’t have so much competition is his position as Gabby Jesus and Raheem Sterling have both left the club.

So yeah, chances are that Mahrez gets more game time; but with Pep, you never know.

1. Mohammed Salah(13.0million)

Yeah, you probably guessed it, Mo Salah is the first and best midfielder pick and is one you should add to your draft. His consistency, reliability, and the fact that you could captain him every gameweek, makes him a very essential part of any FPL team.

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