FPL DGW22 scout picks and team selection

FPL DGW22 scout picks and team selection

Welcome to raensport’s FPL double gameweek 22 scout picks and team selection article.

In this article, we’d be recommending 15 of the best FPL assets for DGW22 and after sharing our player picks, we’d then reveal our gameweek 22 team.

We hope you enjoy our DGW22 scout picks article. Feel free to also check out other scout picks articles done by experts so that you can have a variety of options and ideas of players you can go for this gameweek.

Please also note that the players that we’d be picking for our GW22 team, are players that we think are great for this gameweek only – the team we’d be selecting doesn’t have the long term in mind.

FPL DGW22 Scout Picks

FPL DGW22 Scout picks- Goal keepers

FPL DGW22 Scout picks- Goal keepers

This gameweek, our goal keeper picks, would be David De Gea and Arrizabalaga. These two goal keepers have been immense in FPL this season and are amongst the top goal keepers in the game currently.

In DGW22, they both have pretty decent fixtures – Man United have a double gameweek and they face Crystal Palace and Leeds, while Chelsea face Fulham.

We expect De Gea to do well this gameweek and that’s because he plays twice and we know that it’s good practice to target double gameweek players.

De Gea is also amongst the top five players, expected to pick up the most FPL points in GW22 and that makes him even more appealing.

FPL DGW22 Scout picks – Defenders

FPL DGW22 Scout picks - Defenders

Here are our five defender picks for double gameweek 22. These five players play for the top five teams predicted to keep clean sheets in DGW22.

You can see that our scouts are looking to select FPL defenders from the following teams: Arsenal, Chlesea, Brighton, Newcastle and Man United.

You can also see that the players that we are selecting from these teams, are the players that are guaranteed to start, and also FPL assets that have high goal scoring and assists potential.

FPL DGW22 Scout picks – midfielders

FPL DGW22 Scout picks - midfielders

Here are our midfielder scout picks for GW22. In this list, you can see that we’ve selected two double gameweek players in Rashford and Rodrigo and these two double gameweek players, are also expected to pick up pretty decent amount of FPL points – according to fantasyfootballhub point predictions.

The other players that we have on the list are in-form players like: Saka, Mitoma and a differential pick in Mudryk. These are the midfielders that our scouts believe would perform well in double gameweek 22.

FPL DGW22 Scout picks – forwards

FPL DGW22 Scout picks - forwards

Our scouts have also now revealed their DGW22 forward picks as well. You can see that they are going with three of the most in-form forwards.

These are three forwards that also have pretty good fixtures this gameweek and come against teams that are less likely to keep clean sheets in gameweek 22.

They are also in the top five of likely DGW22 goal scorers and so, our scouts think they’re the best forward picks out there in the game.

Full FPL DGW22 Scout Picks Team

FPL GW22 Scout Picks Team

If you want to see how we build a team with the long-term in mind, then check out our: FPL DGW22 wildcard team: some of the best gameweek 22 FPL teams, article.

Here’s our scout’s final double gameweek 22 team and this team costs a total of 96.4 million to build. In the starting eleven, we have the following:


David De gea














Bench Players

And on the bench, we’ve got the following players:

Kepa Arrizabalaga, Dunk, Mudryk and Badiashile

If you don’t know which one of these players to buy, then we have an article that can help you with that, feel free to check out our: FPL GW22 transfer strategy: the best Cancelo and Almiron replacements.


These are the 15 players that our scouts think and believe would do well this gameweek.

In this GW22 scout picks and team reveal article, we’ve selected the most in-form players in the game, the players with the best fixtures this week, players predicted to pick up the most FPL points, players with great underlying numbers and players with great clean sheet and goal scoring odds.

We also want you to know that we’d be sharing more FPL tips that would help you this gameweek, so make sure to stay tuned and check back for more helpful gameweek 22 articles.

We’d be covering captain picks, odds and predictions, chip strategies, wildcard teams, transfer tips and strategies and a general tips article, where we’d answering questions that FPL managers are asking.

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