FPL DGW20 wildcard team: some of the best double gameweek 20 FPL teams

Double gameweek 20 is here and it’s the second double gameweek of the season, the first double wasn’t so big as only two teams doubled, this one however, is much bigger as four teams double.

In this article, we’d be creating three double gameweek 19 teams, we’d also be using different strategies as we create our teams.

In our first DGW20 team, we’d be going big at the back, in the second team, we’d be investing in midfielders and lastly, in the third team, we’d be going all in on forwards.

We hope this article is helpful and that you enjoy it as well.

Some important things to keep in mind as you play your FPL wildcard in gameweek 20

As you create your GW20 wildcard team, here are couple of things you should keep in mind:

  • First, you want to try as much as possible to select players that are guaranteed a place in the first eleven of their teams.
  • You want to keep the long term in mind when selecting players for your GW20 team.
  • You want to try and have a solid bench, in case of rotations and injuries.
  • It’d also be great if you don’t over select players with double gameweeks, it’d be nice to have a balanced team.

The best teams to target for your GW20 FPL wildcard team

To help you know the teams that have double gameweeks coming up and the teams with good fixtures, here is a really nice fixture ticker done by @RegretFpl:

Here are some of the teams with good fixtures:

  1. Arsenal
  2. Aston Villa
  3. Bournemouth
  4. Brentford
  5. Brighton
  6. Chelsea
  7. Crystal Palace
  8. Everton
  9. Fulham
  10. Leeds

Here are the teams that have double gameweeks coming up:

  • Man City
  • Spurs
  • Man united
  • Crystal Palace

It’d be a really good idea to target FPL assets from the teams listed above, as these teams have great fixtures and their players would be great long term picks.

1. GW20 wildcard team: Going big at the back

GW20 wildcard team: Going big at the back

In this GW20 team, we’ve decided to go big at the back, and this involves targeting top premium defenders who have good clean sheet odds and attacking returning odds.

We’ve also done this to help you have an idea of some of the best defenders to target this gameweek.

In the team above we’ve selected three defenders who have double gameweeks and if you take a look at this week’s clean sheet odds, you’d find out that out of the four teams who have double gameweeks, only City are high up in the clean sheet odds ranking.

This simply means that when selecting your GW20 wildcard team, you need to be careful and try not to pick or select a lot of defenders from teams that have a double gameweek.

A lot of these teams have tough fixtures and so clean sheets might be hard to come by. Our transfer strategy and suggestion would be to get one Man City and Man United defender, preferably, Shaw and Ake.

Some other defenders you can buy with high clean sheet odds and attacking return odds are:

  1. Botman
  2. Henry
  3. Schär
  4. Thiago Silva
  5. Koulibaly
  6. Mee

To find out more about this week’s clean sheet and attacking return odds, check out: FPL GW20 fixtures, clean sheet odds, goal scoring odds and point predictions.

2. DGW20 wildcard team: Investing in midfielders

DGW20 wildcard team: Investing in midfielders

Our second GW20 wildcard team is this one and so we’ve decided to use an entirely different strategy – investing in midfielders. In order for us to do this, we’ve had to make a couple of changes to the team we had at first.

We’ve had to take out Perisic and we brought in White, we’ve also brought in De Brunye and Son and to fund these moves, we took out Kane and Rodrigo.

We want you to know that when selecting your wildcard team, you want to always want to have the long term at the back of your mind.

So, when selecting assets, you want to look at the fixtures of the players you’re selecting and if they have good fixtures for a couple of gameweeks, then they’re good picks.

In the team we’ve selected right now, we believe that a decent amount of the players we’ve selected, have good fixtures now and in the long-term.

3. GW20 wildcard team: Going all in on forwards

GW20 wildcard team: Going all in on forwards

In this wildcard team, we’ve decided to go all in on forwards. This is probably the most balanced of all three wildcard teams.

We’ve got a decent amount of single and double gameweek players, we’ve got a decent bench and we’ve also got a decent amount of Arsenal cover.

This wildcard team would also be great for a bench boost just in case you’re looking for a bench boost team as well in GW20. We’d be backing this draft, as it’s our favorite, has good double gameweek players and players that are on form.

It also got a decent amount of players who have been predicted to pick up the most FPL points this gameweek.

Players being targeted in our gameweek 20 wildcard draft teams

Here are the players we’ve targeted in our various gameweek 20 wildcard draft teams:

Defenders to buy for your gameweek 20 wildcard:

  1. Trippier – £5.9m – 65.1% – DEF / NEW
  2. Shaw – £4.8m – 6.1% – DEF / MUN
  3. White – £4.7m – 14% – DEF / ARS
  4. Aké – £5m – 1.4% – DEF / MCI
  5. N.Williams – £4m – 19.5% – DEF / NFO

Midfielders to buy for your gameweek 20 wildcard:

  1. Martinelli – £6.8m – 48.1% – MID / ARS
  2. Rashford – £7m – 39.6% – MID / MUN
  3. Almirón – £5.8m – 36.3% – MID / NEW
  4. Martinelli – £6.8m – 48% – MID / ARS
  5. Andreas – £4.6m – 23.7% – MID / FUL
  6. De Bruyne – £12.6m – 37.6% – MID / MCI
  7. Mahrez – £7.5m – 2.5% – MID / MCI
  8. Son – £11.6m – 6% – MID / TOT

forwards to target for your gameweek 20 wildcard:

  1. Haaland – £12.2m – 83% – FWD / MCI
  2. Kane – £11.6m – 27.3% – FWD / TOT
  3. Martial – £6.6m – 4.8% – FWD / MUN
  4. Greenwood – £4.2m – 13% – FWD / LEE

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