September 23, 2023


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FPL chip strategy: the best time to use your FPL chips GW23-38

FPL chip strategy guide for the 2022/23 FPL season

It is that time of the FPL season once again, where chips are a hot topic. In the FPL community, we often see many FPL managers asking about the best time to use their chips.

These questions persist due to the likelihood of blank and double gameweeks occurring as the season progresses. In this article, our goal is to assist you in determining the optimal times to use your various FPL chips.

We will be sharing our thoughts on the ideal times to play your wildcard, triple captain, bench boost, and free hit chips. This is raensports FPL Chip Strategy article. We hope you enjoy it and stay until the end.

The best time to use your FPL chips

As FPL managers! we know that the timing of when to use your chips is a hot topic among us players. There’s no one right answer, but using them wisely during crucial moments during the season can give your team a boost.

As the season progresses, it gets easier to spot the sweet spots for chip use. We’ve got an FPL calendar that shows all the important dates, including blank and double gameweeks.

With this handy tool, you can plan ahead and make sure you’re using your wildcard, bench boost, triple captain, and free hit chips at just the right time for maximum points.

FPL 2022/23 calendar for blank and double gameweeks

This calendar is really helpful and we’d be making reference to it as we share our various chip strategies.

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1. FPL chip strategy: when to use your triple captain FPL chip

The best time for you to use your triple captain chip as an FPL manager, is:

  • When there’s a double gameweek: it makes a lot of sense to use the triple captain chip on a typically high scoring player with two great fixtures
  • When you are confident that your captain would do pretty well in a particular gameweek: If you’re so confident that a player would pick up a decent amount of FPL points, then you could triple captain such player.

It’s important to note that the triple captain chip, is the least powerful of all the FPL chips, and that’s because it typically won’t score you as many points as other chips.

It cannot be used in combination with other FPL chips, and it is the FPL chip dependent on luck. So, it is good to use the chip early on, use it on a player on form and a player that has really good double gameweek fixtures.

2. FPL chip strategy: when to use your wildcard FPL chip

There’s no doubt that the wildcard chip, is by far the most powerful FPL chip out there. This means that you need to put a lot thought into your use of the chip.

Here’s the best time for you to use your wildcard FPL chip:

  • When you have a terrible team: If your team has a lot of injured players, suspended players, players with tough fixtures and players that blank, then you should use your wildcard to fix your FPL team.
  • Preparing for double gameweeks: If you’re aware of a double gameweek, then you can use the wildcard chip to get in players that double well in advance.
  • Preparing to bench boost: you can use your wildcard chip a week before using your bench boost chip. The strategy here, is that you can optimize your team for a bench boost by bringing in good bench players.

In an ideal situation, you will be able to use it in combination with other chips, chaining your chips to increase their power.

3. FPL chip strategy: when to use your free hit FPL chip

The Free Hit chip in Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is a chip that allows you to make unlimited transfers in a gameweek, with no point deductions.

The changes made will only be applied to that gameweek and will automatically reset to your original team for the next gameweek. It can be used once per season and is usually used to take advantage of favorable fixtures for a gameweek.

Here’s the best time to for you to use the Free hit chip in FPL:

  • When there’s a blank gameweek: Free hitting when there’s a blank gameweek is a pretty good strategy. If most of your players blank in a particular gameweek, then using the free hit chip isn’t bad.
  • When there’s a double gameweek: you can use your free hit chip to set your team up for a double gameweek, if you don’t have enough double gameweek players in that particular gameweek.
  • You can use your free hit chip, if your team looks bad for a particular gameweek, but great for the following one.

The free hit chip is best used in a blank or double gameweek, where switching between wildly different desired teams is difficult to do using just transfers alone.

3. FPL chip strategy: when to use your bench boost FPL chip

The Bench Boost chip allows managers to have their entire bench score points, as opposed to only having points counted from the starting lineup.

Using the Bench Boost chip means that all 15 players in a manager’s squad will score points, rather than just the 11 players who are in the starting lineup.

Here’s the best time to for you to use the bench boost chip in FPL:

  • When your bench is full of double gameweek players
  • When your bench players have great fixtures
  • When you have multiple benching dilemmas. This happens when both players in your first eleven and players on your bench have good fixtures and you don’t know who to start. In such a case, bench boosting isn’t a bad idea.

Note that the bench boost is at its most powerful when used in a double gameweek, with a bench full of multiple, nailed on double gameweek players. You might need your wildcard chip to set up your bench boost team.

FPL 22/23 chip strategy guide: the best gameweeks to use your FPL chips

1. FPL chip strategy 1

Our first and probably the best chip strategy that we can think of, based on the FPL calendar and potential blank and double gameweek’s, is this strategy:

FPL chipsFree hitBench boostTriple CaptainWildcard

We think using your free hit FPL chip in GW28, triple captaining in either of GW23, 25 OR 29, wildcarding in GW33 and bench boosting in GW34 is one of the best FPL chip strategy out there.

Pros of this FPL chip strategy

  • Free hit in GW28 means that you won’t be affected by one of the biggest blanks of the FPL season, as so many premier league sides won’t feature in GW28 because of the FA Cup. This means you’d be able to field eleven players in a gameweek where other FPL managers might not be able to.
  • Triple captain in GW23, 25 or 29 is also good. However, if we had to pick one of those gameweeks, it’d be GW29, and that’s because it is one of two big double gameweeks. Waiting till then means you’d have more options to pick from
  • Wildcarding in GW33 means that you can easily setup a great bench boost team for GW34.
FPL chip strategy guide
FPL chip strategy guide: image credit FPL mate on YouTube. Feel free to check out FPL chip strategy guide on video as well

This strategy is also great, because you start using your chips later on when you already have enough information of what and when each team would blank and double.

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2. FPL chip strategy 2

Our second chip strategy that we’ve come on with, based on the FPL calendar and potential blank and double gameweek’s, is this strategy:

FPL chipsWildcardFree hitBench boostTriple captain

Another pretty good FPL chip strategy that could work this season, is using your wildcard in GW27, free hit GW28, bench boosting GW29 and triple captaining in GW34, 23 or 25.

Pros of this FPL chip strategy

  • Wildcarding in GW27, means that you can prepare a great team that would be optimized for a bench boost in GW29. Since you’d be free hitting in GW28, you don’t need to put that in mind when creating your GW27 wildcard.
  • Free hitting in one of the biggest blanks of the season is always a good strategy and this FPL chip strategy allows you do just that.
  • Bench boosting in one of the biggest double gameweeks is always a great strategy and since you’ve used your wildcard early on to create a great bench boost team in advance, you’d be covered.
  • Then a GW34 triple captain is great, as it is also another big double gameweek, which means you’d have a lot of options to pick from.
FPL chip strategy guide
FPL chip strategy guide: image credit FPL mate on YouTube. Feel free to check out FPL chip strategy guide on video as well

It’s another pretty good strategy that allows you to use each FPL chip to their full potential.


This is our FPL chip strategy guide and we hope it has helped you in one way or another. The truth however, is that everyone’s strategy is going to differ, but we are confident that with the help of the FPL calendar you’d be able to come up with a strategy of your own.

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